Teaching in China: An Untapped Opportunity for Unemployed Graduates from South Africa

Teaching in China: An Untapped Opportunity for Unemployed Graduates from South Africa
rjthomas Jul 06, 2017 06:13

On June 28, 2017, this is the exchange rate: RMB 1 = ZAR 1.92 (RMB = CNY, Chinese Yuan Renminbi)

This article was shared on a Wechat Group. Teaching English in China remains a very good opportunity for unemployed graduates from South Africa. To qualify for a work visa, you need a Bachelors degrees with any major, and a TEFL/TESOL certification.

South Africa was always considered a "native English-speaking" country along with USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. The salaries range anywhere from ZAR 15,000 to 40,000. English teaching jobs are plenty but there are also opportunities to teach STEM subjects and even Football. Bigger cities like Beijing and Shanghai pay high salaries because the cost of living is higher but overall, you can easily save 50% of your income. This is an ideal type of work for a new graduate, with no work experience, and who has been sitting around at home doing nothing.

In most cases, schools will take care of your work visa, pay you an annual bonus, annual return flight tickets home, provide accommodation and meals, as well as Chinese Language and Culture lessons. You'll also receive a local guide to help you settle in, open a Chinese bank account, etc.

Anyway here's the new rules that will apply to Foreigners Teaching in China:

September 2017 will be a problem for most schools throughout China.. be prepared to raise the salaries for native English speaking foreign teachers because there will be a huge shortage.

The federal government has made it very clear in their public releases regarding the new immigration laws that quality is more important than quantity. And, there are a lot more new changes yet to come.

As the months move forward and schools get closer to September, most schools will find that they were unprepared for this problem because they refused to listen. Same as last year, they didn't know how to speculate the market or see the signs of what is happening around them, and the salaries were raised by between 3000-6000 RMB per month. Last year, because of the shortage, it caused a pricing war between employers.

One company raised the salaries in 2016 by 6000 RMB and add 13,000 in bonuses...

What has the government done to cause the shortage?

  1. Decreased the age limit from 65 down to 60.
  2. Added a criminal background check causing problems for foreigners.
  3. Insisting that all university documents be notarized
  4. The Government is now reviewing a foreigners visa and employment background history.
  5. Implemented a point system where foreigners must score a minimum of 60 points before they qualify for the B level visa. (Unless the company has a FEC license).
  6. Only allow non-native English speakers to teach as long as they were educated in a native English speaking country.
  7. Clamping down on schools and students, who get student visas and don’t attend classes, by forcing the schools to cancel the students visa or face government fines.
  8. Visa and employment agencies are now being targeted by the Chinese government for operating outside the immigration laws or participating in illegal employment posting with illegal employers.
  9. The Chinese government are using the bank accounts of foreigners and schools information and accounting companies records to follow-up.

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