Stop focusing on the negatives!

Stop focusing on the negatives!
hadleyj09 Jan 08, 2014 03:30

I have seen and heard so many people through blogs and videos talking about how bad China is. This country is not a bad place to work nor live. This country is actually better in some aspects than America, in my opinion. The crime rate is a hell of a lot lower than the U.S., the people are generally nicer than the majority of U.S. citizens, people will actually go out of their way to help you here, the food is delicious, and when China's technology is better than the U.S, (because I do believe that it will happen, I mean look at Shanghai, China) then China will be the #1 place for success on this planet. 


I love China, and if all you can see are the "bad" things (bad as in your opinion) then you really have no open mind. 


This country is great and has so much to offer. The only trouble you find in China,  is the trouble you go looking for. Don't disrespect the country or the people, because for all of you people around the world who love your countries, you would hate to have someone call you a "stupid, ignorant, lowlife, idiotic American, or Brit, or Australian." 


Just look at the positives and focus on the good parts. Every country has good, bad, and ugly sides to it, but I know for a fact that in China, the GOOD greatly outweighs that bad, and I love living, working, and being here.


One Love, One Blood 

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Discrimination is the USA is real, but at least on a formal level there is some awareness of the issues. The people in the USA might not be paradigms of virtue, but at least there is an incentive to TRY to improve things. China, its people and government will deny any mistake, and present their simplistic world views as fair and justified. Even the KKK knows it's a subculture nowadays. I watched Django Unchained yesterday; I can't imagine China becoming willing to produce something as self-aware as that. China only has denials and self-justifications. No admission of errors, no reflection, no desire to improve or even change. YOu say we should stop focusing on the negatives, but as long as we do that, it will just create more and more negatives!

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if you're a teacher, how can you not be apalled by the hopelessly ineffective rote-learning style the Chinese use in teaching? The tremendously long hours children are forced to suffer lessons in public school, permanently destroying their enthusiasm, curiosity and critical thinking skills? If you teach young learners, don't you feel sorry for those 2-3 year olds who the parents thoughtlessly drag into classes, don't you feel hopeless teaching children who are too young to even understand games and can barely speak Chinese let alone English? Doesn't it feel phony when you're just a petting zoo attraction for the kids, while the education system milks parents for tuition, with only the most windowdressed semblance of learning as reward? If you teach at uni, aren't you shocked at how liittle intellectual curiosity there is left among the brainwashed kids, who often don't show up for class because they're too busy catching up with their lost childhoods? There are some good things about China, yes, but let the Chinese sing the praises of the good side. They're better at it than we are: any boss/leader in China will have staff singing the praises of every little accomplishment, purposely omitting all the corruption and incompetence. If you had a TRULY positive attitude, you'd snap out of this happy happy joy joy bubble of yours and help others to face reality. I can't talk to people in China about problems, because foreign suggestions are unwelcome. If you call attention to *problems*, no matter how politely or positively, it will be followed by an extreme neuralgic reaction. So, socially conscious people vent online. Foreigners here, Chinese on QQ. Don't try to muzzle the people who focus on the negatives: They are the driving force for change and improvement. Your praise will make no difference, and it's well-known on this site that sinophiles like you eventually face a severely deflating, dream-crushing reality check at some point. I just hope my words help you to brace for impact.

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The education system in the states isn't too well either. The gov's first priority was to cut funding from education instead of big corporations. Teachers in the states are disrespected, and society doesn't care for them. All I'm saying is that each country has problems and I can see you love to focus on the negatives in all of your comments. Don't know if you are still in China, but if you are, I don't know why. I like seeing the positives, I mean look at the fact that the USA still lets the KKK roam freely even though their goal is to have all blacks dead. Maybe that doesnt effect you but it does effect many people. Look at how the gov will not spend more money on college education but loves stirring up excuses for going into other countries. Where's that money going? Just stick to the positives and you might be a bit less bitter. Thanks for the comment though.

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But the positives are mostly windowdressing. China doesn't welcome foreigners: We can't naturalize, visas are made very restrictive, banking and other services actively discriminate against us, and the culture-centric views are glaringly obvious even through all the politeness we receive because of how uncommon foreigners are here. Chinese ultimately want to dominate over foreignland - their world view is just as rigid as the KKK in that regard; China is just less honest about its ambitions. As for why I'm still here, my second child is on the way. So I don't need to stick my head in the sand and preach nauseatingly phony sweetness to feel good. I derive satisfaction from knowing I tried to improve the world, no matter how insignificant my efforts are. As for what you derive your pride from, I'm guessing it's from making an effort to be accepted. Good for you, but I couldn't live with myself knowing I was actively ignoring serious problems around me in the hopes of being liked a little more. Let's agree to disagree on that.

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(;¬_¬) Feeling accepted means that I would be trying to make myself be liked by everyone else. Being black in America has taught me that the American society will never fully accept me based on how much the government cared about my home in Chicago. Bad schools, little to no funding compared to the suburbs and the Amer. gov acts differently to whether a white or black kid gets shot. So trust me, I know that I cant bee fully accepted into Amer. society, so why would I try for China? It just lucky that I've made many good friends here. I've felt less discrimination here than America. Although, America has completely prepared me on how to handle discrimination. If there ever is a time in the future where a service discriminated against me in China, why should that negatively effect me? I've been banned from places in the states just because I'm black. Compared to America for me at least, China is much better in terms of how people treat you. If you haven't experience discrimination in the states, well then I can see why you feel so bad about it. If China has some kind of world view where they wanna "dominate" over foreign land, well that's not a new way of thinking. Europeans "dominated" over the native americans and Africans and thus America was born, the almighty country with so many good things going for it. Not saying America is 100% terrible, but hey, America needs to step it's game up and looks after it's people better.

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