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The Lost Years: Difficulties Facing Chinese Employees of Foreign Companies

Sep 16, 2014 Comments(4)

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com details the changing job landscape for Chinese graduates, and the increasing difficulties they face. The article cites mass layoffs and glass ceilings as reasons for the decline in job opportunities, as well as ...... Read More>>

Rape and Sexual Assault Against Women Are Increasing in China- Here Are Five Possible Reasons Why Hot

Sep 11, 2014 Comments(69)

This article, translated from ifeng.com, is an opinion piece that represents the author’s own views on the possible causes for the alleged upsurge in sexual assault. ... Read More>>

Misuse of Medicine Kills 400,000 People a Year in China - 4 Times More than Car Accidents Hot

Sep 09, 2014 Comments(13)

This article, translated from wenxuecity.com presents some frankly terrifying statistics about the nature and volume of deaths related to misuse of medicine that have occurred in China in recent years ... Read More>>

A Pipe Dream? Facebook’s Ambitions in China

Sep 04, 2014 Comments(11)

The following article was translated from a newspaper feature in Southern Metropolis Weekly and explores Facebook’s past, present and future in China. The author analyses whether Facebook will ever achieve its own Chinese dream. ... Read More>>

Asia-Pacific Rises in Ranks of Top 20 Global Destination Cities

Sep 02, 2014 Comments(6)

The MasterCard ranking lists the worlds’ most valuable tourism cities, including Hong Kong, Taipei and Shanghai in the top 20, and assesses these cities’ importance in the world tourism sector. ... Read More>>

Nine Powerful Chinese Goods on the Global Market

Aug 28, 2014 Comments(14)

A number of Chinese designed and produced products have been taking the global market by storm. From technology to fashion, here are nine Chinese goods that have placed China on the map in terms of innovation and quality. ... Read More>>

Are Foreign Men Good Enough for Chinese Women? Hot

Aug 26, 2014 Comments(36)

This article, translated from sina.com is a direct response to Xinhua’s“Are Chinese Men Good Enough for Chinese Women?”, an opinion piece criticizing the grooming and physical attractiveness of Chinese men in comparison to their female counterparts. ... Read More>>

Political Face-Off: Why do Chinese People Like Putin Better than Obama? Hot

Aug 21, 2014 Comments(37)

The following article was translated from a blog that appeared on popular Chinese portal site ifeng.com and explores the reasons for Putin’s immense popularity in China and why Obama’s rhetoric is increasingly breeding mistrust amongst the Chinese people. ... Read More>>

China’s Crackdown on Foreign Companies Widens: Car Manufacturers to be Punished

Aug 19, 2014 Comments(13)

China’s attack on Apple over the last few years has been well documented, but their focus on foreign companies has widened to include foreign car manufacturers. Accused of breaking China’s anti-monopoly laws, numerous luxury car makers face punishments ...... Read More>>

From Gambler to Call Girl: Guo Meimei Confession Reveals New Scandals Hot

Aug 12, 2014 Comments(23)

Three years after dominating headlines for singlehandedly smearing the reputation of the Red Cross Society of China, Guo Meimei is back in the news; this time with a fresh round of scandal and misconduct. ... Read More>>

Fang Zhouzi Vs. Cui Yongyuan: How an Online Spat about GM Foods Ended in the Courts

Aug 07, 2014 Comments(10)

An online disagreement about GM foods in China between a prominent Chinese TV host and a well-known biochemist escalated into a lawsuit whereby both sides attempted to sue each other for defamation. Here are details from the open trial, which took place in ...... Read More>>

Double Loss: Dreams and Marriage Destroyed After Man “Sells Wife” into Surrogacy Hot

Aug 05, 2014 Comments(9)

The following article tells the nightmarish story of a man who thought he could fulfill his dream of buying a house by “selling” his wife as a surrogate. Although all manner of trade in fertilized eggs and embryos is prohibited in China, the surrogacy ...... Read More>>

Are Chinese Men Good Enough for Chinese Women? Hot

Jul 29, 2014 Comments(45)

