A Guide to Western Dining in Zhuhai

A Guide to Western Dining in Zhuhai

Because of its special geographical location and its historical wonders, the words “Zhuhai” and "romantic" are often found together. This special romantic feeling can especially be found in Zhuhai’s excellent restaurants. Below we will introduce several of the tastiest western dining options in the city.

Huntress Grill

Huntress Grill 女猎人扒房 View In Map
For the past two decades, the elegant Huntress Grill has satisfied folks in Zhuhai looking for authentic French dining. Its stone fire place, leather chairs and oil paintings, lends the dining room a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The signature dish is the grilled fillet steak, which is delicious and of excellent quality. If it’s a romantic dinner you are looking for or just an elegant evening with friends, this restaurant delivers a quality dining experience hard to find in Zhuhai.
Add:inside the Yindu Hotel, 1150 Yuehai Donglu, Gongbei District, Zhuhai

Tel: 0756 8883 388 8223
Opening hours: 11:00-14:30,17:30-22:00

Puppet Portuguese Restaurant

Puppet Portuguese Restaurant木偶葡国餐厅 View In Map
Macau is usually the first place that When most springs to mind when people in China think of Portuguese. In fact, the Portuguese also left their stamp on Zhuhai. Puppet Portuguese Restaurant is a result of their influence. As one of the older restaurants in Zhuhai, Puppet enjoys a good reputation. The decor here is very simple, with the main focus being on quality food and a comfortable atmosphere. The recommended dishes include curry crab, garlic prawns and Portuguese style shrimp. Of course, being a Portuguese restaurant, the wine list is very extensive. Try the special Portuguese wine served in a wine skin.
Add: Add:1F, Zhunan Hotel, Liangfen Bridge, Yuehai Donglu, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai

Tel: 0756 889 7628
Opening hours: 11:00-23:00

Blue Angel Cafe

Blue Angel Cafe蓝天使咖啡店
Blue Angel is probably one of the most well known Western restaurants in the city. The Blue Angel mirrors the characteristics of Zhuhai: romantic, passionate yet laid back. The romance comes from the location being only a short walk from the sea; the passion comes from their nightly live performances. Moreover, it’s laid back because you can easily sit and have a cup of coffee for hours without ever feeling rushed.

Jida Branch 吉大店 View In Map
Add: 242 Shuiwan Lu, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Tel: 0756 888 7269 
Opening hours: 9:00-2:00



Gola Italian Restaurant Photo: golafood.com

Gola Italian Restaurant戈拉意大利餐厅 View In Map
Gola Italian Restaurant is a Western restaurant operated by an Italian. The decor of the restaurant is simple and elegant. This Venetian style venue offers handmade Italian pasta, pizza, risotto and of course delicious Italian desserts – try them with a cup of their delicious coffee.

Add: 288 Bei Qinglu Lu, 103 Longyuan Haiwan Yayuan, Zhuhai 
Tel: 0756 388 3993
Opening hours: 11:30-14:30, 17:30-23:30

Lu Qi’ou Italian restaurant

Lu Qi’ou Italian restaurant卢奇欧意大利餐厅 View In Map
Lu Qi’ou Italian restaurant is located inside the Holiday Inn Zhuhai. The restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere, with well trained and enthusiastic waiters. The open kitchen has an Italian grotto pizza oven, allowing you to see the whole process of pizza production while you wait. Come here to experience authentic Italian food culture.

Add: 188 Jingshan Lu, Inside of Holiday Inn building 5, Xiangzhou, District, Zhuhai
Tel: 0756 322 8888
Opening hours: 17:30-23:30 

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Andy Lau

Regina, I agree with you, I've took a girl for a date at Portofino, and everything was going on smooth until she went to toilet. After she came back, she was angry and it ruined my date and night.

Oct 04, 2011 18:56 Report Abuse



Pecati di Golla is great to go for drinks before going out into a bar street and just to grab a quick pizza,
Azur is superior for its cuisine and atmosphere and I love to go there with my husband because it is one of the rare places where i can dress up and feel like a woman, which is quite rare in Zhuhai.
Portofino is definitely very good, and so far the best Italian food in town, however, it is really overpriced, when you consider the fact that they don't have their own restrooms and that you have to go and use the public one, which does not smell very nice, and often lacks the paper.

Aug 18, 2011 07:08 Report Abuse



Matt's right, the info above is OK, but a little outdated. You can expect China-style western food at the spots listed above but Matt refers to genuine western dining.

Also check out Roman Seaside Cafe, The Old Chinese Junk, the restaurant on top of the Zobon International Hotel, the hotels in Jida's Holiday Inn, the Jewel of India and Indian Kitchen.

The excellent Japanese restaurants in town are also usually popular with out-of-towners.

Check out ZhuhaiNights for more up to date info! :)

May 20, 2011 23:58 Report Abuse



There are also other good dinning spots; two Italian Restaurants, Portofino & Peccati di Gola, and Azur Mediterranean Restaurant. The best pizza we had was at Portofino, and so far the best atmosphere and cuisine was at Azur. Pecatti’s food was satisfactory, however, Simon the owner, treated us with lot of free homemade drinks, and made an unforgettable evening.

Mar 07, 2011 20:25 Report Abuse