Xita Street: A Bit of Korea in Shenyang

Xita Street: A Bit of Korea in Shenyang


Xita Korean neighborhood in Shenyang was formed nearly a hundred years ago. This well-known Koreatown in the northeastern parts of China is home to over 30,000 Korean ethnic minorities. The central landmark of Korea-town is Xita Street (西塔街), stretching a distance of 682 meters (0.42 miles). With a variety of Korean-style bars, malls, salons, banks and supermarkets, this is an area offering every element of food, culture, entertainment and everyday life that is unique to the customs and culture of the Korean’s. For this reason, visitors commonly dub Xita Street the “little Seoul” in north China.

After 17:00 is when Xita Street truly comes to life; the buzz and excitement continue until after 2:00, in the wee hours of next morning. Sometimes there are traffic jams even in the middle of the night, as this street attracts hordes of late dinners and clubbers. Shops are usually very busy and all guests are advised to make restaurant reservations in advance. Xita Street is a truly “sleepless” part of nightlife and entertainment in Shenyang. Korean-style buildings line the streets on both sides and the shop signs are written in both Chinese and Korean. Waiting staff at the dining venues are all dressed in traditional Korean attire and are trained to receive guests in Korean etiquette. Xita is very special to visitors from South Korea and many would list the place as a definite must-visit attraction in Shenyang.

Of course, Xita Street also offers a variety of Korean cuisine, including hotpot, stir-fried tofu, squash soup and seafood omelet. However, the most recommended dishes are Korean-style barbeque and Xita cold noodles. Aside from the traditional Korean dishes, barbeque and dessert, there are also eateries and entertainment centers modeled in the most genuine Korean style as represented by the Qinghui Building and Peony Hall. Visitors are also able to find better-known Chinese chain restaurants with the likes of Puxiang Chuandian, Xueyueshan, Sanqianli for an all around Asian-cuisine chow-down.

You are able to buy brightly colored Korean folk attire and jewelries in malls and shops lining the street; there are all sort of souvenirs and collectibles representing Korean culture here that you usually won't find anywhere else in China. In the large Korean supermarkets, there are all sorts of condiments and spices imported directly from South Korea (a much better variety than what you would normally find in regular stores) but as expected, the prices are a bit on the expensive side.

Xita Korean fair on Huichun Lu is the largest bazaar for Korean goods in all of Shenyang. The
market has various stands and shops carrying an assortment of Korean goods from specialty food
and spices to noodles, jarred condiments, Korean fermented vegetables and spices to all sorts of
unique cookery and pots. The bazaar carries everything you need and want to cook yourself a
little Korean meal at home.

Add: Northwest section of Heping District, near North Nanjing Street, Shenyang
Getting there: Bus 249, 271, 252 or 255 to Chubeiju (储备局) station

Map of Xita Street:

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