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Manchukuo Changchun: Architecture and History

When visiting Changchun, there is no way to avoid the Manchukuo architecture. Start with these historical sites, they are worth a visit as they are a great representation of Emperor Puyi, the last emperor of China, and his legacy. Read more>>

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Sing-along Fun: Changchun’s Best KTVs HOT

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While it may not be as developed as Shanghai or Beijing, if you love to go to KTV, you'll find a lot to like about Changchun. If you're looking for the cheapest possible experience, head to one of Changchun's discount KTVs, where you can log in a few hours ...... Read More>>

A Snapshot of Changchun's Tourist Attractions HOT


Local government and police in the super friendly and safe city of Changchun have made a huge effort to improve our city for foreigners, working to beef up the city’s infrastructure, and investing monumental sums of time and money into tourism. Changchun’s...... Read More>>

Pass the Popcorn: Movie Theatres in Changchun HOT

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Although Changchun is no longer considered the movie-making capital of China, the city nonetheless boasts a number of high-quality cinemas that screen Chinese and Western movies throughout the day, every day. Several of these movie theatres are also ...... Read More>>

The Puppet Manchurian Palace of Puyi in Changchun HOT

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Like many rapidly developing Chinese cities, Changchun might seem like a place that barely existed thirty years ago; in fact, the history of Changchun in the 20th Century is inextricable from that of China itself. During World War II, Changchun was the ...... Read More>>

Stand-up Comedy, Changchun-Style: The Scoop on Er'renzhuan HOT

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Tired of staying home waiting out the cold Changchun winter, but not in the mood for a night at Mayflowers one, two or three? Instead, consider spending a far cheaper evening watching a performance of Er’renzhuan (二人转), a north-eastern Chinese style of ...... Read More>>

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