The Best Water Rafting Spots Around Nanchang

The Best Water Rafting Spots Around Nanchang

As with the rest of China, the summer season in Nanchang is marked by two notable and seemingly contradictory desires: to get out of the city and enjoy nature; and to keep cool amid the sweltering summer heat, at all costs. While many Nanchang residents opt to stay indoors all summer, seated in front of the largest fan or A/C unit they can find instead of trekking outside to go exploring (and sweating profusely), there is, in fact, a way to combine both of these desires into one exhilaratingpackage: water rafting! You'll find several water rafting places that are just a few bus stops away from Nanchang. And a little further out you'll find even more places that are famous for their fun and exciting water rafting activities. But if you really want to enjoy your excursion, plan on spending at least two days, as the trip out can be a bit on the long side, and one day simply is not enough to experience all the joys of rafting near Nanchang.

1) Meiling Rafting (Plum Ridge Rafting)View In Map
Meiling rafting (梅岭漂流) is considered by many to be the best natural rafting spot in China. Just 30 km from Nanchang (a 30-minute ride by bus), Meiling is Nanchang's nearest rafting site. The rafting starts at Gongjia Bridge (龚家桥) and ends at Xixia Reservoir (溪霞水库).  The raftable part of the river is 5 km long, takes 2.5-3 hours to raft, and consists of both calm and "choppy" areas. If you are staying in one of the mountain resorts, be sure to bring thicker clothing for the night time, as the temperature here can plummet drastically.

Add: Meiling (Plum Ridge) Rafting Scenic Spot, 30 km from Nanchang's western suburbs
Tel: 0791 8621 1225
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00
Price: 88 RMB
Getting there: from Nanchang train station, take bus No. 219 to the end and then switch over to Bus no.112. Get off at the Meiling Forest Park bus stop (梅岭森林公园站)

2) Sanzhualun Rafting View In Map
Sanzhualun Forest Park is a 4A level scenic area. The rafting area consists of Linhai, Jinluo Bay, and Luya areas, and is 95.7% covered by forest. The Linhai area is 12 km long and split into upper and lower sections.  There is a gradual 50 m drop in this area, and it takes about three hours to complete. Jinluo area is man-made, although it's still a lot of fun. Luya area's Canyon River is 380 km long, and over 40 m wide at its widest part.  In the rainy season, rainfall can accumulate to over five meters! Although each of these three areas has its own benefits, if you only have time to go to one, head over to Linhai area. 

Add:  Sanzhualun, in Luojiaping Scenic Area, Jing'an County, Yichun City
Tel: 079 5476 8000
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00
Getting there: at Nanchang Changtu Station (南昌长途汽车站) and Hongcheng Market (洪城大市场汽车站), you can find buses that go to Jing'an County (靖安县城). The Yiweike bus (依维柯) is 18 RMB, while the regular bus is 15 RMB (both will take you about 2 hours to get there). After you arrive in Jing'an county, switch to the bus that will take you to Sanzhualunlin Station (后在汽车站转乘到三爪仑林场), which should cost 9 RMB and take about 1-1.5 hours for the 27 km ride.

3) Baiyunfeng Rafting (White Could Mountain Top Rafting)View In Map
The Baiyunfeng Canyon rafting site is 3 km long, and boasts a 16 m high drop. The site has 46 man-made slides built in, and is considered to be the most exciting and choppy white water rafting area south of the Yangtze River. But don't worry, life vests are provided. Along both sides of the river you'll spot the occasional house or farm, although there's plenty of untouched natural scenery to take in too!

Add: Mengshan Linchang, Nangang Town, Shanggao County, Yichun City
Tel: 079 5253 1588; 253 1688
Opening Hours: 10:30-14:30
Price: 168 RMB
Getting there: at Nanchang Changtu Station (南昌长途汽车站), take the bus to Shanggao County (上高县). The trip will take approximately two hours. From the Shanggao County bus station take a 30-minute bus to Baiyunfeng scenic area (白云峰景区)

4) Dajueshan Rafting (Dajue Mountain Rafting)View In Map
Dajue Mountain (大觉山漂流) is another famous rafting site in the region. Located at the 4A level Dajueshan scenic area, the raftable river is 3.6 km long and drops a ridiculous 188 m! The majority of rafting here is done using bamboo rafts.  If you want a picture taken as a keepsake, you can ask a staff member to take one for 15 RMB.

Add: Dajueshan Scenic Area, Zixi County, Fuzhou City
Tel: 079 4579 3999
Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00
Price: weekday: 180 RMB, weekend: 220 RMB
Getting there:  From Nanchang Xufang Station (南昌徐坊客运站) take the bus to Zixi (资溪), which cost 67 RMB and takes approximately 4 hours. The earliest bus departs at 7:45. From Zixi, take the bus to Dajueshan scenic area (大觉山风景区), which cost 5 RMB and takes about 30 minutes.

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