When it is more than just a job

When it is more than just a job
Sebur Jan 06, 2017 12:19


In this current global hunt for jobs; one is hardly forced to ask him/herself what the intentions are. Yes for sure it is all about earning a living and playing the roles required by the employers. But do we really balance this two aspects?

To me as an individual, i realized when i came up with an article that might open our eyes, i will be so happy. To me as an individual, it is first all about realizing a dream that I and many of you out there have. This is the dream of one world. The globe we are in now is large in physical appearence but internally, we belong to one planet earth, a football field i bleive we are playing in. The fact that we see people flying all over across the globe each day automatically means one hidden truth. The world is one and therefore we all owe it development and it does not matter where one contributes this roles. It can be Europe, Africa , China and so many other parts of the world. As an indivudual, i believe that the belief of one world one dream leads me to believe that the concept of job is all about creating a bond with new people and therefore realizing a global citizenship. 

Secondly, when one looks for a job, it is supposed to be an internal realizing of duties and responsibilities. we should always put in mind that we owe someone happiness. it does not matter the nature of service you render all we should know is that we are making someone happy and as others struggle to make us happy, we will relaize a happy world.

The salary aspect of a job should be the last thing we think of. Because in every job we do, the salary we get always disappears in one way or the other but the social bond and changes we impact during the job remain forever. That everlasting part of a job should always be our driving wheel towards job-hunting not the payment. Money is just a reward we are entitled to for making someone’s life better. it is a token of appreciation we deserve for realizing a positive change in a society and as such, it motivates us to work even harder.

In a job, when we can be able to balance these two, i should say working should be the best experience. having a mindset of working to contribute your role to society creates satisfaction at the end. when we are able to work for others and others work for us, it drives me to another last but not least concept;

Specialization: The distribution of duties based on skills and experiences is one core aspect in job search. it is a fact that all fingers cannot be of the same height so when these fingers are of human, then we are not exception. we cannot be the same and cannot be highlands and so we cannot stand alone. we always need the support of others in order to stand. Specialization is doing what you can do best and leave the rest for others. When each and everyone plays their roles accurately in different capacities, the result is something big. 

To cut the whole discussion short, we as human beings are entitled to certain services and privileges. These privileges cannot be achieved without our active participation. job should be a way of developing ourselves and a way of developing other people.

I will still leave all of you with one question, when is a job worth a job?