Top 5 Jobs in China Besides Teaching English

Top 5 Jobs in China Besides Teaching English
umar121 Jul 04, 2017 22:55

1. English Editor/Writer/Journalist   This is a natural transition for an English teacher since you’ve hopefully, at least in the process of teaching it, achieved a strong command of the English language and grammar. Beijing alone has half a dozen English rags and a plethora of state-run English TV channels, radio stations, newspapers, and news portals blasting their message to the world.

2. Translator      With 250,000 Chinese at American Universities a year, there’s a lot of Chinese that speak excellent English and with 750,000 students taking the HSK a year, foreigners are getting pretty darn good at Chinese. 

3. Voice Talent  Due to the insatiable thirst for the latest and greatest English learning materials in China, countless voice recording studios are ensconced in most cities. The work may include but is not limited to voice acting for textbook dialogues, TV documentaries, advertisements, tourist audio guides, and dubbing for films. 

5. Actor or Model  The undeniable advantage of having a Western-looking face in China is that you can more quickly and easily get face time on TV and in commercials. Get yourself a decent headshot and respond to a few ads in expat rags and who knows, you might find yourself in movie.


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