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China’s Foreign Exchange Underworld: Foreigners Scam Traders Out of 370,000 RMB in Beijing

Nov 20, 2014 Comments(10)

If you think foreigners are the only ones to get scammed in China, think again. This article tells the story of a number of people engaged in the underground currency exchange business in Beijing who recently felt the sting of being conned out hundreds of thousands of Yuan by a pair of foreigners. Read more>>

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Deciphering “APEC Blue”: Man-Made Effort or Sent from the Skies?

Nov 18, 2014 Comments(3)

This article discusses the measures and factors that gave birth to “APEC Blue”—a new term that has taken China by storm – and the findings from an official post-APEC Blue report. Could every day in Beijing be an “APEC Blue” day? ... Read More>>

Megaphones & Giant Class Sizes: Have Chinese “Super Schools” Gone Too Far?

Nov 13, 2014 Comments(14)

This translated article discusses the quality of education at China’s “super schools”, a new breed of schools with overcrowded classrooms and teachers shouting through megaphones. While many applaud their students’ academic achievements, one cannot help ...... Read More>>

Cancer in China: Survival Rate Much Lower Than In Developed Countries

Nov 11, 2014 Comments(4)

A recent analysis of data related to cancer survival was recently published, which shows that China’s five year cancer survival rate was only 30.9 percent. This number is far below the rates of developed countries.... Read More>>

From Cooks to Flight Attendants: China’s Top 11 Professions with the Most Singles Hot

Nov 06, 2014 Comments(4)

No holiday in China can be complete without the release of numerous very unscientific lists of superlatives, generalizations and questionable survey results, and this year’s Singles Day is no exception. Read on for the 2014 list of top 11 professions with ...... Read More>>

Chinglish Translation on Shanghai Subway Gains Notoriety Hot

Nov 04, 2014 Comments(10)

A Chinglish sign intended to provide useful information to English-speaking passengers at a busy subway station in Shanghai recently caused embarrassment and furor among the public. Even in a city like Shanghai, the days of confusing Chinglish signs are far ...... Read More>>

The World’s Top 10 Most Profitable Companies: ICBC Beats Apple for Top Spot

Oct 30, 2014 Comments(3)

Reuters China recently reported that the company with the highest profits in the world is China’s ICBC, beating Apple to the top spot. Several other Chinese companies also made it into the top ten list, showing China’s prominence in the global economy. ... Read More>>

Mark Zuckerberg’s Speech in Chinese Unplanned, Facebook CEO Caught Up in Audience’s Excitement

Oct 28, 2014 Comments(14)

The following article translated from Wenxuecity describes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance at Tsinghua University, where he was attending a Q&A session following his appointment to Tsinghua University’s Advisory Board. Zuckerberg, who has a ...... Read More>>

16 Things in Chinese Society that Foreigners Envy Hot

Oct 21, 2014 Comments(77)

This opinion piece, translated from ifeng.com and a shining example of Occidentalism, was written by a Yao Shujie, a professor of contemporary Chinese studies at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. ... Read More>>

Young Man Earns 3,000 Yuan a Month as Running Partner for Women and Students Hot

Oct 16, 2014 Comments(9)

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com talks about a man who has turned his fitness hobby into a side business as a ‘running partner’ for hire. ... Read More>>

US Doctor Shocked At Chinese Hospital Procedures, Says It Resembles a Factory Plant Hot

Oct 14, 2014 Comments(17)

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com gives us a view of the Chinese medical profession through the eyes of Richard, a US doctor and compares the differences in approach and bedside manner between the two countries. ... Read More>>

Chinese Man Asks U.S. Police How They Would Deal With Hong Kong Student Occupation Hot

Oct 11, 2014 Comments(26)

This opinion piece, translated from Wenxuecity.com is a post by popular Chinese blogger 'Brother Cui’. Here, he interviews a US policeman in an attempt to analyze and compare the behaviour of western and Hong Kong police when dealing with protestors. ... Read More>>

What do Foreigners See When They Watch Chinese Movies?

