Foreigner Helps Fainted Passerby While Locals Stare and Take Photos

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Photo: Ifeng

Although this doesn’t paint Chinese pedestrians in a particularly positive image, it’s at least a slight improvement on recent foreigner related news making national headlines here.

During the afternoon of April 10, a young man fainted outside the exit of the Guangrong subway station on Wuhan’s subway line 2, and was described by witness Ma as being “as floppy as a pancake.”

It was then that a Pakistani student named Ahmed Waqas came to the rescue, and took some water from a passerby in an attempt to revive the fainted commuter. After about 15 minutes the man gradually came round, and Ahmed asked him if he had any friends or people close to him that could look after him. The man was eventually helped into a taxi that took him to a nearby hospital.

After the scene concluded, Ahmed told reporters (in fl