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Tianjin TEDA: Keeping Up with Restaurants and Bars in the Area

No place in China, or probably the world, develops quicker than the special economic zones, and TEDA in Tianjin is definitely no exception. Since our last article, a whole range of new stuff has opened, especially for foreigners, as numbers of foreign workers employed and living in the area are steadily increasing. Read more>>

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Dining out at YY Beer House in Tianjin HOT


Long a favourite with local Chinese and Tianjin-based expats, YY Beer House (粤园泰国餐厅) is finally receiving some much-deserved attention. In March, a journalist from the Wall Street Journal surprised everyone when he named YY Beer House one of the top ...... Read More>>

Enjoy French Dining at FLO Brasserie in Tianjin HOT


While many modern restaurants have chosen the path of internationalism and the vogue of “fusion” cuisine, FLO Brasserie has maintained a strong focus on the traditional French dialect. Nestled in the house of a once Chinese Warlord, in the former Italian ...... Read More>>

Pizza Bianca: A New Class of Restaurant in Tianjin HOT


If all the economic predictions are true, and Tianjin’s development soon reaches the likes of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, then Pizza Bianca is likely the first wave of small but high end eateries to hit Tianjin. In the West, some of the most ambitious ...... Read More>>

Merry Times: The Best Happy Hours in Tianjin HOT

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With a number of restaurants, bars and clubs across Tianjin offering happy hours, it is easy to indulge whilst saving money. We’re here to help you get happy everyday! Here’s a round-up of some of the best happy hour deals in the city. ... Read More>>

Searching for Tianjin’s Tastiest Hamburgers HOT

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Being surrounded by so many cheap Chinese restaurants that serve delicious and varied dishes is one of the many perks for an expat living in China. However, sometimes when a touch of homesickness is felt or a craving for Western food suddenly sets in, a ...... Read More>>

Hungry in the Streets of Tianjin – Traditional Food and Snacks HOT

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After telling any Chinese person that you’re moving to Tianjin, their first response will most likely be “you’re going to get fat.” That’s because Tianjin is well known across China for its dumplings, sweet cakes and fried dough sticks. And with so ...... Read More>>

Herbivorous Hotspots – Vegetarian Restaurants in Tianjin HOT

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Anyone who has lived in Tianjin for even a short while will surely have noticed that it is not the most vegetarian-friendly of places. With the city’s signature dish being pork filled dumplings and meat making up a significant proportion of every menu, it ...... Read More>>

Tianjin’s Most Unique Cafés HOT

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When compared with Beijing, Tianjin is a city that is much slower paced, where people take time to enjoy something worthwhile and cafes are essential in providing a time and place for people to take a coffee break when they can in their busy lives. Tianjin ...... Read More>>

TEDA's Third Avenue HOT


For foreigners living in Tianjin, TEDA is a little mysterious. TEDA, though considered part of Tianjin, is forty kilometres away, or forty minutes by light rail, and has numerous distinct characteristics. ... Read More>>

Five Local Tianjin Favorites HOT

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In our last visit to Tianjin, we looked at some of the city's most interesting non-Chinese options. This time, we are back with a few local flavors to tempt your palate. ... Read More>>

Spice of Life: Tianjin's Indian Restaurants HOT

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Indian restaurants in Tianjin remain something of a niche attraction. For those with a hunger for genuine Indian cuisine, it can be hard to find. Only two somewhat under-appreciated restaurants serve a city of ten million people. Cooking Indian food at home ...... Read More>>

The Slice is Right: Finding Great Pizza in Tianjin HOT

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I will pre-cursor this article by explaining that for much of my research I used my Italian friends in Tianjin as something of a pizza-based barometer. What better way to judge typically Italian cuisine, I mused, than with actual Italians? Their elevated ...... Read More>>

Foreign Affairs: Non-Chinese Restaurants in Tianjin HOT

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I arrived in Tianjin in 2006 before any of the modernization that accompanied the city's involvement in the Olympics had really begun to kick in. At that time, the roads were badly surfaced and dusty, the transport system inefficient and dirty, and the ...... Read More>>

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