Being Black in China...yup

Being Black in China...yup
hadleyj09 Apr 05, 2015 16:58

Being Black in China



Well….yup….here we go.


So what’s it like to be black in China? Is it crazy? Do you get treated badly? Do you become super famous here?


Yes and no…To start, being black in China is just about the same as being white. We are all foreigners in China and we are all….not Chinese. We all have to go through the challenges of language barriers, people staring at us, and going through all of the crap and good things that China has to offer.


Getting a job….Getting a job, at least a teaching job, is pretty easy. If you have experience, then it’s gonna be super easy, whether you’re black or white. NOW…places like Shenzhen, Shanghai, at least from my experience…well they love white people. Many jobs in these cities will literally say…”looking for white male/female only.”  If you come across this, then screw that job and just look for another job. Most places in most cities will hire you whether you’re black or white. It’s all good.


Chinese women….


”Yo, An QM, I’m nervous because I hear Chinese girls only like white guys….what should I do?” 

HAHAHA. Listen….being black, you already have swag, style, a natural rhythm for music and you good. Now, if you have a hard time talking to women at home, then don’t come here thinking that you will get all kinds of women just because you’re in China. Chinese girls may not be able to tell, but foreigners, especially black foreigners can tell easy.…and we WILL talk about you. GAME recognizes GAME. Chill out, have confidence, be cool, getcho swag on, and you’ll be straight. Be yourself. It’s not harder to get Chinese girls if you’re not white. I have NO problems talking to Chinese girls at all. It’s cool.


Chinese people…..just like America, or maybe the UK….there will be dummies and there will be people who are cool. If you are black from the US, then America has done more than enough to prepare you for China. In China, people will stare and talk sh*t about you…it happens. The good thing about it is that no one is gonna shoot you for being black like cops do in the states. So trust me, China is safe, China is cool. When Chinese people are racists, it’s because they are ignorant to black culture, or they see American movies where black people are shooting people so they get scared….I’ve had this experience before, but it’s all good, don’t worry about it. It can get to you at times, but don’t let it control your emotions for too long. Most Chinese people are cool and extremely easy to talk to. If your Chinese is good, you can have even more friends, and it’s a plus to getting a cute Chinese girlfriend too. 


So yeah, being black is not hard in China….just annoying at times, but it’s all good. Like I said, if you are from the states, you are gonna have a great time here. Safe, beautiful women, great scenery….on clear days….and yeah, you’ll be good.


Melanin Majik all day!

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This post is very telling in terms of what it takes to be successful in any environment (or life in general.) Before, there were only highs in this poster's blogs. Now, remarkably, there are lows! (e.g., acknowledgements of racism, having to brush things off and keep your cool.) However, with these lows there is rationalization being paid to dealing with them! Recognizing issues and dealing with them is the greatest survival tip for all of us here - perfection is in balancing of our positivism and negativity, not in experiencing elongated high's or elongated low's. I think that when a lot of people hit highs, they try to convince themself life is perfect. And when they hit lows, they unreasonably do the opposite - focusing on the negative too much. The way out of this ditch is balance - an idea interestingly recognized by Eastern and Western philosophers alike. The same idea of the golden mean of Aristotle was expressed in the Zhong Yong (a doctrine which described a lot, including fluctuation of Yin (negative, feminine) and Yang (positive/ masculine) energies.) The key to happiness and healthiness is likely in the balance between the two, meaning we need to keep an average base line between our ups and downs. If I'm not mistaken, in prior blogs of this poster, all I saw was merely an opposite of those negative doomsday types. However now I see an acknowledgement of certain negativeness, yet a very good way of dealing with it. This will go to do much for him (and others who can manage the same) in the future.

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didn't read LOL

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It is a lot safer here than home. I don't regret coming here.

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This guy can not be broken!!!

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carry on mate....i like your insights

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To be truthful, a lot of black guys that come from the U.S. fit in well with the white crowd. Quite a few African blacks too but most of them... kind of keep their own group (people from Africa) and sort of section themselves off. Not sure why... but it happens often. I guess it is mostly because places like Europe, North America, Oceania etc. have cultures that are strongly similar. Many Chinese people are actually quite good at judging people's character (even if they don't say so), so while they may have racist tendencies at first... it quickly changes based on your personality. Good to still see you around Hadley.

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Melanin majik LOL. Cool B]

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