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The 5 Cities With the Highest Salary in China

Feb 02, 2016 Comments(12)

Recent survey results average average salaries in different regions in China and Asia. ... Read More>>

The Trillion Yuan Club: Which Chinese Cities Have the Highest GDPs?

Jan 28, 2016 Comments(5)

Hangzhou is the newest addition to China's Trillion Yuan Club. ... Read More>>

Barely Legal: The Rise of the Sexy Webcast in China Hot

Jan 25, 2016 Comments(13)

This translated article looks into the world of China’s webcast performers. A fairly new industry, there are still many questions on how it should be regulated. ... Read More>>

Why was the RMB Devalued? 25 FAQs on China’s Changing Currency Hot

Jan 20, 2016 Comments(7)

A list of frequently asked question about the devaluation of the RMB. ... Read More>>

Man Pays 5,000 Yuan for 4 Blind Dates: 3 are Terrible, 1 is a Prostitute Hot

Jan 13, 2016 Comments(10)

The company promised him more dates to make up for the terrible first four, but did not get back to him for months. ... Read More>>

Foreign Gang Scams 10 Women on Dating Site for Thousands of Yuan Hot

Jan 11, 2016 Comments(8)

A Chinese woman ran into a big scam when she agrees to pick up a huge sum of money for her new online paramour. She was forced to pay a number of fees to receive the money, which then taken away and “deposited.” ... Read More>>

Adopted Chinese-American Woman Searches for Birth Parents in Shanghai Hot

Jan 06, 2016 Comments(7)

An Chinese-American adoptee named Marinna hopes to reconnect with her birth parents in Shanghai. Marinna traveled to Shanghai to try to retrace her past, and hopes to have the opportunity to connect with her biological parents someday. ... Read More>>

Man Who Spent 11 Years on Death Row Freed and Compensated by the State Hot

Dec 31, 2015 Comments(2)

A Hunan court has granted an innocent man who spent 11 years on death row 1.27 million Yuan in compensation. The man, Zeng, had been convicted in 2004 of murdering his graduate school classmate. ... Read More>>

Expert: China’s Pollution Waves can be Predicted by Key Weather Conditions Hot

Dec 30, 2015 Comments(8)

China’s metrological organizations have begun to predict severe pollution waves ahead of time. Weather and environment expert Ma Xuekuan was interviewed by the Chinese media on what metrological conditions he looks for when predicting a pollution wave. ... Read More>>

Villagers Strike Culinary Gold in Shanghai: The Story of the Yimeng Pancake Hot

Dec 24, 2015 Comments(9)

The story of how the village of Youlou found their fortune hawking pancakes on the streets of Shanghai. ... Read More>>

An Alternate Plan: The Central Government Should Not Devalue the RMB Hot

Dec 23, 2015 Comments(5)

The IMF recently accepted the RMB into its elite list of reserve currencies. Now, Beijing faces pressure to broaden its market for the RMB. However, the central government should not devalue the RMB against the dollar to protect trade interests. ... Read More>>

Pollution Protection: The Best Sport Masks on the Chinese Market Hot

Dec 17, 2015 Comments(5)

What is the best mask to wear when you want to be active outside during a pollution wave? We took a look at the best sport masks on the Chinese market. ... Read More>>

15 Guangdong NGO Workers Arrested for Embezzlement, Disturbing Social Order Hot

Dec 14, 2015 Comments(3)

15 NGO employees representing workers among labor disputes in Guangdong have been arrested for embezzlement and disturbing social order. ... Read More>>

Salary, Education, Overtime: The Life of China’s Workers Today Hot

Dec 10, 2015 Comments(15)

The results of a 2014 survey show that Chinese citizens are making more money, working less. ... Read More>>

“Will You Have Children?” Young Female Grads Face Sexism on the Job Hunt Hot

Dec 08, 2015 Comments(15)

Young females entering the job market are facing discrimination if they have not had a kid, or two, yet. ... Read More>>

Examining Life in China’s First Tier Cities for Recent Graduates Hot

Dec 03, 2015 Comments(8)

DiDi Travel and Lagou.com recently published a report comparing life in China’s four major international cities for young Chinese as a reference for new graduates. ... Read More>>

Chinese Monk and UK Bishop Hold Open Dialogue on Religion

Dec 01, 2015 Comments(3)

A Chinese Buddhist leader discusses his experience in England, speaking to bishops of the Anglican Church. ... Read More>>

Foreign Correspondents for Chinese Media: Propaganda Tools or Agenda-Free? Hot

Nov 30, 2015 Comments(31)

Foreign journalists may be being used to propagate the party narrative. ... Read More>>

Why China is Hesitant to Send Troops to Fight ISIS Hot

Nov 26, 2015 Comments(44)

Will China join the global fight against ISIS after the execution of a Chinese national? ... Read More>>

China’s English has Recently Gotten Worse: What Happened? Hot

Nov 23, 2015 Comments(68)

China's overall English ability has dropped recently, and we ask why. ... Read More>>

Foreign Backpacker Beggar in Guangzhou: Scammer or Traveler in Need? Hot

Nov 19, 2015 Comments(36)

A foreign backpacker had made headlines for begging for money outside of a Guangzhou railway station. ... Read More>>

14 Chinese Nicknames for Western Celebrities Hot

Nov 18, 2015 Comments(5)

A Buzzfeed article on Chinese nicknames for Western celebrities went viral recently, and we finished the job for them. ... Read More>>

How China’s State-Owned Enterprises are Dealing with the Economic Slowdown Hot

Nov 16, 2015 Comments(8)

China's state owned enterprises are laying off workers and delaying pay to combat the economic slow down. ... Read More>>

Dating, Flash Marriages, Love Confessions: A Look into the Minds of Chinese Singles Hot

Nov 11, 2015 Comments(9)

Chinese citizens from all regions of the coutnry give their opinions on dating. Who is supposed to pursue who? Text message or face-to-face? ... Read More>>

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