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Nanning’s International Youth Hostels

Traveling to or through Nanning and don’t know where to stay? We have compiled a list of the most popular youth hostels that are licensed to host foreigners for you – take a look at the ones below, there is something for everybody. Read more>>

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Shop Till You Drop in Nanning’s Top Malls HOT

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Nanning certainly doesn’t disappoint with its abundance of shopping malls, but which are ones really worth checking out? ... Read More>>

Nanning’s Best Tourism Spots: Detian Waterfall HOT


Bring up an interest in traveling around the outskirts of Nanning with your Chinese friends, and the first thing they’ll likely tell you is that you must go to Detian Waterfall (德天瀑布). And it’s no wonder that the site comes so highly regarded – in ...... Read More>>

Vietnamese Vacation: 3 Easy Paths from Nanning to Vietnam HOT

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After months of pounding the Chinese pavement, Southeast Asia is really the perfect getaway. The atmosphere is more tropical and cleaner and the food palate is new and interesting (pass the pho please!). Best of all everything from food to shopping to taxis ...... Read More>>

Keeping Cool in Nanning’s Summer Heat HOT

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Sweat is dripping down your nose. Although the trees offer some protection from the sun, there is no hiding from the humidity. It hovers around you, a palpable viscous barrier to every step. In Nanning’s summer heat, keeping cool is a challenge. From May ...... Read More>>

How to Spend Two Days in Nanning HOT

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Nanning isn’t a tourist city. It doesn’t have the cultural heritage of Beijing, or the glitz and glam of Shanghai. Most travelers pass through on their way to Vietnam. It takes two or three days to process a Vietnamese visa; if you find yourself waiting ...... Read More>>

Bargain Shopping in Nanning’s Open Markets HOT

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Open-market shopping is a truly Chinese experience. Sprawling, chaotic, and full of colour and sound, the markets of Nanning are the best places to find a good bargain, as well as being ideal for practicing language and learning more about the local culture. ... Read More>>

Where to Buy Western Groceries in Nanning HOT

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In Nanning, eating out is a casual, savory affair: rice noodles, pork ribs on a stick, crisp-skinned lemon duck, the stench of black tofu and the fragrance of ginger. Restaurants make these dishes with ease. But when I try to recreate them at home, my ...... Read More>>

Satisfying your Foreign Food Craving in Nanning HOT

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Who doesn’t love Chinese food? Scallions, soy sauce, the sizzle of oil in a wok. But the Western palate craves variety. We’re used to coconut curry one night and salsa-drenched burritos the next. Sometimes, even the most delicious jiaozi can’t satisfy a ...... Read More>>

Nanning’s Quiet Bars for an After-Work Beer HOT

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When I first moved to Nanning, I started dreaming about draft beer. The slosh of a good pint; a fine, softly dissolving head of foam. But more than the drink itself, I missed the pub experience: sitting down with a friend or two and letting the day’s work ...... Read More>>

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