What to eat when traveling in Tibet?

What to eat when traveling in Tibet?
kyragtt Nov 30, 2019 13:07

In the eyes of foodies, the best way to know a place is to eat. When you get to Tibet, eating Tibetan food is the best way to experience the lifestyle and customs of Tibet. But how about Tibet food? I have to say it must be a pity that you don't taste Tibetan food in your Tibet Tour.



Zanba is the staple food of Tibetan people. Highland barley and fried peas are grounding into flour, mix with butter tea evenly and knead into small groups. Then eating!  Zanba is very convenient to eat, when hungry, you can pour out some Fried noodles, add a piece of butter, knead in a wooden bowl with butter tea or hot water. Then you can start to eat. For people accustomed to eating zanba, zanba is very delicious, barley Fried noodles fragrance, and a milk flavor because of the butter and milk tea. Most of the Tibet's restaurant have zanba, you must have a taste while traveling Tibet. 



2. Buttered tea

Generally match zanba to eat together, mainly made by butter and strong tea. First put amount of ghee into a special bucket, with salt, and then pour into boiling strong tea juice, pound with wooden handle repeatedly (now basically replaced by a machine) to make ghee and tea juice dissolved.The taste is salty and fragrant, sweet and sweet, it's not only can warm the body against the cold, but also can supplement nutrition. There is a big effect - it can alleviate the high anti!! So buttered tea is a must drink when travel to Tibet. 


3.Sweet tea

Most tourists to Tibet do not like to drink buttered tea, but sweet tea, especially in Lhasa, sweet tea can be seen everywhere on the street. It tastes like milk tea. It is sweet and rich with milk fragrance. The altitude of Tibet is high and the temperature is low. I recommend bright sweet teahouse, the sweet tea is very authentic. Experience Lhasa local customs and visit the Tibetan shops, enjoy a cup of sweet tea in a lazy afternoon. Feel great!!




4.Highland barley liquor

To experience the regional culture of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, you must have some Highland barley liquor. However, it is better not to drink it when you first come to Tibet. It will aggravate the highland.


5.Air-dried beef and mutton

Air-dried beef and mutton is a kind of Tibetan food with special features. After air-dried, the meat is crisp and has a unique taste. You can buy it for your relatives and friends when you travel to Tibet.


6. Ya fish feast

Nyingchi's Ya fish is very famous for its small head, slender body about 30-40cm long, no scales, and a few long whiskers near the mouth. The fish live all year round in the high altitude Yarlung Zangbo cold water, growth is very slow, so the meat is really delicate. Except for the main thorn, there is basically no small thorn, so raw fish is highly appreciated. The local restaurant in Nyingchi has a delicious hot pot with fish fillets that are tender and smooth, paired with a variety of seasonal vegetables to relieve the travel fatigue.



7.Tibetan yak hot pot

As a footer, the most attractive food is the unique Tibetan food - Tibetan yak hot pot. The natural pasture, the unique environment on the snowy plateau and the Buddhist way of stocking make the yak beef more tender and juicy than other beef. Yak beef is also very nutritious. The special feature of the Tibetan hotpot is the way to eat it. The yak beef stewed in advance is cut into thick slices. You can eat a lot of meat. The meat tastes rich and unique, which makes you move a lot.It can be said that the trip to Tibet is not complete without a visit to the Tibetan hotpot.


8. Yak yogurt

In Tibet, yogurt is all handmade yak yogurt. Yellow milk skin suffused with a light fragrance, that is the most essential part of milk, peel off this layer of milk skin, the yogurt just like bean curd brain. Recommend a very popular "old tree yogurt", located in no. 28 old tree in Baanguan south street, features Osmanthus yogurt, Plain yogurt, Ginseng fruit yogurt, Namtso yogurt. Yak yogurt is pure natural without addition, acid. You can add sugar.


9.Chicken in a stone pot

Go to Nyingchi, of course, you can't miss the local specialty food - stone pot chicken! There are many restaurants selling stone pot chicken in Lulang town, so it is also called Lulang stone pot chicken.This dish is very exquisite. The pot used for chicken stew is motuo stone pot, which is rich in trace elements. Stone pot chicken is the main material of Tibet fragrant chicken, ingredients and Nyingchi all kinds of fungi, fritillaria, palm ginseng, gastrodia, and other medicinal materials, very nourishing, soup has a light medicinal fragrance, into the mouth, the delicious taste may let people full of praise. But the stone pot is not too big, a big appetite of friends may need one more.



10. Tricholoma matsutake

From July to September is the season to eat matsutake, and traveling to Tibet in the rainy season is very delicious. Matsutake is a specialty of Nyingchi (Yunnan, Tibet, Sichuan and other places have matsutake, and Nyingchi produces more).During the rainy season, you can eat all kinds of fresh matsutake food in the restaurant. Raw, Fried and roasted, accompanied by stone pot chicken. These are the classic ways of eating matsutake. If you go to Tibet during the rainy season, you must not miss it, especially in the yak hot pot sprinkled with fresh matsutake. It is absolutely delicious. Of course, there are many other ways to eat matsutake.


So much to eat? Did it make your mouth water? Then hit Great Tibet Tour and have a great time!

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