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Companies Do Not Want to Settle in Shanghai: Age Limits and Taxes Deter Foreign Talent

Sep 29, 2015 Comments(10)

A recent survey's results showed that Shanghai's foreign workers are generally satisfied with working conditions, but there is room for improvement including tax incentives and reforming visa policies that place strict limits on the ages of workers and their kids. Read more>>

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No Zuo No Die: Giving Chinglish a Try Hot

Sep 24, 2015 Comments(4)

An explanation of what Chinglish is and examples. It also describes its recent rise in popularity and importance in Chinese culture. ... Read More>>

Is the White House Embarrassed of Xi Jinping's State Visit This Week? Hot

Sep 22, 2015 Comments(17)

President Xi Jinping will visit Seattle and Washington D.C. this upcoming week in a state visit this week that will include meetings with entrepreneurs and private discussions with President Obama about U.S.-China relations. The U.S. public has voiced some ...... Read More>>

World University Rankings: How do Chinese Universities Measure Up? Hot

Sep 17, 2015 Comments(8)

The QS World University Rankings have just been released, and 4 Mainland Chinese universities have been ranked in the top 100, seven in the top 200. This follows increased investment in institutions. ... Read More>>

United States is an Increasingly Popular Destination for Chinese Tourists Hot

Sep 16, 2015 Comments(14)

The United States is an increasingly popular tourist destination for Chinese citizens because of more disposable income and the creation of the new 10-year visas between the two countries. Most are traveling to New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. ... Read More>>

Going the Distance: The Increasing Popularity of Marathons in China

Sep 10, 2015 Comments(5)

Marathons are becoming increasingly popular in China, but companies are still struggling to generate revenue due to the difficulty of copyrights in China. ... Read More>>

Picturing Development: Constructing Chinese Cities in Africa Hot

Sep 08, 2015 Comments(8)

In their continuing investment in Africa's rapid development, China's influence is palpable. Africa's new special economic zones and eerily familiar apartment complexes indicate an economic boom with Chinese characteristics. ... Read More>>

Evil Quzhou Milkman Runs Over Puppy and Flees the Scene Hot

Sep 02, 2015 Comments(8)

A milkman from Quzhou was fined for running over a dog and fleeing the scene. Pets are considered personal property in China and he was fined for property damage and leaving the scene of a traffic accident. ... Read More>>

14 Things You Need to Know about Beijing's September 3 Military Parade Hot

Aug 31, 2015 Comments(26)

Beijing's big holiday is approaching, and there are a few things that residents of Beijing must know about closures and martial law in the week leading up to the holiday. For tourists traveling to Beijing, you picked the wrong weekend. ... Read More>>

The RSVPs are In: Which Nations will Attend China's Victory Day Celebrations? Hot

Aug 25, 2015 Comments(15)

No nation wants to get on China's bad side, but how many will send their top leaders to Beijing's September 3 military parade?” It seems that most countries outside of South Korea, are planning to send representatives rather than top leaders. ... Read More>>

Mainland Mogul Wang Jianlin Named Richest Man in China Hot

Aug 24, 2015 Comments(5)

Hurun Report released their annual report on the wealthiest individuals in the world. 25% of those on the list were Chinese. This article introduces a few of China's wealthiest, including the top three: Wang Jianlin, Li Kai-shing, and Jack Ma. ... Read More>>

Foreign Thieves Get 10 Year Prison Sentence for Luxury Goods Shoplifting Spree Hot

Aug 20, 2015 Comments(11)

Two foreign men were caught on a high-end shoplifting spree in Shanghai and sentenced to 10 years in Chinese prison. They hit eight stores and stole more than 1 million Yuan in goods before they were caught. ... Read More>>

China's Overseas Returnees Struggle to Integrate Back into Chinese Society Hot

Aug 19, 2015 Comments(7)

This article, from the Chinese media, claims that Chinese students who study overseas find it difficult to reintegrate into Chinese society. The article also suggests that it is different for overseas returnees to find jobs because of their weak personal ...... Read More>>

