A Quick Guide to the Fuzhou Bar Scene

A Quick Guide to the Fuzhou Bar Scene

Being one of the more open minded cities in China, Fuzhou developed a healthy supply of bars early on. That is why the city today boasts a very wide range of bars catering to each customer group with different styles of décor, music and atmosphere. This guide will take you to a selection of bars each with their own style, so that you can make your choice.

West No.66 Bar

1) West No. 66 BarView In Map
West No. 66 bar is located on Hubin Lu in the Gulou District of Fuzhou. There is plenty of parking space outside the club, making it convenient to get here by car. The club itself is fairly large and accommodates around 400 guests. It is decorated in the ever popular Sino-European post industrial style which seems to be relentlessly encroaching upon establishments in the Middle Kingdom. On the charts is an eclectic mix of trip hop, R&B, hip hop as well as featuring live bands from China and beyond.

Add: 66 Hubin Lu, Zhongfu Huayuan 1st floor (200m opposite the main gate of West Lake Park), Gulou District, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591 8743 6698/139 6070 0165
Opening hours: 18:00-02:00
Average cost per person: 80-100 RMB
Getting there: Take bus no. 802, 958 or 968 (all stop at West lake Park), from there you only need to walk a few minutes.

Allen Club  

2) Allen ClubView In Map
Allen Club belongs to a chain of dating themed clubs, which already have almost 200 franchises in China, including three in Fuzhou (listed below). The good people of Allen Club have come up with a lot of innovative ways to help their guests in the quest for love; among these are the “fate machine” and “sending love by paper crane”. If you want to know what this exactly is all about, you better go and check it out for yourself!
The dominant colour of the club is appropriately enough kept in red, with red lights and red chairs. You can pay with unionpay credit cards.

Add: 75 Wusi Lu, Foreign Trade Exhibition Hall 1F (beside Foreign Trade Centre Hotel and opposite Minjiang Hotel), Fuzhou
Tel: 0591 8722 0708
Opening hours: 19:30-02:00
Getting there:
Bus: Bus lines 2, 5, 9, 26, 51, 52, 55 and 949 all stop at the Foreign Trade Centre Hotel.

Add: Yinxi Jiedao Zhonghuan Square 4F floor, Fuzhou.
Opening hours: 19:30-02:00

Add: 31 Jinquan Lu (near the provincial library), Gulou distict Fuzhou.
Tel: 0591 8302 1897
Opening hours: 19:30-02:00

Susan Bar

3) Susan BarView In Map
Susan Bar is located on Wushan Xilu just next to the city hall, with convenient transportation and easy access to parking spaces. The bar itself is decorated in a weird and wonderful mix of gothic vaults and British vintage, with a healthy dose of the Chinese sense for mixing of styles. Add to this plenty of tables with bottle service and you have a true Chinese clubbing experience.

Add: 1 Wushan Xilu Liming Jie, Gulou District, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591 6336 6999
Opening hours: 18:00-02:00
Average cost per person: 100 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 27, 105, 106, 109, 117, 307 or 318 to Douchi bus station.

Jack Bar

4) Jack Music BarView In Map
This bar’s been popular with Fuzhou’s expats since years. Friendly staff, affordable drinks and a very social atmosphere makes this the number one choice for many a foreigner here.

Add: 1 Yuanshuai Lu, Gulou District, Fuzhou
Tel: 0591 8762 7898 

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