Two Days in Jinan: Best Natural Tourist Sites

Two Days in Jinan: Best Natural Tourist Sites


Jinan is well known for its abundance of clear springs, as well as many other beautiful natural tourist sites. For example, there are already 72 registered springs throughout the city, and there are even more that have not yet been registered or discovered by large tourist crowds! As you can imagine, it could take weeks to see it all. But if you only have two days in Jinan, and you're interested in seeing the absolute best natural tourist sites that the city has to offer, then you won't want to miss any of the places listed on the following itinerary.

Day 1: Daming Lake—Quancheng Lu—Baotao Springs—Quancheng Square
Start your first day out by visiting Daming Lake (大明湖). Daming Lake Park is a lovely place for taking a stroll or simply relaxing by the shore. While you're there, also be sure to check out some of the park's landmarks, such as the Jiaxuan Temple (稼轩祠), Tiegong Temple (铁公祠) and the Lixia Pavilion (历下亭). In the afternoon, take a cab or walk on over to Furong Jie (芙蓉街) for lunch. This street has many different delicious “snack-able” restaurants, so be sure to sample several while you're there. After your lunch, head over to Quancheng Lu (泉城路), which is Jinan's most famous walkway. This street is one of the big shopping streets in Jinan, and has many clothing and souvenir shops, including a Wal-Mart. 

From there, head west towards Baotu Spring Park (趵突泉). The main attraction of this park is, of course, the famous Baotu Spring, but it also features more than 30 other springs, some of the most popular being Shuyu Spring (漱玉泉), Xibo Spring (洗钵泉), Liuxu Spring (柳絮泉) and Dukang Spring (杜康泉). There's a lot to see, so be prepared to spend at least 2 hours walking around the park. In the early evening, head out the east gate of Baotu Spring towards Quancheng Square (泉城广场).  Oftentimes, during the evening the square's musical fountain will “perform”, while kite fliers and other entertainers can be observed nearby. Come to Quancheng Square to experience the local life at its most vibrant.

Daming LakeView In Map
Add: 271 Daminghu Lu, Lixia District, Jinan
Tel: 531 8608 8900
Price: 30 RMB
Opening Hours: 06:30-17:30 (off-season), 6:30-18:30 (peak-season)
Getting there: Take bus No. 11, 41, k109, k54, k95 or k98 to Daminghu (大明湖)

Baotu Spring Park View In Map
Add: 1 Baotuquan Nan Lu, Lixia District, Jinan
Tel: 531 8692 0439
Price: 40 RMB
Opening hours: 07:00-21:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 1, 5, 41, 66, 82, 85, 103, 104, k51, k54, k59, k91, 游 777 to Baotuquan Dongmen (趵突泉东门)

Day 2: Qianfo Mountain—Quancheng Park—Heihu Spring
Start your second day off bright and early with a climb up Qianfo Mountain (千佛山), where you can enjoy the freshness of the early morning mountain air. Aside from some morning exercisers, the area should be pretty deserted, so you'll be able to go at your own pace without worry of other tourists getting in the way. The mountain, which stands only 300 m high, should only take you about one hour to walk up, and from the summit, you'll have a great view of the surrounding city if you're interested in taking some photos. After descending Qianfo Mountain, head west toward Quancheng Park (泉城公园) and stop by some of the local shops along the way. Once inside the park, seek out a quiet space (preferably near one of the ponds), throw down a big blanket and treat yourself to an early afternoon picnic. Afterwards, head over to Heihu Spring (黑虎泉) for the last bit of Jinan sightseeing. Better yet, the spring is located right next to the Hucheng River (护城河), as well as several other free scenic areas, such as Baishi Spring (白石泉), Jiunü Spring (九女泉), and Pipa Spring (琵琶泉). In the summertime, walking along the river is a great way to cool off during the hot afternoon. Stick around the springs until evening to enjoy the area's beautiful nightlife and then head home with a head full of memories. 

Qianfo Mountain Park View In Map
Add: 18 Jingshiyi Lu (near Qianfoshan Dong Lu), Lixia District, Jinan
Tel: 531 8266 2292
Price: 30 RMB
Opening Hours: 06:00-18:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 64 or 153 to Qianfoshan Fengjingqu (千佛山风景区)

Quancheng Park View In Map
Add: Quancheng Park, 106 Jingshiyi Lu, Lixia District, Jinan (near Ma'anshan Lu
Tel: 531 8175 0016
Price: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Getting there: Take bus No. 39, 48, 66, 85, 110, 152 or k100 to Quancheng Gongyuan (泉城公园)

Heihu SpringView In Map
Add: Henan An, Hucheng, Jiefangge Nan, Lixia District, Jinan
Price: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Getting there: Take bus No. 5, 14, 36 or k91 to Heihuquan (黑虎泉)

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