Restaurant Nightmares: Argument Between Chefs Turns Into Full-On Kitchen Scuffle Hot

Aug 16, 2015 Comments(3)

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in restaurants in China? It turns out that chefs are extremely territorial about their dishes, and sensitive! In this story two chefs got into a physical fight after an argument over a dish. ... Read More>>

China's White-Collar Workers Hate Their Offices, Waste Too Much Time in Meetings Hot

Aug 11, 2015 Comments(10)

A well-known recruitment website for white-collar workers recently launched a survey on worker's quality of life. 13,400 white collar workers answered the survey. Stuffy offices, too many meetings, and too much overtime are among the top complaints of ...... Read More>>

Chinese Media: The Dangers of Hiring Illegal Foreign Teachers Hot

Aug 05, 2015 Comments(56)

Many English training centers in China hire “black market,” or illegal teachers during the busy summer season. These teachers have no qualifications or experience. Some even have criminal records or are sex offenders back in their home countries. ... Read More>>

China's “Pengci” Problem: Woman Throws Herself Under Car in Dangerous Scam Hot

Jul 30, 2015 Comments(14)

Recently, an old man in Sichuan tried to blame students for his accident after he fell. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens far too often in China these days, and a rather extreme case occurred last week in Xiaogan, Hubei. ... Read More>>

Shanghai #1, Beijing #7: What Are the Happiest Cities in China? Hot

Jul 29, 2015 Comments(17)

Alipay has teamed up with a number of Chinese Internet companies to determine which Chinese cities are the happiest. The companies collected data in a number of fields including pollution levels, traffic, ease of living, and social life in a certain city. ... Read More>>

Woman Hoping for Green Card Marriage Sues Dating Company for Not Delivering Hot

Jul 23, 2015 Comments(10)

Divorced middle-aged women in China often have the same dream: find a foreign boyfriend online and marry him for a green card. However, after spending 28,800 Yuan on a dating service, Zou decided to sue the dating company in a Shanghai court. ... Read More>>

Shanghai to Introduce Visas on Arrival, Paths to Permanent Residency for Top Talent Hot

Jul 20, 2015 Comments(11)

The Shanghai government will reduce the conditions necessary for expats to obtain permanent residency, and simplify the application procedure for permanent residency. Shanghai will also expand the scope of the R Visa meant for high-level personnel. ... Read More>>

Man Extorted By Beijing Prostitute for 10,000 Yuan Tip, Too Embarrassed to Call Police Hot

Jul 16, 2015 Comments(14)

A man was blackmailed by a prostitute for a 10,000 Yuan tip and threatened by a thug who said he would report the man to the police for hiring the prostitute if he did not pay up. ... Read More>>

What Does it Take to Be Middle Class in China? Hot

Jul 15, 2015 Comments(23)

The term “middle class,” gets thrown around quite a bit when we talk about China's rapid economic development. This article cites a specific survey by Ipsos that defines how much Chinese families need to earn to be considered middle class. ... Read More>>

Survey: Most Chinese Parents Willing to Support Children Financially After College Hot

Jul 09, 2015 Comments(16)

70% of parents of Shanghai college graduates said that they would support their child financially after graduation so that they could “live a relaxed life.” ... Read More>>

Con-Women Seduce Shenzhen Businessmen, Trick Them Out of Millions Hot

Jul 08, 2015 Comments(15)

Several successful Shenzhen businessmen were duped by a group of beautiful women who scammed them out of millions of Yuan and disappeared, according to Shenzhen media reports. One woman ran off with 2.74 million Yuan after a flash marriage. ... Read More>>

Fuzhou Officials Sacked in Tea House Sex-Tape Scandal Hot

Jul 06, 2015 Comments(13)

Three Fuzhou officials were recently fired after being implicated in a sex-tape bribery scandal. This article, translated from QQ News, gives details on the sex scandal and evolving case against 22 officials and their blackmailers. ... Read More>>

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