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German Companies in China Unsure about Future Prospects

Many German companies in China saw their profits decline this year and are worried about their economic prospects for the future. Concerns include air pollution, rising labor costs, and unpredictable policy. However, most German companies in China have no plans to leave in the near future. Read more>>

Recent China Media Articles

Daimler Executive Fired After Yelling “All Chinese Are Bastards” During Parking Quarrel


A heated incident in Beijing has made international headlines this week. An executive from German auto-maker Daimler (which owns Mercedes-Benz) was fired after yelling “All Chinese are bastards!” during an argument over a parking spot in Shunyi district. ... Read More>>

Ten Year Legal Battle in China Over Trump Trademark Still Unresolved


United States president-elect Donald Trump has been involved in a legal battle over the TRUMP trademark in China for almost ten years. Trump was rejected for the trademark after a Chinese man applied for it 14 days before his company did. ... Read More>>

The 10 Wonders of China: Add Them to Your Bucket List!


Did you know that China is home to the world’s longest canyon, the world’s oldest giant Buddha, and the world’s largest ancient palace? This translated article details China’s most epic and most record-breaking natural and man-made sites. Have you been ...... Read More>>

Nine Ways to keep Healthy While Drinking HOT


Drinking is hard to avoid. Especially in China, where ritualized drinking culture recently killed one official and put another in a coma. Drinking a proper amount is good for the health – and as a recent study shows, wealth and education as well -- while ...... Read More>>

Is the HSK Level 6 Test Too Difficult? Foreign Test Takers Seem to Think So


The HSK test, which is proof of one’s Chinese proficiency, can be taken in various levels with each level more difficult than the next. Recently, the HSK 6 – a notoriously difficult-to-pass level – has come under fire for being too difficult. But are the ...... Read More>>

Why Do Chinese People Want Trump to Get Elected?


Who do the Chinese prefer in the upcoming U.S. presidential election- Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? This author claims that while academics and think tank experts prefer Clinton, many ordinary Chinese and government officials are Trump fans. ... Read More>>

China’s Parachute Children: Studying Abroad Without Parental Guidance


There are thousands of Chinese primary and secondary school students living abroad without their families in order to study at a foreign school. The author of the article questions whether young students should be given so much freedom with so little ...... Read More>>

China Still Doesn’t Measure Up: Minister Says It Will Take Decades to Shift to Service Economy HOT


Minister of Industry and Informational Technology Miao Wei recently said that China is at least 30 years from such a shift. The author of this article agrees that China is far from its competitors in terms of high-end manufacturing- a necessary component to ...... Read More>>

China is Not Among the World’s Healthiest Countries


Despite its relatively advanced health care system, China was ranked 92nd out of 188 countries in the United Nation’s recent study on global health. The ten-year study measured a number of factors which, unfortunately for China, included air and water ...... Read More>>

Young Students Chase the New Chinese Dream by Studying Overseas


This translated article examines the recent surge in study abroad students from China, and concludes that China cannot call itself a real global power until students compete for spots in Chinese universities rather than foreign ones. ... Read More>>

Shanghai to Pilot New Work Permit System for Foreigners HOT


China is overhauling its work permit system for foreigners starting in Shanghai. The new system places foreign workers in three categories: A, B and C. It may be much more difficult in the future for those without work experience or advanced certifications ...... Read More>>

5,000 British High School Students to Start Intensive Mandarin Course


The British government has created a new intensive program for high school students to learn Mandarin. 5,000 students in 15 high schools will study Mandarin eight hours a week. ... Read More>>

Black Cab Driver Calls Student a Traitor for Helping Lost Foreigner HOT


Have you ever been ripped off by a black cab in China? A young student in Shaanxi recently saved a lost foreign man from being cheated by a black cab. The cab driver was extremely angry at her and called her a traitor for taking away his business. ... Read More>>

Chinafornia Here We Come: State Sees Record Investments from China in 2016


Chinese investment in the United States this year has become larger than ever before. The growth rate of Chinese investments has had many joking that California has actually become Chinafornia. ... Read More>>

22 Years Later, Chinese-American Adoptee Thanks Beijing Police Officer Who Found Her as a Baby


This translated article reports on an emotional story of a young Chinese-American woman who was abandoned as a baby in Beijing and rescued by a local police officer. She was adopted by a family in the United States, and returned to China as a young woman to ...... Read More>>

Jiangsu is China’s Wealthiest Province in Terms of Per Capita GDP


Guangdong is widely known as China’s wealthiest province. However, this article claims that per capita GDP is actually a better indicator of wealth. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Inner Mongolia all have a higher per capita GDP than Guangdong. ... Read More>>

Lessons in Juche: What Is It Like to Study Abroad in North Korea?


A number of Chinese students currently attend university in North Korea. This translated article profiles a Chinese student from He Feng who attended university in the DPRK for five years. ... Read More>>

The 5 Types of Chinese Youth You Will Meet in Beijing


A recent, extensive survey by the Beijing Youth League examined the five categories of young Chinese who live in Beijing. What is life like for a native Beijinger vs. a child of migrants? What struggles do professional transplants in Beijing face? ... Read More>>

Russia is the Hottest New Destination for Chinese Tourists


With the decline of the ruble, Russia has become a popular new destination for Chinese tourists. Chinese are traveling to Russian cities to go sightseeing and buy luxury goods. This article discusses Russia’s newfound popularity with Chinese tourists and ...... Read More>>

Two Beijingers Have Bad Experiences with Uber Drivers


Uber has become a staple in Beijing as a cheap and convenient alternative to taxis. However, the number of Uber horror stories have begun to pile up in China. Here are two examples of how a bad Uber can really ruin your evening. ... Read More>>

British Teen Founds to Give English Names to Chinese Newborns HOT


We all have Chinese friends, colleagues or students with questionable English names. A British teenager has created a website to help Chinese parents find appropriate English names for their newborns. The site has already named more than 220,000 Chinese ...... Read More>>

What’s Up with Chinese Food in the United States? A Chinese Perspective


What do Chinese think of Chinese food in the United States? Most Chinese people would not recognize any of the dishes found at a Panda Express or a local American Chinese restaurant. ... Read More>>

University Student and English Teacher Ordered to Divorce by Shanghai Court after Flash Marriage HOT


A foreign man and Chinese woman were ordered to divorce by a Shanghai court. They had gotten married after only two weeks of knowing each other, and there were signs that the man had coerced or harassed the young woman into marriage. ... Read More>>

Will China Reduce Pension Contribution Rates to Lower Manufacturing Costs? HOT


China is currently struggling to compete with Southeast Asian countries in the global labor market. To solve this, the government plans to reduce pension rates for Chinese workers in order to make the nation’s manufacturing sector more competitive. ... Read More>>

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