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China's Bad Air Scaring Away Foreign Tourists Hot

Jan 20, 2015

This translated article discusses the effects of China’s immense pollution problems on the tourist industry.... Read More>>

Single, Alone and Still Picky: Most Women Will Only Marry Men with a House Hot

Jan 15, 2015

This translated article shows the results of a survey regarding love and marriage in China for 2014. The article reveals some worrying trends, such as the toll that pressure to marry from families has on the mental health of singles and increasingly high ...... Read More>>

No Car, No House, No Problem? The Ups and Downs of Transnational Marriages in China Hot

Jan 13, 2015

This translated article is another post in what appears to be a continuing trend of trying to quantify what makes marriages between Chinese people and foreigners work. ... Read More>>

All Work No Play: 3/4 of White Collar Workers Have Sex Less than Once a Month, 40% Have No Vacation Hot

Jan 08, 2015

This article gives full details of the much-discussed ‘White Collar Worker Satisfaction Survey’ that came out at the end of 2014. ... Read More>>

Educated but Broke: 80 Percent of Returned Students from Overseas Make Less than 10,000 Yuan Hot

Jan 05, 2015

This article, translated from ifeng.com, reports the latest statistics regarding overseas returnees and their career prospects in China. ... Read More>>

10 Ways Chinese Women and American Women Interact With Men Differently Hot

Jan 04, 2015

This blog post, translated from Wenxuecity.com, is another rather America-centric comparison of Western and Chinese dating cultures. The article details ten important differences in the way that American and Chinese women view men and their relationships. ... Read More>>

The Fall of Another Foreign Giant in China: B&Q Sells Majority of Shares to Wumart

Dec 31, 2014

This translated article details the fall of homeware giant B&Q and the decision to sell a controlling stake to Chinese retail chain, the Wumart Group. ... Read More>>

Rich and Leftover: Wealthy Mother Will Pay 100,000 Yuan to Successful Matchmaker for Daughter Hot

Dec 30, 2014

This article, translated from sohu.com, is about the pressures that young single Chinese women face from society and their families to get married by a certain age. ... Read More>>

Xi’an Parents Ask for 100,000 Dowry, Australian Parents Say “No Way!” Hot

Dec 25, 2014

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com, is an extreme example of problems that arise when cultures clash. ... Read More>>

Rural Village Shocked when Vietnamese Brides Run Away Together Hot

Dec 23, 2014

On December 11, in Ximaliangu, a small village in Hebei, Yuan Yingban sat on his marriage bed in a daze. His new Vietnamese wife had recently abandoned him. Another villager, Yuan Xinqiang, still has the last text that his Vietnamese bride sent him the day ...... Read More>>

60 Percent of Foreigners Already See China as a “Global Power” Hot

Dec 18, 2014

This article, translated from Wenxuecity.com is a survey that shows Western views on China as a global power. The data is compiled from a survey taken by the Global Times and shows that China is increasingly being recognized as growing international ...... Read More>>

Who are Chinese AIDS Patients: Gay or Straight? Northerners or Southerners? Hot

Dec 16, 2014

This translated article, published in ifeng.com, reports the latest statistics and findings related to AIDs and HIV infection in China. The data was published by the National Health Planning Commission, disclosing key information on transmission rates, ...... Read More>>

Blogger Explores the Types of American Men Who Marry Chinese Women Hot

Dec 09, 2014

A recently published blog on popular Chinese portal site ifeng.com explores the subject of Sino-US coupling, in particular the type of man that marries a Chinese woman. The author identifies six types. Do you agree? ... Read More>>

An Anxious Beijing to Departing Expats: “Please Stay, Guests from Far Away.” Hot

Dec 02, 2014

This article, translated from Wenxuecity.com, discusses possible reasons behind the continuing decrease in foreigners choosing to live in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Survey: Sexual Harassment is Rampant Among Female College Students in China Hot

Nov 27, 2014

Over the years, reports and studies about the rise of sexual harassment in China have been published on a frequent basis and despite implementing a sexual harassment law in 2005, the problem does not seem to be abating. This translated article highlights ...... Read More>>

Rejected in Japan, Accepted in Germany: How Useful Are Chinese Driver’s Licenses Abroad? Hot

Nov 25, 2014

Have you been toying with the idea of obtaining your first-time driver’s license in China but aren’t quite sure if it’s a wise idea? This article about which countries recognize Chinese driver’s licenses may just help make that decision a little easier. ...... Read More>>

China’s Foreign Exchange Underworld: Foreigners Scam Traders Out of 370,000 RMB in Beijing Hot

Nov 20, 2014

If you think foreigners are the only ones to get scammed in China, think again. This article tells the story of a number of people engaged in the underground currency exchange business in Beijing who recently felt the sting of being conned out hundreds of ...... Read More>>

Deciphering “APEC Blue”: Man-Made Effort or Sent from the Skies?

Nov 18, 2014

This article discusses the measures and factors that gave birth to “APEC Blue”—a new term that has taken China by storm – and the findings from an official post-APEC Blue report. Could every day in Beijing be an “APEC Blue” day? ... Read More>>

Megaphones & Giant Class Sizes: Have Chinese “Super Schools” Gone Too Far? Hot

Nov 13, 2014

This translated article discusses the quality of education at China’s “super schools”, a new breed of schools with overcrowded classrooms and teachers shouting through megaphones. While many applaud their students’ academic achievements, one cannot help ...... Read More>>

Cancer in China: Survival Rate Much Lower Than In Developed Countries

Nov 11, 2014

A recent analysis of data related to cancer survival was recently published, which shows that China’s five year cancer survival rate was only 30.9 percent. This number is far below the rates of developed countries.... Read More>>

From Cooks to Flight Attendants: China’s Top 11 Professions with the Most Singles Hot

Nov 06, 2014

No holiday in China can be complete without the release of numerous very unscientific lists of superlatives, generalizations and questionable survey results, and this year’s Singles Day is no exception. Read on for the 2014 list of top 11 professions with ...... Read More>>

Chinglish Translation on Shanghai Subway Gains Notoriety Hot

Nov 04, 2014

A Chinglish sign intended to provide useful information to English-speaking passengers at a busy subway station in Shanghai recently caused embarrassment and furor among the public. Even in a city like Shanghai, the days of confusing Chinglish signs are far ...... Read More>>

The World’s Top 10 Most Profitable Companies: ICBC Beats Apple for Top Spot Hot

Oct 30, 2014

Reuters China recently reported that the company with the highest profits in the world is China’s ICBC, beating Apple to the top spot. Several other Chinese companies also made it into the top ten list, showing China’s prominence in the global economy. ... Read More>>

Mark Zuckerberg’s Speech in Chinese Unplanned, Facebook CEO Caught Up in Audience’s Excitement Hot

Oct 28, 2014

The following article translated from Wenxuecity describes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance at Tsinghua University, where he was attending a Q&A session following his appointment to Tsinghua University’s Advisory Board. Zuckerberg, who has a ...... Read More>>

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