getting a job, is really a challenge!

getting a job, is really a challenge!
arlenemae Feb 18, 2016 15:17

Looking for a job now adays is really a big challenge. You have to consider so many things. Your educational background, experiences, and a lot more.

I am currently employed but still looking for a better job. Everyone who is reading this blog can relate to my situation "thinking the best for my family" is the inspiration that I have to continue in reaching my goals in life. 

I am 28 years old, a licesnsed teacher, was able to work in international school, was able to work in BPO industry talking to Americans and Australians for more than 2 years, and currently working as home-based Online English teacher for Chinese students. But mentioning all those working experiences, getting a better job is still a "big challenge " for me.

I would like to work in China as English teacher, hearing news that it would give me a better salary. I told it to my husband during lunch, discussed to him the possible benefits in teaching in China, then he said "Go!" Deep inside I felt bad about it, he said the word without hesitaions that I am leaving  him with our two kids an 8 year old girl and a 5 months baby boy. 

Until now, while I am doing this blog, I feel bad about his reaction, though I understand that all he wanted is a better life for our family. I am a gradutae student, licensed teacher but still not enough to have a job having a better salary that can provide my family.

well, teaching in other country wouldn't be easy, aside from the fact that you need to have all the knowlegde, certificates is a plus! which will costs you also money which most people don't have..

well, that's life, wasn't easy, you have to deal with it.. :-)

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I am the same problem to find a job is a big challenge now

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Honestly, I don't think teaching English in China is a way to get your family financially ahead. I also have two kids and am on what's considered a pretty goos salary as a teacher. However, it mainly covers the bills and anything that's left over goes towards the kids. It's hard to get a part time job to top up my income because I'm pigenholed into teaching English. It's difficult to save money,schooling is quite expensive (and not great quality) and the environment is not good. If your kids are currently in a western country like the US or Australia, it'd be better for them to stay because they will have a much better life there. Have you considered looking at high schools n your area to see if they need ESL teachers, or for any international private schools like EF or Wall Street close to you? Try all your options before thinking about China.

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EF and Wall Street don't pay very well though.

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Yeah I know. The pay isn't great. Especially when you factor in the hours. The average hours a week at these companies is 40 hours. That means that you are on less than 100 an hour. There are better paid teaching jobs out there.

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