Club Culture: A Guide to Major Nightclubs in Xi'an

Club Culture: A Guide to Major Nightclubs in Xi'an

Bars and nightclubs in Xi'an have changed and developed with the unique, historic city that it is – branching into travel bars, recreational bars, cultural bars, etc. Each bar has its own set of elements that sets it apart, just like the people that come to these venues are each different. Thus, it is safe to say that bars in Xi'an are complex, so it'd be difficult for someone not so familiar and local to choose between the kaleidoscope of options. Below are some of the most unique bars in the city – so that at least you have a rough idea of some of the choices out there.


1+1 NightclubView In Map
This is one of the better known disco dance club & bars in Xi'an – a place where fashionable locals and foreign tourists often frequent during their time in the city. One can expect to find the trendiest of party-goers, the latest music, the most international parties, and an overall great party vibe. The venue is split into a front and back hall. The front hall is for disco dance, with a moderate size dance floor in the middle. There is a performance stage a little to the back of the DJ platform – where sometimes dancers stage live performances. Up a floor is an open-space KTV box, trendily renovated. Then to the left is the back hall, preceded by flights of zigzagging stairs; the back hall has several stories – with a huge top-to-bottom screen TV and an open ceiling. The dance floor here is smaller, with the space mostly taken up by seats and couches – very comfortable ambience for chatting with friends and just hanging out.

Add: 285 Dongdajie (East Avenue), Beilin District, Xi'an
Tel: 029 8728 0008
Business Hours: 20:30 – 4:00 in the morning
Transportation: Take bus routes 611, 18, 25, 612 to Zhonglou station, then walk eastwards for 1 km to destination


Havana 哈瓦那 View In Map
Havana is located inside the Sofitel Renmin Building. Guests that frequent here are mostly expats and local business professionals. Exactly why Havana Nightclub is exquisite has to do with two factors; first, it's about the special layout – there are two layers of seating around the dance floor. No matter where you sit, you're still able to look out and get a full view. Second, it's about the bands that play there – Havana has her own band from Colombia; the group consists of two guys and two girls – they are just so magical in whipping the mood at the venue into shape with their energetic singing and dancing.

Add: 319 Dongxin Street, Ya'gao Renmin Building (west), Xincheng district, Xi'an西安市新城区地址:西安市东新街319号雅高人民大厦西楼
Tel: 029 8720 6026
Business Hours: 19:30 – 2:00 in the morning
Transportation: Take bus routes 702, 704, 710 to Dachaishi (south) station, walk for 50 m to destination

BABI芭芘View In Map
Every nightclub essentially has their own “trump card” when it comes to winning over customers, and for Bapi, this is about the variety of parties it hosts. This venue periodically hosts different themed parties; it also has top-of-the-line laser lights, dreamy lighting effects, greatest stereo/audio setup and the most electrifying ambience. There are two sections to the venue: a bar section and a slow rock section. DJs at the place really know how to control the mood and initiate interaction – those new to the nightclub scene can expect to find themselves swaying and singing along with the music. The dance floor is in the center, and if you happen to drop by just in time, you might also be able to catch one of their most popular pole dance routines.

Add: Nandajie (South Avenue) Department Store (Floor B1), diagonally across from Fenxiangkou, Xi'an
Tel: 029 87250058; 8726 2225
Business Hours: 20:00 – 5:00 in the morning
Transportation: Take bus route 11 to Zhonglou station

My Wenqing (Relaxed and Comfortable) Bar我的温情吧 View In Map
This is one of the earliest opened venues in the neighborhood near International Studies University.  Bands are scheduled to perform at the venue every night starting at 9:30 (with the exception of Monday and Wednesday) for one hour. Décor at the bar is chic and homey, with soft lighting.  The first floor features live performances by singers and is all about enjoying the music. The second floor features a theme about enjoying the outdoors, and walls are plastered with stick-it notes and pictures left behind by guests telling about their different hobbies and interests. Rectangular tables make for just the right seating for small to medium group gatherings.  Recommended are the cocktail and costume parties at the venue. They also have a membership system – where one can get a membership card after spending 300 RMB and over during a visit and which then entitles you to special discounts when you use the card the next time.

Add: Xi'an International Studies University (back entrance), Yanta district
Tel: 029 8810 2885
Business Hours: 17:00 – 02:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 12, 407, 44 to Dongbali station

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