Dead Goldfish Found in Pepsi Bottle in Xi’an

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Reports of a dead fish found in a Pepsi bottle by a woman in Xi’an have been making the rounds in Chinese media outlets recently.

Reportedly, the woman, surnamed Wen, bought a 600ml bottle of Pepsi from a supermarket on June 4. When she got home and took a gulp, she suddenly spotted a gold-colored object floating in the fizzy black abyss. After taking a closer look, Wen noticed that it was a dead goldfish.

Sickened, Wen then rushed back to the supermarket to tell the staff. The staff declared that the fish had in fact been dead for some time, though were pretty perplexed as to how it ended up in the bottle. Netizens have expressed equal surprise, with one user joking, “It must have been the work of Liu Qian!” (a