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China’s International Image and Influence: What Foreigners “Really” Think

Dec 24, 2013 Translated by eChinacities.com Comments (20)     Add your comment Newsletter

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Editor’s note: China is a powerful country with enormous political and economic power – but really, is it? Is it really?

To assuage our fears, this translated Chinese article confirms our beliefs by emphasizing the rise of China through the tacit acknowledgement of foreigners located all around the world.

Great wall of China.jpeg
Source: Francisco Diez

On December 7, the Public Opinion Research Center of the “Global Times” published an international report, which investigated what foreigners really think of China. People from 14 countries participated in the investigation. 30.3% of respondents say that the term “self-confident” is the most apt term in describing China’s international image. Other descriptions respondents thought apt include, “Advocating militarization”, “complicated”, “diligent and thrifty”, “emphasize family values” and “friendly.”

The topic of this project is “2013 World-Wide Investigation of China’s International Image and Influence”. The survey solicited the opinions of average people located throughout 14 countries across the world, with the aim of gathering public opinion and perspective so as to ascertain China’s current influence, national image and diplomatic relations within the international stage. The 14 countries involved in the study were; Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, the Philippines, UK, USA, South Africa, South Korea, Vietnam and C