A street food corner in the heart of beautiful Shanghai.

A street food corner in the heart of beautiful Shanghai.
RoseNg Nov 10, 2016 23:11

A street food corner in the beautiful Shanghai.

Shanghai never made anyone disappointed. Located in the mouth of Yangtze river, with the nickname “Paris of the East” or “Pearl of the Orient”, Shanghai is the famous hub for street food lovers from all over the world. With a population of 24 millions inhabitants and the mix-culture between East and West, Shanghai’s unbeatable and compelling food culture in sweet and oily cuisines is well-known everywhere. The city’s magnificent beauty attracts thousands of migrants from other cities and countries, bringing the diversity and the special home province taste straight into the heart of Shanghai food paradise. 

While wandering around the street food corner of Nanjing West Road, you just cannot miss a few typical Shanghainese delicacies, which usually served as breakfast for local Shanghainese. Noone can really deny the popularities of these street food among Shanghainese. These are traditional yet no less popular among both locals and expats coming from all the corners of the world.


Sheng Jian Bao,生煎包 (Pan-fried dumplings)


Are you hungry and don’t know what to eat? Just 4 pieces of Shanghai pan-fried dumplings can make your stomach feel better after a few hours wandering in search of food. This savory dish is usually what Shanghai cooks are craving for after a long day inside the kitchen. A traditional Sheng Jian Bao is a bigger bread dumpling, crispy in the bottom but softer on the top with a salty pork filling together with broth juice inside the dumpling. Sheng Jiang Bao means a dumpling (Bao) born (Sheng) by shallow-frying (Jiang) in the oil. Sheng Jiang Bao’s dough has a little yeast to make it more bready but still thick enough to highlight its juicy pork filing. Yang’s fry dumpling is a famous pan-fried dumpling chain located in the heart of Shanghai.


Baozi,包子 (Steamed Bun)

Baozi is a type of steamed, filled buns with various filings and preparations with the origin from hundreds years ago from the Chinese traditional cuisines. You can absolutely find baozi everywhere in Shanghai, from inside convenient store, to supermarket and also on the street. Baozi is a similar bun-like the traditional Chinese mantou. The difference between them is baozi is usually filled with meat or vegetables while mantou has no filing.

Baozi is the heavenly gift that was created from Chinese ancient time. The recipe has been changed and improved from generation to generation to produce the most prefect baozi in modern time. Just one bite, you can feel the sweet taste of the dough together with the savory pork filling and a mouthful of hot delicate broth. Every kitchen has their own secret to make their baozi more diverse from other baozi shops. There are many tastes of baozi from region to region for example: 肉包 (ròu bāo) baozi filled with pork, 菜包 (cài bāo) baozi filled with vegetables, 叉烧包(chā shāo bāo) baozi filled with bbq pork, 奶黄包 (nǎi huánɡ bāo) baozi filled with yellow egg custard. Whether you are vegetarian or vegan, there are always different variations for you to choose from the baozi list.


Da Bing大饼 (Chinese Large Pancake)


Da Bing in Chinese literally refers to “large pancake”. It’s the savory Chinese version of French crepes or American pancake. Not only Da Bing is a popular street food dish but it is also a favorite in Chinese restaurants. Da Bing is a perfect substitute for rice at any meal and can be eaten as snack at different times of the day. Da Bing is also one of the Chinese “Four Kings of Breakfast” with a crunchy surface, soft inside, a bit salted covered in white sesame seeds and scallions with a typical south east spiciness. To satisfy your hunger, you just need a small amount of money to get a big triangular slide.


Jian Bing煎饼 (Fried Pancake)


Jian Bing is China’s most popular street breakfast because of its deliciousness. Are you just staying here in China for a short time? Then you can’t really leave China without trying this typical Chinese delicacy. It’s literally the Chinese savory crepe and you can find it in every city in China. Jian Bing needs to be eaten hot therefore there is no pre-made crepes that you can buy at the Jian Bing stand. If you are in a hurry to your workplace, school or filled with the greatest hunger, you better to grasp something else. Normally there is always a line in the morning. Jian Bing is made by a layer of liquid dough spread evenly on a giant pan, thin like a crepe. While the crepe is frying on the pan, he will crack one egg and spread it evenly on the uncooked surface, then tops with chopped mustard pickles, scallions, and coriander. For the last steps of making Jian Bing, the vendor put hoisin sauce, chili sauce and then fold it in haft. To make it crunchy, he even folds a fried wonton rectangle inside to a wrap and then cut it in haft.

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