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Most Chinese Mobile Phone Companies Operating at a Loss

Apr 26, 2016 Comments(3)

A report on Chinese mobile phone companys' sales and net profits from 2015. ... Read More>>

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid Your Husband’s Mistress in China? Hot

Apr 21, 2016 Comments(13)

How much does it cost to get rid of a mistress? Spain’s El Pais recently shared a story of a Chinese woman who hired a specialized company to help save her marriage. ... Read More>>

Which Countries Do Not Have Diplomatic Relations with China?

Apr 19, 2016 Comments(8)

15 countries have no diplomatic relations with China. Here's why. ... Read More>>

Shanghai-Wuhan Train Marshal Tries to Drug and Harass Female Passenger

Apr 14, 2016 Comments(8)

A female train passengers was drugged and harassed on a train from Shanghai to Wuhan, and is having trouble seeking justice. ... Read More>>

5 More Overrated Foreign Brands that Chinese Love (Part II) Hot

Apr 13, 2016 Comments(14)

A list of foreign brands that Chinese shoppers are paying too much for. ... Read More>>

5 Overrated Foreign Brands that Chinese People Love (Part I) Hot

Apr 12, 2016 Comments(9)

A list of foreign brands that Chinese shoppers are paying too much for. ... Read More>>

Was it a Scam? Woman Still Single after Paying 700K to Matchmaking Agency Hot

Apr 06, 2016 Comments(8)

A wealthy businesswoman paid hundreds of thousands of Yuan to a matchmaking company to find her a suitable partner, but they did not deliver. ... Read More>>

Online Learning in China: The Future of Education or an Unregulated Nightmare? Hot

Mar 31, 2016 Comments(8)

Online teachers are making thousands on their digital lectures. ... Read More>>

Cruising with Chinese Characteristics: Cruise Giants Cater to New China Market Hot

Mar 30, 2016 Comments(6)

Cruise lines are catering to the huge Chinese market. ... Read More>>

Nigerian Sentenced to Life in Chinese Prison for Smuggling Cocaine in Beijing Hot

Mar 29, 2016 Comments(6)

A drug smuggler gets his with life in prison after attempting to smuggle cocaine he ingested. ... Read More>>

Boao Forum: Chinese Companies Face Challenges in a Globalizing World Hot

Mar 25, 2016 Comments(3)

Highlights from the Boao Forum this week. ... Read More>>

Beijing Man Dies from Overwork. Company: He was Watching Porn Hot

Mar 10, 2016 Comments(13)

Porn in the workplace vs. death by overtime. ... Read More>>

How to Spot Fake Imported Fruit in China Hot

Mar 09, 2016 Comments(8)

How to make sure you are buying actual imported fruit. ... Read More>>

Number of Foreign Thieves in Shanghai on the Rise Hot

Mar 08, 2016 Comments(34)

Law enforcement officials are concerned about a recent rise in foreign thieves in Shanghai. ... Read More>>

Frenchman to Serve on Local Government of Rural Zhejiang Village Hot

Mar 03, 2016 Comments(12)

A Frenchman has been appointed by a local government in China. ... Read More>>

9 Types of Hotpot to Try While in China Hot

Mar 01, 2016 Comments(4)

A comprehensive list of hotpot styles from different regions in China. ... Read More>>

8 Chinese Products that are Actually Owned by Foreign Companies Hot

Feb 24, 2016 Comments(5)

A list of familiar Chinese products that are actually owned by foreign companies. ... Read More>>

5 Things You Should Know about the Chinese Dating Scene Hot

Feb 22, 2016 Comments(22)

A recent dating survey reveals what men and women are looking for in a new relationship. ... Read More>>

Chinese Face Issues Bringing Photography Drones In and Out of Country Hot

Feb 18, 2016 Comments(2)

Photography drones are being forced to land in new no-drone-zones. ... Read More>>

Safety Tips: How to Avoid Thieves and Scammers during Spring Festival Hot

Feb 04, 2016 Comments(9)

Scams to avoid while traveling for the Spring Festival. ... Read More>>

The 5 Cities With the Highest Salary in China Hot

Feb 02, 2016 Comments(12)

Recent survey results average average salaries in different regions in China and Asia. ... Read More>>

The Trillion Yuan Club: Which Chinese Cities Have the Highest GDPs? Hot

Jan 28, 2016 Comments(5)

Hangzhou is the newest addition to China's Trillion Yuan Club. ... Read More>>

Barely Legal: The Rise of the Sexy Webcast in China Hot

Jan 25, 2016 Comments(14)

This translated article looks into the world of China’s webcast performers. A fairly new industry, there are still many questions on how it should be regulated. ... Read More>>

Why was the RMB Devalued? 25 FAQs on China’s Changing Currency Hot

Jan 20, 2016 Comments(7)

A list of frequently asked question about the devaluation of the RMB. ... Read More>>

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