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Spring City: Discovering Jinan and its Surroundings

Jinan is so famous for its springs that it actually carries the nickname ‘Spring City’. These are the biggest and most popular springs, although some of these parks will also have other smaller springs in them Read more>>

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Finding Refuge from the City: Jinan’s Free Parks HOT

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Jinan has several pleasant parks that offer a pleasant refuge from the city. Read on to find out where in Jinan you can escape the concrete and enjoy some of the city’s natural areas.... Read More>>

Two Days in Jinan: Best Natural Tourist Sites HOT

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Jinan is well known for its abundance of clear springs, as well as many other beautiful natural tourist sites. For example, there are already 72 registered springs throughout the city, and there are even more that have not yet been registered or discovered ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Jinan’s Growing Expat Bar Scene HOT

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While Jinan may not have the thriving bar scene of China's bigger cosmopolitan cities, it still offers up a variety of reliable hangouts for expats looking for a place to relax or cut loose. What's more, the "Spring City" is on the move and ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Jinan’s Food Streets HOT

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While not always the easiest to find, Jinan's food streets offer both a wide range of cuisines and atmospheres to enjoy them in. Below is a guide to five of the city's major food streets that should keep you well-fed for quite some time. ... Read More>>

Discovering Hero Mountain’s Hidden Markets in Jinan HOT

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As far as landmarks go, Yingxiong Shan is hard to miss. While its height alone may not exactly merit the lofty name “Hero Mountain,” the stark granite face of the monument at the summit exudes a presence both majestic and slightly ominous. The handful of ...... Read More>>

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