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Patriotic Thief: CCTV Anchor Rui Chenggang’s Four Disgraceful Incidents

Jul 22, 2014 Comments(18)

On July 11, Rui Chenggang, a well-known television presenter at CCTV, was arrested moments before he was due to present his daily business program. Now, prominent scholar Wang Sixiang has stepped up to criticize Rui, outlining four disgraceful incidents ...... Read More>>

Four Reasons Why Wealthy Chinese Immigrants are No Longer Welcomed Hot

Jul 17, 2014 Comments(82)

Close to ten million Chinese people have emigrated abroad since 1990. But as local demographics change and new migrants continue to stream in, not all locals welcome their new, foreign neighbors with open arms. Here are four reasons why. ... Read More>>

6 Unusual Ways that Wealthy Chinese Have Their Made Fortunes over the Years

Jul 15, 2014 Comments(7)

The number of wealthy Chinese that have emerged since China’s reform and opening up movement has shocked the world. But not everyone achieved wealth through riding various “get rich” waves. Here are a few types of wealthy Chinese who made their fortunes ...... Read More>>

A Summer Job to Remember: Students Scammed and Left Penniless in Dongguan Hot

Jul 10, 2014 Comments(6)

The following article tells the story of two university students who were among a group of 120 lured to a non-existent summer job in Dongguan by a phoney job agent. Here’s their story. ... Read More>>

Qiu Zhenhai: China Desperately Needs More Cutting-Edge Talent

Jul 04, 2014 Comments(17)

The topic of China’s rigorous rote learning style of education is a contentious one, with its main detractors pointing to the idea that the gruelling schedule and repoetitive learning style stifles creativity and original thinking. In this article, ...... Read More>>

China’s Military-Style Internet Addiction Centers: Recent Death Sparks Uproar

Jun 26, 2014 Comments(8)

This article, translated by ifeng.com, provides an unsettling glimpse into China’s Internet addiction center, a world characterized by corporal punishment, a lack of auditing, chaos and death. ... Read More>>

Expert Says 80% of Wealthy Chinese Will Fall Back Into Poverty in the Next Three Years Hot

Jun 25, 2014 Comments(18)

This article translated from Wenxuecity.com explores the rise and fall of China’s wealthy elite as discussed by financial expert Zhang Tingbin in his new book. His analysis offers a fascinating insight into the tumultuous economic growth of the past thirty ...... Read More>>

Foreigner and Security Guard Argument Outside of Peking University Goes Viral Hot

Jun 17, 2014 Comments(29)

This article translated from sohu.com is about a minor disagreement that occurred between a foreigner and a Chinese security guard. The security guard is praised for his good attitude whilst the foreigner comes across as rude and disrespectful. ... Read More>>

Searching for a More Peaceful Life: China’s Most Livable “Second-Tier,” Cities Hot

Jun 12, 2014 Comments(25)

The extortionate property and living costs in first tier cities are an enormous source of pressure and concern among young Chinese professionals today. This article translated from dwnews.com, explores the growing opportunities that second tier cities have ...... Read More>>

16 Shocking Facts about China's Economy, Production and Natural Resources Hot

Jun 10, 2014 Comments(29)

As China has transitioned into a world superpower, the Middle Kingdom has taken centre stage on the world’s media platform, particularly in light of recent growing tensions with the US. This article translated from wenxuecity.com explores some incredible ...... Read More>>

US-China Cyber-Espionage Disagreements Affects Multinational Companies

Jun 02, 2014 Comments(3)

With the ongoing cyber feud between China in the US there are some major companies based in China that are in line to get caught in the crossfire. This translated article looks at those companies and their function in China. How might they be affected by ...... Read More>>

Con Artist Tricks People into Believing He’s British Royalty, Steals Their Money Hot

May 29, 2014 Comments(7)

