3, 2, 1 Action: Changsha’s Best Cinemas

3, 2, 1 Action: Changsha’s Best Cinemas

When talking about what are Changsha’s best theatres, the three that are undisputedly at the top of the pile are Wanda International Cineplex, Warner Studios Cineplex and Wangfujing Cineplex. They are located in Changsha’s bustling commercial center and conveniently reached by any means. These cinemas not only have first class equipment and are quickly updated with the latest films, but they offer five-star services that have guaranteed their popularity with Changsha folk.

Wanda International Cineplex, Changsha

Wanda International Cineplex万达国际电影城View In Map
Changsha Wanda International Film City is not only the only cinema with IMAX 3D in Changsha, but is also one of the most luxurious cinemas. Wanda has 9 large theatres that can accommodate 2,000 spectators. Top of line screening equipment is used; the huge screen gives audiences a great audio visual experience. Large, comfortable sofa-style seats are one of the highlights of Changsha Wanda along with 1.2 m row spacing allowing plenty of room to get in and out. The stadium style seating arrangement allows anyone in the audience to have a good view of the screen. Each seat also has space to place your concessions; all this in one theatre will make you as comfortable as watching a film in your own living room.

Special Offers: All tickets are half priced on Tuesdays (Except in VIP theatres) and every morning before noon tickets are also half price.

Add: 4th Building Wanda Plaza, 445 Huangxing Nan Lu, Changsha
Tel:0731 8223 9608
Getting there:take bus routes 112, 901, 109, 143, 142, 301, 138 to Taiping Jie Kou

Wangfujing Cineplex, Changsha

Wangfujing Cineplex王府井影城 View In Map
Wangfujing Cineplex is located in the Wangfujing Department Store Plaza, which also features plenty of shopping and eating locations nearby. The Cineplex has 10 luxurious theatres, and a film starts every 10 minutes eliminating the need for a long wait. The theatres here also have high quality screens and seating to maximize your movie viewing experience. The special VIP lounge, which VIP customers can wait in before the movie begins, is equipped with comfortable sofas, TV DVD players and water drinking facilities. Wanda Cineplex also has a book bar, coffee/ tea/ bar, an arcade and other entertainment.

Special Offers:Tuesdays all day tickets 50% off;Everyday before 13:00,17:00 – 18:00 half off.
Membership Information: Regular membership cards offer a 20% discount and VIP cards get 40% off.

Add: Building 10 Wangfujing Department Store, 66 Huangxing Lu, Tianxin District, Changsha
Tel: 0731 224 9406
Getting there: take bus routes 112,123,128,143, 45,202,803 get out at Batong walk 64m

Warner Studios Theatre, Changsha

Warner Studios Cineplex华纳深国投影城 View In Map
Warner Studios Cineplex is built in accordance with standard five-star deluxe cinemas, with 10 screens and accommodation of up to 2,000 spectators. The theatre’s design is uniquely user-friendly, with large theatres with comfortable seats and 1.2 m wide rows for easy access. The ramps are also at a good 45 degree angle which also makes it handicap accessible. Concession stands provide American style snacks such as chips, popcorn and Haagen-Dazs ice cream, definitely making this a wonderful movie going experience in Changsha.

Special Offers: Tuesday and Wednesday are half-price days; Everyday before 12:00 is also half off.

Add: 441 Shaoshan Road, 2 Yuhua Ting Plaza, Yuhua District, Changsha
Tel: 0731 292 1300
Getting there: take bus routes 107, 116, 803, to Yuhua Ting East, walk 159 m

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