Bustling Nightlife in Changsha

Bustling Nightlife in Changsha

Changsha residents love the excitement of nightlife, thus it is no surprise that bars have been fast to spring up all over the city. At nightfall, various bars wake up and convert the bustling city into exciting venues with great parties that last long into the night. There are three well-known districts filled with a diverse selection of bars in Changsha. We guide you to some of the better known bars within the three districts so you will have all that you need for enjoying a great night out in Changsha.

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West Jiefang Road解放西路
This is one of the most bustling areas in Changsha. It may be all mundane business during the day, but once the night hits, West Jiefang Road wakes up to a whole new meaning of bustle under the busy street lights. Almost all of the better equipped and oldest operating bars can be found here; these are well-managed venues that have the hottest dance floors and the most exciting live gigs by popular bands. This is the place where most of the youngsters come for a night of serious partying. Marguerite Bar is one of the oldest pubs in the city and has enjoyed quite a reputation with the regulars over the years. Prices are a bit on the high side, but it has a nice atmosphere with northern European décor. Rewu Xijie Bar is another favorite for the energetic youngsters. The venue is decked with a very artsy and trendy interior and it has the grooviest music with occasional live gigs by famous DJs and bands to kick the party mood into high gear. And after you're spent partying and drinking, there are also numerous food vendors along the street to satisfy your appetite. If exciting bar hopping is what you're looking for, West Jiefang Road is definitely one of the must-visit places in Changsha.

Marguerite Bar玛格丽特酒吧View In Map
Add: 336 West Jiefang Rd, Changsha
Tel: 0731 8227 2020

Rewu Xijie Bar热舞西街酒吧View In Map
Add: 378 West Jiefang Rd, Xangcha Plaza (1st -2nd Floor), Changsha
Tel: 0731 8227 3511
Transportation to West Jiefang Rd: Bus routes 2, 11, 18, 112, 138, 143, 145, 202, 301, 368, 803, 804, 901 to West Jiefang Rd station

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This is one of the oldest streets in Changsha. It has now become a unique bar district featuring pubs, housed in old residences, which makes the bars very unique. This is also another newly renovated bar district in Changsha aside from the previously mentioned West Jiefang Road. Chic looking bars are interlaced with several refined looking tailor shops and western restaurants. Walking along the streets, you will notice the preservation of the stone block pavement, which is typical in China, as well as some of the more traditional built houses in the city. And still, you can definitely pick up on the unmistakable pulsating energy of modern China as well. Every night after 20:00 is when the real party starts at Hualongchi.

Getting there: Bus routes 142, 317, 908 (westbound line) to South Cai'e Rd station


Xiaozhu Shiguang, Changsha

West Renmin Road人民西路
West Renmin Road is within close proximity to Hualongchi, in fact, it's almost right across the street from it. This place may not have as diverse selection in terms of bar styles but there are a few very refined looking cafes in the area. Most of these venues have chosen to keep the facade of the old-style villas and even renovated the three-story residence to a cozy, comfortable cafe. One of the most popular venues here is called Bund 86; it is a three-story old residence that has been transformed into a very cosy cafe. When the weather is nice, you can sit on the top floor veranda and enjoy sipping coffee and chatting with friends. Xiaozhu Shiguang is also a comfortably decorated, two story café with a nice collection of premium wine and is highly recommended if you happen by.

Bund 86外滩86View In Map
Add: 86 West Renmin Rd, Changsha
Tel: 0731 5135398

Xiaozhu Shiguang小筑时光View In Map
Add: 116 Renmin Rd
Tel: 0731 8431 6867
Getting there: Bus routes 2, 142, 317 to West Renmin Rd station

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