Shop Till You Drop in Nanning’s Top Malls

Shop Till You Drop in Nanning’s Top Malls

Like any modern Chinese city, Nanning is full of shopping malls. Among the most famous national brands is the high-quality yet slightly pricey Parkson Department Store, but for the local Nanning people the homebred Nanning Department Store offers longer opening hours and a wider choice of goods. Other big names include the poetically named Dream Island Shopping Center which has recently sprawled out building 10 branches across the city, and also offers similar quality goods. For budget shoppers there's the Heping Shopping Center, which with its low prices and wide array of everyday goods easily attends to the needs of all shoppers.        

1) Parkson Department Store (South-west branch)View In Map
Known for its stores across the whole of China, a second Parkson (百盛商场) branch has recently made its presence known in Nanning and is located across the road from the Wanda Plaza (万达广场), where Nanning's first Parkson was built. As it's new, the inner design is pretty modern and trendy, and is full of products for everyone. We all know that Parkson doesn't have a reputation for being cheap, but if it's clothes you're after don't forget to scoot up to the 7th floor to check out the various discounts on offer. Look around and you're sure to find a bargain. For the hungry, Parkson boasts many restaurants with an internationally minded cuisine. The 4th floor features a German steakhouse with succulent, thick slices of meat for the more carnivorous of us to stick our teeth into. For those more interested in lighter food, there's a Japanese restaurant on the 3rd floor, offering salmon, sushi, and even hand-made eel rolls. The completion of the second Parkson store in Nanning makes for a much less crowded and more enjoyable shopping experience.

Add: 29 Chaoyang Road, Xingning District, Nanning
Tel: 0771 6771 188
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:30
Getting there: Take bus 1, 8, or 220 to Minsheng Chaoyang Lukou Station (民生朝阳路口)

2) Nanning Department Store
Founded in 1956, the Nanning Department Store (南宁百货大楼) is listed as one of "China's Time Honored Brands", with the branch on Chaoyang Lu composing of a two buildings: the northern and southern buildings. Most customers prefer to shop in the north building as it's known for its generous selection of clothes, with each clothing type having its own floor. Well-known brands such as Only, Lili, Belle, and Levi's complete the package to ensure that shoppers are spoilt for choice. Of course the south block isn't without its charms as it features a range of more classic, traditionally styled clothes for any potential vintage-minded shoppers in the area. Of course a mall isn't complete without food options, and with a McDonald's, a Dico's and food court all within easy reach, hungry shoppers are more than catered for.   

Add: Nanning Department Store    
Tel: 0771 2098 888
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:30

3) Dream Island Shopping Center (Minzu Branch)
Famous throughout the province of Guangxi, Dream Island Shopping Center (梦之岛百货) boasts nine branches across Nanning, with the newly opened Minzu Branch (民族店) having a total of six floors for shoppers to browse through. Like many other malls across China, the 1st floor is filled with well-known cosmetic brands and jewellery. Maraud your way past all the beauty products and you'll see that the 2nd-5th floors sell clothes, with the 4th floor offering a wide range of restaurants. For everyday shoppers the 6th floor has it all, as well as electronics and furniture. Frequent shoppers can also obtain a members card which provides discounts during festival periods.        

Where: Dream Island Shopping Center
Tel: 0771 2853 504
Opening Hours: 9:30-22:30

4) Heping Shopping Center
Although not known for being a high-end shopping center, Heping (和平商场) is a paradise for bargain hunters. What Heping may lack in class it certainly makes up in size as it covers an area of 22,000 square meters over five floors, and hosts over 3,200 stalls for shoppers to browse through. Product wise, Heping has it all. Within its five floors you can find groceries, hardware appliances, clothes, shoes and fabric. Be prepared though, as its vast selection of goods also means it can get pretty crowded in there, and you will have to put your bargaining skills to use in order to avoid being ripped off.

Where: Heping Shopping Center
Tel: 0771 2838 170
Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00          

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MixC Mall, its a very nice mall, with good shops and a great supermarket, easy parking, top food as well, mr and mrs aysh is the place for a decent hot dog

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