Oct 09, 2014 Comments(10)

This article, translated from sohu.com attempts to analyse foreigners’ attitudes to Chinese cinema through a survey conducted online. ... Read More>>

Are Chinese People all Shopaholics? Chinese Tourists Spend the Most Abroad Globally Hot

Oct 07, 2014 Comments(16)

Shopping while abroad has become very important to Chinese tourists. According to the World Tourism Organization, nearly 100 million Chinese people traveled abroad in 2013. With these numbers, China has become the nation with the largest number of outbound ...... Read More>>

Henan Monkey Performers Arrested in Heilongjiang: Did They Actually Commit A Crime?

Oct 02, 2014 Comments(8)

This article, translated from ifeng.com sheds light on a recent controversy in Northeastern China after four street performers who worked with monkeys were arrested. ... Read More>>

Detained Newspaper Boss Shen Hao’s Wife Makes a Stand for Her Husband

Sep 29, 2014 Comments(3)

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com is an interview with Jing Hua, the wife of former 21st Century Business Herald editor, Shen Hao, who was detained on September 25. ... Read More>>

Is China’s Education System Driving Away Top Students? Sharp Increase in Chinese Students Abroad: Part 2

Sep 25, 2014 Comments(9)

This article is the second part of a two part article translated from ifeng.com exploring the recent increase in Chinese students choosing to go abroad for high school and undergraduate study. ... Read More>>

Is China’s Education System Driving Away Top Students? Sharp Increase in Chinese Students Abroad:Part 1 Hot

Sep 23, 2014 Comments(13)

This article, translated from ifeng.com explores the reasons behind the recent increase in students choosing to study abroad for high school and undergraduate, and questions whether the current rote learning, exam focussed education system is now driving ...... Read More>>

Will the Dalai Lama Return Home? Increased Communication between the Spiritual Leader and CCP Signals Possible Change

Sep 18, 2014 Comments(8)

This article, translated from dwnews.com, claims that relations between Beijing and the Dalai Lama are improving and the Dalai Lama will possibly make a visit back to Tibet, as well as make a pilgrimage to the holy Wutai Mountain... Read More>>

The Lost Years: Difficulties Facing Chinese Employees of Foreign Companies

Sep 16, 2014 Comments(4)

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com details the changing job landscape for Chinese graduates, and the increasing difficulties they face. The article cites mass layoffs and glass ceilings as reasons for the decline in job opportunities, as well as ...... Read More>>

Rape and Sexual Assault Against Women Are Increasing in China- Here Are Five Possible Reasons Why Hot

Sep 11, 2014 Comments(73)

This article, translated from ifeng.com, is an opinion piece that represents the author’s own views on the possible causes for the alleged upsurge in sexual assault. ... Read More>>

Misuse of Medicine Kills 400,000 People a Year in China - 4 Times More than Car Accidents Hot

Sep 09, 2014 Comments(12)

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com presents some frankly terrifying statistics about the nature and volume of deaths related to misuse of medicine that have occurred in China in recent years ... Read More>>

A Pipe Dream? Facebook’s Ambitions in China Hot

Sep 04, 2014 Comments(11)

The following article was translated from a newspaper feature in Southern Metropolis Weekly and explores Facebook’s past, present and future in China. The author analyses whether Facebook will ever achieve its own Chinese dream. ... Read More>>

Asia-Pacific Rises in Ranks of Top 20 Global Destination Cities

Sep 02, 2014 Comments(6)

The MasterCard ranking lists the worlds’ most valuable tourism cities, including Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai in the top 20, and assesses these cities’ importance in the world tourism sector. ... Read More>>

Nine Powerful Chinese Goods on the Global Market Hot

Aug 28, 2014 Comments(14)

A number of Chinese designed and produced products have been taking the global market by storm. From technology to fashion, here are nine Chinese goods that have placed China on the map in terms of innovation and quality. ... Read More>>

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