Hearing reports of scam artists in China is nothing new, but you have to admire the creativity of this guy. This article, translated from Sohu News, tells the story of how “John Louis” claimed to be British aristocracy who needed financial help from Good ...... Read More>>

Foreigners Working in State Chinese Bureau Making Positive Impression Hot

May 27, 2014 Comments(10)

While foreigners working in for the state in China isn’t a new idea, the latest attempt does seem to be faring better than any previous attempts. The Bureau of Foreign Trade has hired four foreigners with another to join the fold soon. ... Read More>>

Why are Chinese so Concerned About Saving Face? Hot

May 24, 2014 Comments(86)

Editor’s note: The following article was translated and edited from a response to the question of "Why are Chinese so Concerned About Saving Face?" that appeared on the Q&A section of soso.com. The writer, "Dashuwugen" ...... Read More>>

Tsinghua is Tops: Chinese Universities Ranked Hot

May 20, 2014 Comments(3)

China’s universities have gone from strength to strength and are looking to keep doing so in order to gain international recognition. In this translated article we look at a recent study ranking over 700 of the nation’s top tertiary institutions. ... Read More>>

Nine Important Tips for Traveling to North Korea Hot

May 15, 2014 Comments(15)

Planning a trip to North Korea? Well this translated article from ifeng.com tells you everything you need to know before embarking on the adventure. Basically it revolves around being well prepared and being culturally sensitive in a country where ...... Read More>>

Petition Against the Death Sentence: Fudan University Students Rally in Support of Lin Senhao Hot

May 13, 2014 Comments(12)

Earlier this year we reported the story of Lin Senhao getting the death sentence for poisoning his roommate back in 2013. Now, however, his fellow university students are coming out in his support, petitioning for him not to get the death penalty for his ...... Read More>>

On the Pulse: Chinese Medical Students Head to the US

May 06, 2014 Comments(2)

This translated article from Wenxuecity takes a look inside the medical profession in China and the growing trend of doctors taking the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and looking to head to the US and start a new career there. ... Read More>>

Life After the Video that Made Beijing’s English-Speaking Sanitation Worker Famous Hot

May 01, 2014 Comments(23)

Last year, a video of an English-speaking sanitation worker near Nanluoguxiang in Beijing went viral, winning the hearts of millions. But a lot has changed for Uncle Li since his fling with fame. From travelling to England to appearing on a TV show to ...... Read More>>

Television Host Taken Off Air After Emotional Speech on Corruption Hot

Apr 22, 2014 Comments(18)

This article translated from wenxuecity.com discusses the removal of a television host from a show after he lashed out on live TV about corruption and the huge level of support he subsequently gained from netizens. This has been a hot topic since Xi ...... Read More>>

China’s Godfather of Sexology Says Prostitution in China is Voluntary Hot

Apr 17, 2014 Comments(29)

The sex worker industry has been a hot topic in the news in recent months with all the raids taking place, most notably in Dongguan, as part of a nation-wide crackdown. In this translated article, the author looks at Pan Suiming’s 12 year study on the ...... Read More>>

Beijing Parents Buy Wildly Expensive Apartments to Send Children to Good Schools Hot

Apr 15, 2014 Comments(10)

This article explores the current trend of Chinese parents frantically buying up property in areas close to reputable schools in order to give their children access to better education. This in turn is driving up housing prices. But who is really to blame: ...... Read More>>

Survey: Chinese School Uniforms Deemed “Ugly” by 51.2% of Participants Hot

Apr 10, 2014 Comments(1)

Primary and secondary school uniforms have come under fire in a recent internet campaign with many online users pitying students for having to wear such “ugly” uniforms. ... Read More>>

The 6 Strangest Decrees of the North Korean Government Hot

Apr 08, 2014 Comments(17)

This article translated from a blog on ifeng.com explores some of the more bizarre aspects of North Korean life. News about the life of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the world’s last true totalitarian communist dictatorship has garnered a great deal ...... Read More>>

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