Guilin Café Guide - Finding the City’s Coffee Culture

Guilin Café Guide - Finding the City’s Coffee Culture

While Yangshuo is famed for being a backpacker refuge and is packed to the rafters with cool and quaint cafes, Guilin is often overlooked. However, the city does boast a smart collection of cute cafes on shady streets. We’ve put together a list of the perfect cafes for whiling away those summer sun drenched afternoons or star speckled evenings.

Shire Hobbiton Café 夏尔咖啡馆 View In Map

Shire Hobbiton café was set up by two good friends motivated by their love for Lord of the Rings and the desire to transport Tolkien’s Middle Earth to the Middle Kingdom. Perched on the edge of the tranquil Lijiang River, this cafe offers the chance to watch the river idle by while drinking coffee and playing board games under the vigilant Eye of Sauron. Lord of the Rings fanatics may want to take note: the café’s modern furnishings lack any whimsical Hobbit theme and it doesn’t quite exude the atmosphere of Merry Ol’ Tudor England, on which the Shire was modeled. But, however, the café provides a peaceful hideaway in the city and an unrivaled view of the surrounding scenery. Plus, Shire Hobbiton proudly proclaims that they self-roast their coffee beans and they certainly do serve excellent coffee for 26 RMB. Various teas, sandwiches and pastas are also on the menu for around 20 RMB. The café is popular with locals and passing tourists, and is worth seeking out for those who are looking for somewhere to nestle down and sip coffee for a few hours or who are just plain curious.

Add: 66 Binjiang Lu, Guilin
地址: 桂林市滨江路66号
Tel: 0773 288 0789

Gourmets Coffee Café俪舍咖啡 View In Map


Nestled on the shady Binjiang road, is this unique café. Owned by a Taiwanese-American man, who is happy to impart advice on what to do in the surrounding area, Gourmets Café is a homely American style café that offers a bite of back home. The menu serves western treats such as pizza, salad and club sandwiches for those who want a break from Guilin mifen. The café also has a rather nice art book collection

Add: Unit1-6, 18 Binjiang Lu, Guilin
地址: 桂林市滨江路18号1-6
Opening hours: 09:00 – 24:00
Phone: 0773 2106 880

 Artist Café 阿提斯咖啡 View In Map


Tucked away on Rongyin road, sits Artist café. Modeled on a Taiwanese coffee house, it’s a calm and cozy place to sit and quietly contemplate your time in China. The café is popular for its Italian coffee and ‘coffee art creations’ – the staff are coffee art maestros, creating impressive milk designs on the surface of your brew. The café has wireless if you are looking to get out of the house to do some internet browsing.

Add: 1 Rongyin road, Xiufeng District, Guilin (close to Gunanmen)
地址:桂林市秀峰区榕荫路1号 (近古南门)
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Tel: 0773 2805 399

Sharon’s CaféView In Map
Located close to Chuanshan park, Sharon’s Café is possibly the most popular café in Guilin with the foreign crowd, and hosts many parties and events. The café serves the typical western fair of pizza and salads, but also mouthwatering German cuisine in the form of Bratwurst sausages and schnitzels at very reasonable prices. The dishes are freshly prepared and home-made. The friendly staff and manager make sure that this is a place people will want to return to.

Add: 1 Chuanshan Nanlu , Guilin
Opening hours: 10:00 – 23:00
Tel: 0773- 5861855

艺术咖啡 View In Map

Named after the Bob Marley album, Kaya, Guilin’s one and only reggae café-bar is only a 3-5 minute stroll from Guilin’s city centre. Kaya also has a branch in Yangshuo - both offer chilled out reggae music and hosts regular parties, concerts, movie nights and art exhibitions. The café not only plays reggae music, but also showcases local bands. Kaya has also attracted musicians from across China, such as Chinese Punk band Demerit and the folk musician Zhou Yunpeng. And in keeping with the idea that music is an international language, artists from France and Canada have also played in the establishment. The café serves up pizza and coffee, but most people come for the music.

Add: 6 Zhonghua Lu, Xiufeng District, Guilin.
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Tel: 0773 2828 757

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This post needs some major updating. I'm here in the Shire Hobitton now and it looks nothing like the picture. It has been renovated and apparently has changed ownership. The cafe's listed above is no longer the best cafes in Guilin. But all along the Li River, there's plenty of new cafes that offer a better service, better ambience and better coffee too. I still find this place a wonderful place to relax and get high on some java.

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