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The Urban Aquatic: Nanchang’s Swimming Pools

Want to keep swimming through the winter? Or just want to find somewhere you can be sure that the water is clean and of good quality? These are Nanchang’s best swimming complexes, ranging in size, but all great in quality. Read more>>

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Following the Barista Trail: Cafes in Nanchang HOT

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With coffee culture in China still being in its infant stage, finding a satisfactory brew in a city like Nanchang can be all the more difficult. Despite the challenges, we combed the city’s barrio scene in an attempt to find the perfect cup of coffee. ... Read More>>

Silver Screen Delights: Movie Theaters in Nanchang HOT

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Although catching the latest flick in Nanchang may be a bit more expensive than in "the good old days" (due in part to updated facilities), there are still quite a few movie theaters in town that offer discounts for groups, families, and holidays. ...... Read More>>

The Best Water Rafting Spots Around Nanchang HOT

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As with the rest of China, the summer season in Nanchang is marked by two notable and seemingly contradictory desires: to get out of the city and enjoy nature; and to keep cool amid the sweltering summer heat, at all costs. While many Nanchang residents opt ...... Read More>>

Get Me Out of the City! Daytrips out of Nanchang HOT

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In Nanchang, you don’t have to stick around the city feeling progressively bored on weekends. Much like Zhejiang’s West Lake district, the area around Xiang Hu (Elephant Lake) has been developed extensively in recent years, providing more opportunities for...... Read More>>

A Real Mouthful: The Best Buffets in Nanchang HOT

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Buffet lunches and dinners are an informal way of enjoying some of our favourite Western-style foods, not only in terms of sheer choice available, but also in letting us have more of what we do want, and shunning the stuff we don’t (usually at a reasonable ...... Read More>>

Shengli Road Pedestrian Street: Nanchang’s Bustling Commercial Centre HOT

Nanchang Shengli Pedestrian Street has a history of over 100 years. Situated in the city centre, this street has been a symbol of the city’s bustling commerce since its very beginning. The street, which begins at the southern part of Zhongshan Road and ...... Read More>>

Nanchang After-Dark: Exploring the City’s Clubs and Bars HOT

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Nanchang has more than 50 bars, from loud bars to quiet bars, entertainment bars to live music bars; they all have their own special qualities. Nanchang’s bars are mainly concentrated on Fuzhou Road and Heng Mao "Bar Street" area, attracting ...... Read More>>

Nanchang’s Best Western Restaurants HOT

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There aren't that many western restaurants in Nanchang; and to the dismay of many diners, many of the dishes found there are not genuine western cuisine at all as most are catering to local tastes. In the following paragraphs, we introduce several ...... Read More>>

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