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History of Beijing

Historical evidence shows that Beijing has been in existence for over 3,000 years. However, the discovery of "Peking Man", an ancestor of homo sapiens who lived in the area 200,000 to 400,000 years ago, shows that the area has a history of human habitation that is very ancient indeed. During the Western ...Read more>>

All Beijing Essential Guide

Beijing Nightlife HOT

Beijing is as busy and vibrant by night as it is by day. From traditional Beijing Opera to flashy discos, from hole-in-the-wall watering holes to elegant bars, from teahouses to punk rock clubs, whatever your tastes you're sure to find someplace appealing ...... Read More>>

Brief Intro to Beijing Dining HOT

Beijing is a gourmand's delight since just about every style of Chinese cooking is represented by the capital's restaurants: adventurous diners can tour the country without ever leaving the city! More than this, Beijing also boasts its own cuisine, which ...... Read More>>

Beijing Travel Tips HOT

Summer months in Beijing are hot and humid. Winters can be best described as cold and dry with gusting Siberian winds; however, the least pleasant aspect of winter in Beijing is its worrying air pollution record. Air pollution (in the form of dense smog) ...... Read More>>

Beijing Entertainment Overview HOT

As the cultural center of China, Beijing does not lack entertainment: From clubs to traditional opera performances, Beijing has it all. Beijing is a great place to see traditional opera, Chinese acrobatics, and folk arts such as crosstalk and storytelling. ...... Read More>>

Brief Intro to Beijing Shopping HOT

Beijing, like every mega-city around the world, has shopping opportunities galore: from Asia's biggest shopping mall, to out-of-the-way craft stores and boutiques tucked away in historic hutongs; from crowded, touristy shopping streets, to hypermarkets and ...... Read More>>

Beijing Food Streets HOT

Longfusi Snack Street 隆福寺小吃街 Wangfujing Snack Street 王府井小吃街 Gui Jie 簋街 Donghuamen Night Snack Street 东华门夜市 Ox Street 牛街 Longfusi Snack Street 隆福寺小吃街 If you don’t know which snack you want to sample, this is the place to ...... Read More>>

Beijing Attractions HOT

Not only is Beijing one of the largest metropolises in China, it is also one of the greatest places to visit. Its long history as China's capital has bequeathed to the world a superb legacy of architectural and historical attractions.... Read More>>

Useful Numbers HOT

China Country Code Number: 0086 Beijing City Code Number: 010 Emergency & Most Commonly Used Police: 110 Telephone Repair: 112 Local Directory Assistance: 114 International Long-distance Register: 115 Fire: 119 Weather forecast: 12121/96121 Traffic ...... Read More>>

Beijing Transport - Car Rental HOT

Only individuals who will be travelling within Beijing for a short time usually use car rentals. You can choose between a private car, driver service, or you can reserve transportation to the airport ahead of time. Those foreigners who want to rent a car must have a People’s Republic of China driver’s license and a Beijing residency ... ...Read More>>

Beijing Transport -Others HOT

Other Forms of Transportation Private Cars If you are going to mainly be in the city of Beijing, traveling by car is not the best choice. On the one hand you need a Chinese driver’s license and on the other the driving situation in Beijing is extremely complex. Roads can change very quickly, there are many driving restrictions, and most ... ...Read More>>

Beijing Transport -Taxis HOT

For foreigners living and traveling in Beijing, taxis are a very important mode of transportation. Beijing taxi drivers are mainly middle-aged men over the age of 40 who do not speak any English. If you cannot speak Chinese, ask your Chinese friends or hotel to write the address of your destination (including street name, district and nearby ... ...Read More>>

Beijing Transport -Bus HOT

The public bus system in Beijing has so many lines you can probably get to every nook and cranny of the city and suburbs. But something to remember is that land transportation here is extremely crowded, and that traffic is a common occurrence. If you are in a hurry, public bus transport may not be the best choice. On the other hand, cab drivers ... ...Read More>>

Beijing Transport -Subway HOT

The Beijing subway system has a fixed ticket rate of 2 Yuan per ride (excluding the Airport Express line, which costs 25 Yuan). Passengers can buy single-use one-way tickets or stored value cards which will even work on the Airport Express line. When using single-use one-way tickets remember that they will only work on the date they were ... ...Read More>>

Beijing Transport - Coach HOT

Twelve different state roads begin in Beijing and radiate out in all directions. The state roads end in many different regions and cities, respectively: Shenyang, Harbin, Tanggu, Fuzhou, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Lhasa, Yinchuan, Jiagedaiqi, Laiyuan. There are also 9 highways in Beijing, respectively, Badaling Highway, Beijing ... ...Read More>>

Beijing Transport - Train HOT

Beijing is the center of the national railway and is home to four passenger railway stations: the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station (at Xizhimen). In addition, Beijing has Beijing East Railway Station and Fengtai Railway Station that deal mainly with freight. ... ...Read More>>

Beijing Transport - Airport HOT

Beijing is home to two major airports: Beijing Capital International Airport and Nanyuan Airport. The two airports are the most frequently used airports in the Beijing area. Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the northeast urban Shunyi District, about 30 km away from the city. Most flights in and out of Beijing take off and land ... ...Read More>>

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