The Impacts Of Violent Video Games In The Society

The Impacts Of Violent Video Games In The Society
Fziba Apr 10, 2020 06:17
IMPACT OF VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES ON THE SOCIETY. Video games are games that are played by using a game console to electronically control or manipulate images produced by a computer program which are displayed on a screen. There are various types of video games ranging from sports to action games. In this 21st century, the world has become so disorganised that restrictions aren’t placed on certain games which in turn is having a catastrophic effect on the lives of mostly, the little ones in the society. An example of such is violent games. These games portrait strong violent images and instill on the players a spirit to practice what they’ve played. These games include; fighting and shooting games such as mortal Kombat and Resident Evil respectively, amongst many others. This event took place not long. I and my team was asked to cover the scene. A boy was rushed to the community hospital with his left eye bleeding profusely, the bleeding was so severe that he was advised to be transferred to a state hospital. On the long run, the little boy gave up the ghost. After much findings, it was discovered that he was being poked with a stick in the eye by a friend of his. I happen to be the one to interview his friend. “tell us, how did this happen”, I asked. With tears in his eyes, he said: “ It was not intentional, I would never do such thing to my friend, we were only imitating the characters in our video game when I mistakenly poked him in the eye with my fighting stick ” This is how the lives of some youngsters get destroyed out of ignorance of the impacts of violent video games . Apart from this, there are other impacts a violent game can portrait, they include; • Waywardness. • Gangsterism. • Bullying. • Terrorism; who knows, maybe most of the terrorists we see now got the inspiration from a video game they’ve played years back. To round off this article, I’ll like to give this piece of advice to mostly, parents; Kids often learn by what they see, so be careful with the video games you buy for them. Their future might lay in ruins if care is not taken.

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