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From Shenyang to Dandong: Getting a Glimpse at North Korea

Dandong, the Liaoning town that borders North Korea, is one of the only places in the world to have a look inside Kim Jong-un’s hermit kingdom without actually going. Here’s our guide to China’s largest border city. Read more>>

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The Weird Cuisine of Shenyang: Food for the Adventurous Traveller HOT

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For the Western traveller, China is perhaps the country that offers the most expansive culinary experience. Shenyang is no exception to this rule. As well as the foods that we might recognise from a local Chinese restaurant back home, Shenyang can provide ...... Read More>>

A Taste of Home: Finding Foreign Food in Shenyang HOT

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Although Chinese food is delicious, there are some days you can’t help but crave the comfort foods from home. Having a bite of a turkey sandwich, good pizza, pasta or a sip of good beer, can transport one right back home, if only for a second. ... Read More>>

Easy Summer Living: Al Fresco Drinking and Dining in Shenyang HOT

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At times during the harshest parts of Shenyang’s tundra winter, it seemed as if summer would never reappear. But at last the temperature has warmed up, and people are crawling out of their heated hovels and flocking to outdoor bars and restaurants. ... Read More>>

Exploring Shenyang’s Markets and Bazaars at Taiyuan Street HOT

Shenyang’s Taiyuan Street (太原街) is well known for its rich history and for being a prosperous center of trade that has weathered with the ages. After nearly a century of development, Taiyuan Street is now a well integrated commercial district that ...... Read More>>

Xita Street: A Bit of Korea in Shenyang HOT

Xita Korean neighborhood in Shenyang was formed nearly a hundred years ago. This well-known Koreatown in the northeastern parts of China is home to over 30,000 Korean ethnic minorities. The central landmark of Korea-town is Xita Street (西塔街), stretching ...... Read More>>

Top Foreign Restaurants in Shenyang HOT

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Anyone living or traveling abroad occasionally wants to immerse themselves in the flavors of foreign cuisine, and to do so at somewhere a bit nicer than McDonalds. This feeling can be especially acute for expats living in Shenyang. The city is host to many ...... Read More>>

Café Culture with A Shenyang Aroma HOT

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They say any good experience in life is delightful to your soul, but for an expatriate in Shenyang, it can also be an adventure to track down a great café in town. Shenyang is well known as an industrious city, and is now one of the few super-large ...... Read More>>

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