Guilin after Dark: Nightclubs, KTV Parlours and Bars

Guilin after Dark: Nightclubs, KTV Parlours and Bars


When you're visiting Guilin, aside from taking in the city life and the nature scenery that surrounds, you should also dive in to the flourishing nightlife the city has to offer. Nightlife in Guilin is indeed full of things to do and people to see, the best of which are the cluster of nightclubs, bars, KTV centers around Li River, reflecting a kaleidoscope of colors on the waters below.

Baidu Bar. Photo:

Baidu Bar百度酒吧
Baidu Bar is located by the bank of the beautiful Li River. It is a venue where modern music elements melt with the century-old European bar culture – giving visitors something of a mix between a bar and a club.

The first floor is a music bar featuring slow rock and with a rich feel for the European bar culture – a decent team of DJs and singers bring with them world classic songs and pop singles every night at the venue; the second floor is a small KTV box with sparkling décor; the third floor is the very special KTV club overlooking the Li River – the riverside night view right outside definitely adds to the whole nightlife mood. Recommended are the creative cocktail creations at the venue and the underground and back entrance parking lots with Binjiang Building are available for use to guests that drive.

Add: 18 Binjiang Lu, Guilin
地 址:桂林市滨江路18号
Tel: 0773 288 8900
Business Hours: 20:00 – 02:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 10, 11, 14, 18, 206, 25, 2, 31, 57 or Sightseeing Bus Line 1 to Jiefang Bridge station and walk for another 25 meters to destination

Yiren Bar伊人酒吧:
Yiren Bar is a venue known for its more relaxed and quiet ambience in Guilin. Unlike the disco clubs that are more about making noise and being raucous, this venue here is rather quietly comfortable and chic – offering quite a selection of alcoholic beverages as well. The relaxed and smooth music, dimmed lights and the local guitarist and keyboardist taking requests for songs are all of the elements that make this an ideal place for going out with dates. There is also free internet service available at the venue.

Add: 27 Yiren Lu, Guilin
Tel: 0773 282 2222
Business Hours: 19:30 – 02:30
Transportation: Take transportation 100, 11, 51, 99 to Shizi Street (Zhongxin Plaza) and walk for 203 meters to destination

Guohui KTV Center国会KTV
Guohui KTV has a total of 48 KTV boxes, from small to deluxe. Décor at the venue is also designed by the best of interior designers, very grand and chic – also fitted with the top-of-the-line audio and video systems for a memorable karaoke night. There is also a designated large parking lot at the venue for those lucky enough to have their own cars.

Small KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 588 RMB;
Large KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 788 RMB;
Deluxe KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 1,888 RMB.

Add: Guilin Cultural Palace (Exhibition Center, 3rd Floor), Guilin
地 址:桂林市文化宫展览中心三楼
Tel: 0773 283 9898
Business Hours: 20:00 – 02:30
Transportation: Take bus routes 10, 18, 24, 30, 31, 57, 9 to Shizi Street (East Jiefang Rd) station and walk for another 72 meters to destination

Fucheng KTV Club富城KTV俱乐部
This venue is a deluxe entertainment center and one of the more upscale of KTV centers in Guilin.  There are 51 KTV boxes at the venue and each is renovated with classy décor, top-of-the-line audio and video setups to bring you the most satisfying of experiences. Service is great and the prices aren't over the top – making it the best place to go for gatherings and weekend hangouts with friends. Another thing to note is that Fucheng KTV do not charge extra for use of the KTV rooms, just a requirement for minimum spending.

Special Discount KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 288 RMB;
Small KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 388 RMB;
Moderate KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 488 RMB;
Large KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 588 RMB;
Deluxe KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 688 RMB;
VIP Presidential KTV Box: Required minimum spending at 1,088 RMB.

Add: Guilin Cultural Palace (No. 7 Building), Guilin
Tel: 0773-2888299
Business Hours: 17:00 – 02:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 1, 11, 10 to the venue

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