A Sanctuary in the City: Fuzhou's Best Parks

A Sanctuary in the City: Fuzhou's Best Parks

Fuzhou is one of those great relatively unknown vacation destinations in China. It offers most of the same modern amenities as any of the other mega-cities in China, while at the same time maintain its own unique southern charm. The city is also home to a bunch of really nice parks! Let us show you our three favourite ones below: Zuohai Park, Xihu Park, and the Fuzhou National Forest Park.

1) Zuohai Park  左海公园 View In Map
Located next to Xihu Park, more than half of Zuohai Park's area is water-based. If you enter the park from the north gate, you will be standing in Wuzhoufengguan Square (五洲风光广场). In the middle of the square there is a huge Tajibagua image, with five granite statues of women from the five continents surrounding it (sorry Australia, you don't count apparently). Also in this area, you can check out a "forest" of upright stone tablets, which are inscribed with the names of Chinese historical figures and famous quotes. In the east area of the park, you’ll stumble across the well-known (in Fujian) Shui (ethnic minority) Entertainment City complex, which is home to the Zuohai Seafloor World (左海海底世界) and a "strange rocks" museum (中华奇石馆) among other things. To the south of the Shui Entertainment City, you’ll find a lake, which has an abundance of fun water-related activities.

Add: 29 Tongpan Lu, Fuzhou
Opening hours: 05:30-22:30
Price: free (Seafloor World is 60 RMB per person)
Getting there: ride the No. 4, 8, 10, 23, 66, 70, 201 (late), 701, 801, 805, 0807 bus to reach the park.

2) Xihu Park  西湖公园 View In Map
This place is old! Xihu Park has 1700 years of history, making it the oldest (intact) park in all of Fuzhou, and earning the nickname "Fujian's Pearl Garden". The park itself is 75% water, with a long dike that divides the lake into two. There is a bridge in the middle of that called Xiaoqiao (仙桥). A new walking trail has been installed so that visitors can stroll around the lake and enjoy the scenery. Along the way, make stops at Fujian Hall (福建会堂), Fang Patio and Gudiexieyang (芳沁园 and 古堞斜阳), and Hetingwanchang (荷亭晚唱). If you keep walking on this trail, you will eventually reach Zuohai Park and the Fujian Museum (福建博物馆). The Fujian Museum has free admission and has a bunch of cool exhibits inside.

Add: 70 Hubin Lu, Fuzhou
Opening Hours: 05:30 - 22:00
Price: Free (boat rentals cost 20 RMB per hour)
Getting there: ride the No. 1, 65, 70, 74, 88, 100, 109, 111 Bus and get off at the Xihu stop (西湖站) or ride the No. 105, 118 bus and get off at the Hutou Jie stop (湖头街站).


3) Fuzhou National Forest Park  福州国家森林公园 View In Map
Three sides of Fuzhou National Forest Park are bordered with mountains, one side with water. So yeah, you could say its pretty scenic. The park itself is divided into six tourist areas: a bamboo garden, a forested area, one of those places where poetry is carved into everything, a Dragon Pond, the Fujian Forestry Museum, and an aviary. The park, which takes great pride in showing off Fujian's tree species, is also home to over 2500 other species of tree from 36 countries. The aviary has collected over 150 species of birds from around the world, and houses more than 5000 total birds, making it the largest and most complete aviary in all of China. Finally, if you really, really enjoy your time here, be sure to spend the night, either at their on-site hotel or roughing it outdoors at the campgrounds, and be sure to try some of the delicious "rustic forest specialty" Korean BBQ too. Yum!

Add: Chiqiao Villiage, Xindian Town, northern suburbs of Fuzhou
Opening hours: 06:00 - 17:30
Price: Free (aviary costs 25 RMB)
Getting there: ride the No. 54, 102 (Forest Park Line), 72, 84, 87 bus and get off at the Forest Park stop (森林公园站) 

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