Haggling Heaven: Shopping at Guilin’s Main Commercial Streets

Haggling Heaven: Shopping at Guilin’s Main Commercial Streets

Guilin is a small tourist city renowned for its beautiful landscape; fortunately, the shopping is pretty great too. Besides Guilin’s top three treasures – fermented bean curd, sanhua liquor and Guilin chili sauce – Guilin is also famous for its landscape paintings, paper fans and other unique crafts. The main commercial districts of Guilin are concentrated in Zhengyang Lu and Zhongshan Zhong Lu, and unsurprisingly during high tourist season these places are a sea of people. Here you can find a variety of unique products, and if you know how to haggle buying well priced souvenirs won’t be a problem.

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Guilin

1) Zhengyang Pedestrian Street正阳步行街
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is the central hub of Guilin. It’s 666 meters long (a very lucky number for Chinese), and is surrounded by restaurants, hotels, theatres, scenic spots and other commercial facilities. Along the street you’ll see a mix of old Chinese architecture and European colonial style buildings. Besides western restaurants, bars, cafes, nightclubs and other entertainment, you can certainly find a variety of things to buy. You’ll find a wide selection of jade, minority handicrafts and embroidery, textiles, jewelry, teapots and other souvenirs here. Just remember, bargain hard!

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street 正阳步行街View In Map
Add: Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Xiangshan District, Guilin
Getting there: take bus routes 14, 11 or 10

Zhongshan Zhonglu Night Market, Guilin

2) Zhongshan Zhong Lu Night Market中山中路夜市
As the sun sets on one of Guilin’s busiest streets, Zhongshan Lu, Guilin’s most famous night market comes alive. Beginning at 19:30 you see red tents pop up everywhere with vendors selling their goods. A great way to spend an evening is to walk around and check out all they have to offer. You’ll see plenty of local goods including local clothes and costumes, characteristic of the local ethnicities that you won’t find in other places in China. Apart from the folksy stuff, you can pick up nearly anything under the sun (or should I say moon) like knockoff bags, wallets, clothes and luggage. All that haggling and shopping can sure work up an appetite; luckily there are lots of snack stalls too providing you with Guilin style snacks. Make sure to bargain on anything and everything you see here.

Zhongshan Lu Night Market中山中路夜市View In Map
Add: South-west side of the Lijiang Pubu Hotel, Zhongshan Zhong Lu, Guilin
Opening hours: 19:30-02:00
Getting there: take bus routes14, 15, 1, 203, 21, 22, 25, 26, 31, 3 to jiefang xi lu walk 95m

Niko Niko Do Plaza, Guilin

3) Niko Niko Do Plaza 微笑堂商厦
Niko Niko Do Plaza is located in downtown, adjacent to the central square. They say this is the largest shopping mall in Guangxi, so for those that are tired of street vendors this is the spot for you. The mall stretches from the underground basement, which is home to a great supermarket where you can purchase local specialties, to some fine restaurants on the top floor. In between you’ll find all kinds of quality goods to buy. Clothing, shoes, electronics, and cosmetics are just a small sample of the things you can buy here. Also, for your convenience, are many repair shops for shoes, watches etc. There’s also no shortage of ATMs, so you never run out of cash to spend.

Niko Niko Do PlazaView In Map
Add: 187 Zhongshan Zhong Lu, Guilin
Tel: 0773 2819 449
Opening hours: 09:00-21:30
Getting there: take bus routes 10, 11, 14, 18, 206, 25, 2, 31, 57to Jiefang Qiao,walk179 m

Little Hong Kong, Guilin

4) Little Hong Kong小香港商业城
Little Hong Kong is Guilin's largest underground commercial district, located directly under the city square. With a staggering total of more than 800 shops inside, you can spend hours and hours checking the local wares. Most of the items you will find here are, of course knock offs, of other famous brands. The quality can vary from terrible to great, so make sure to look over everything you buy. Needless to say by now, since it is an underground market dealing in mostly stolen intellectual property, make sure you bargain hard.

Little Hong Kong小香港商业城View In Map
Add: Zhongshang Zhong Lu Square Underground, Guilin
Opening hours: 09:00-21:00
Getting there: take bus routes 3, 10, 11, 99, 100 to Zhongshan Zhong Lu Square

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