This translated article, which first appeared on Xinhua, has created quite a buzz in China’s social media sphere. It talks about the appearance of Chinese men, and how in comparison to their female counterparts, they do little to appear attractive. ... Read More>>

Foreign Teacher Training Institutions: The Only Qualification Necessary is a Foreign Face Hot

Jul 25, 2014 Comments(47)

In this translated article, reporters from the 21st Century Business Herald investigate hiring practices of well-known English teaching institutions in China. Not surprisingly, many choose a foreign face over proper qualifications. ... Read More>>

Patriotic Thief: CCTV Anchor Rui Chenggang’s Four Disgraceful Incidents Hot

Jul 22, 2014 Comments(19)

On July 11, Rui Chenggang, a well-known television presenter at CCTV, was arrested moments before he was due to present his daily business program. Now, prominent scholar Wang Sixiang has stepped up to criticize Rui, outlining four disgraceful incidents ...... Read More>>

Four Reasons Why Wealthy Chinese Immigrants are No Longer Welcomed Hot

Jul 17, 2014 Comments(87)

Close to ten million Chinese people have emigrated abroad since 1990. But as local demographics change and new migrants continue to stream in, not all locals welcome their new, foreign neighbors with open arms. Here are four reasons why. ... Read More>>

6 Unusual Ways that Wealthy Chinese Have Their Made Fortunes over the Years Hot

Jul 15, 2014 Comments(7)

The number of wealthy Chinese that have emerged since China’s reform and opening up movement has shocked the world. But not everyone achieved wealth through riding various “get rich” waves. Here are a few types of wealthy Chinese who made their fortunes ...... Read More>>

A Summer Job to Remember: Students Scammed and Left Penniless in Dongguan Hot

Jul 10, 2014 Comments(6)

The following article tells the story of two university students who were among a group of 120 lured to a non-existent summer job in Dongguan by a phoney job agent. Here’s their story. ... Read More>>

Qiu Zhenhai: China Desperately Needs More Cutting-Edge Talent

Jul 04, 2014 Comments(17)

The topic of China’s rigorous rote learning style of education is a contentious one, with its main detractors pointing to the idea that the gruelling schedule and repoetitive learning style stifles creativity and original thinking. In this article, ...... Read More>>

China’s Military-Style Internet Addiction Centers: Recent Death Sparks Uproar Hot

Jun 26, 2014 Comments(8)

This article, translated by ifeng.com, provides an unsettling glimpse into China’s Internet addiction center, a world characterized by corporal punishment, a lack of auditing, chaos and death. ... Read More>>

Expert Says 80% of Wealthy Chinese Will Fall Back Into Poverty in the Next Three Years Hot

Jun 25, 2014 Comments(19)

This article translated from Wenxuecity.com explores the rise and fall of China’s wealthy elite as discussed by financial expert Zhang Tingbin in his new book. His analysis offers a fascinating insight into the tumultuous economic growth of the past thirty ...... Read More>>

Foreigner and Security Guard Argument Outside of Peking University Goes Viral Hot

Jun 17, 2014 Comments(29)

This article translated from sohu.com is about a minor disagreement that occurred between a foreigner and a Chinese security guard. The security guard is praised for his good attitude whilst the foreigner comes across as rude and disrespectful. ... Read More>>

Searching for a More Peaceful Life: China’s Most Livable “Second-Tier,” Cities Hot

Jun 12, 2014 Comments(25)

The extortionate property and living costs in first tier cities are an enormous source of pressure and concern among young Chinese professionals today. This article translated from dwnews.com, explores the growing opportunities that second tier cities have ...... Read More>>

16 Shocking Facts about China's Economy, Production and Natural Resources Hot

Jun 10, 2014 Comments(29)

As China has transitioned into a world superpower, the Middle Kingdom has taken centre stage on the world’s media platform, particularly in light of recent growing tensions with the US. This article translated from wenxuecity.com explores some incredible ...... Read More>>

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