The Coffee Chronicles: Searching for Cafes in Changsha

The Coffee Chronicles: Searching for Cafes in Changsha

The famous Japanese author Haruki Murakami once said that if a city is absent of people wishing to open cafes, then no matter how much money that city has, it’ll be nothing but a hollow space. Fortunately, Changsha isn’t just a “hollow space”, thanks to the existence of a few very pleasant cafes.


1) Soul Café素咖啡 View In Map
‘Soul’ is a rather appropriate name for this serene café located in a secluded area at the east gate of Lieshi Park. Soul’s interior is simply furnished with a dark, natural wood bar and cane furniture. Besides its selection of hot drinks, Soul Café also sells imported wine and cigars.

Add: Outside Mengzeyuan, 7 Wanbao Dadao, Kaifu District, Changsha
地址: 长沙开福区晚报大道7号梦泽园外
Tel: 0731 8218 9803
Opening hours: 0:00-24:00

2) Shiniu Cafe拾年咖啡馆 View In Map
Shiniu Café is situated on the bustling Renmin Xilu.. This three story red-brick building contains a roof terrace and is fitted with lots of large, comfortable sofas. Overall, the interior style resembles something found in small-town America. Shiniu’s signature drink is their “ice drip coffee” – each cup takes almost two hours to make so order this one when you have a lot of time on your hands!

Add: 401 Renmin Lu, Changsha
Tel: 0731 8444 4007
Opening Hours: 13:30-00:00


3) Moun-Gar423 View In Map
This café is situated in a little, white European style building on the third floor. The inside is simple, yet sophisticated and comfortable. The owner comes from Taiwan and the café offers homemade tiramisu, cheese etc.

Add: 150 west of Central Sqaure, Pedestrian Street, Changsha (on the right side of street)
Opening hours: 14:30-24:00

4) Timeloft Café 时间仓 View In Map
Timeloft Café is a little café on Renmin Xilu. The cafe is housed in the only 1970’s factory building on the entire street and its biggest draw is its fresh ingredients. Imported beans are used for every cup of coffee. The café has quite an artistic atmosphere and the most eye-catching thing about the venue are the golden lamps on every table and the tall sofas.

Add: 108 Renmin Xilu, Tianxin District, Changsha
Tel: 0731 857 90662  
Opening hours: 10:30 - 01:00

5) Starbucks 星巴克
Though the novelty of Starbucks is questionable if you’ve spent more than a weekend in any major city in China, it’s still hands down one of the most popular café chains in the world, and the ones in Changsha are no exception. The second Starbucks café branch in Changsha opened in mid-September last year, with branches now located at Wangfujing in Wuyi Square and Dongtang Pinghetang.

Wangfujing branchView In Map
Add: 1F, Changsha Wangfujing Department Store, Huangxing Zhonglu, Tianxin District, Changsha
Opening hours: 8:00 - 24:00

Pinghetang branchView In Map
Add: 1F, Hepintang, Hunan Dongyi Guoji Shanye Guangchang, 488 Shaoshan Beilu, Yuhua District, Changsha

Words can never truly describe the feeling of a café, so it’s best if you get up and just go see for yourself – only that way will you find the one café that suits you best.


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Fith tone cafe isn't so great I don't know what all the hype is about, it's just another foreign owned store nothing special, just cause the dude is white and sells crap coffee doesn't make it good, makes sense they would close...

Sep 02, 2013 16:28 Report Abuse



can any one tell me that in changsha any shisha hookah cafe is there...

Mar 08, 2012 06:47 Report Abuse



There's another decent cafe called Cacao cafe...not only is the coffee good, but on Thursdays there's an open bar for 48RMB =D
Its in Tai Ping Jie, like just infront.

Nov 22, 2011 23:04 Report Abuse


Da Wei

Don't forget the Some Tea chops. Although more of a restaurant than a cafe, they do sell brewed coffee and 'traditional' hunanese style food. There's a good one under the Carey Hotel (Kai Rui Da Jiu Dian) in Jiefang Lu, about two blocks before Station Road (Che Zhan Zhong Lu).
I love it when the fuwuyuan open the door for you!

May 19, 2011 13:52 Report Abuse



... please add more possible interesting places were to go!
I'm here since few days for businesses and I'm looking for friends.

Apr 18, 2011 18:07 Report Abuse



Where is the "Fifth Tone" cafe? Can someone write here the address, please...
And there is also a Illy cafe just in front of the bar-street, in a very nice a small park. You can just chill out in the park, drinking your Illy coffee....

Mar 24, 2011 05:43 Report Abuse



Aouruora i know the place , meybe we can go togather kisses

Mar 24, 2011 18:52 Report Abuse



I would like to join!

Mar 25, 2011 01:40 Report Abuse



there’s a pleasant enough cafe just 100 steps west of the south end of Taiping jie, just before stepping through the gate walk west.. But I cant recall the name. is it "That Place" or "Over There?" Hope you can find it even if I cant name it. I think it was someone named Noah that aimed me there. And the Forum on BXJ is decent enough.

Mar 08, 2011 03:49 Report Abuse



That's right! That place is really good--it's called MY CHOICE cafe.
The owner is called Abby. Go all the way down Taiping Street and it's in the corridor on the right.

Mar 09, 2011 00:40 Report Abuse



My Choice Cafe is lovely, a quaintly decorated little cafe, great tastes. I go there every visit to Changsha.

Apr 28, 2011 11:08 Report Abuse


Frank J

Are you serious? What about The Fifth Tone, the best cafe in Changsha? American owned and operated, and coffee and desserts are all home-made.

Anyone visiting Changsha should check it out!

Mar 02, 2011 22:32 Report Abuse



You're right Frank, The Fifth Tone coffeeshop is pretty cool. A must-have for expats living or visiting Changsha.

Mar 02, 2011 22:34 Report Abuse



Guys, if any of you want an American type of coffee and dessert shop, the Fifth Tone is the place. I know Noah and Sarah there. The coffee is great and not as pricey as other cafe's but the desserts actually taste like what we knew back home. If you want real apple pie go there Saturday, it is baked fresh. I do not know or have heard of any other places like this in Changsha.

Apr 28, 2011 18:53 Report Abuse


Emily Winston

The Fifth Tone
Xinmin Road, Changsha, Hunan, China, 410001
86 731 8880 5303

Feb 24, 2012 11:22 Report Abuse


Lily Visser

Missing your great apple pie and coffee guys...missing Changsha big time...

May 18, 2012 10:49 Report Abuse



The Fifth Tone closed on Friday the 15th of June. A BIG loss to all. Thanks to Noah and Sarah for the best place to hang out in Changsha. now desperatly looking for a new coffee shop west of the river.

Jun 19, 2012 16:59 Report Abuse