Wuxi after Dark: Recommended Night Tours

Wuxi after Dark: Recommended Night Tours

Wuxi is a typical riverside town located to the south of the Yangtze River; the Grand Canal (connecting Beijing – Hangzhou) traverses through the city. It is distinctly beautiful with attractions featuring riverside parks and ferry rides. Everyday at nightfall, beautiful lights shine along the ancient canal and an eclectic repertoire of folk performances attract local visitors and travellers from afar. In the following paragraphs, we will be listing some scenic attractions that also offer different nighttime activities for visitors, guaranteed to provide you with some very interesting entertainment after dark.

Qingming Bridge & Grand Canal Scenic Area清名桥古运河景区 View In Map
This is a scenic area that specializes in ferry tours along the Grand Canal (古运河). Ferries operate like water buses – where visitors are able to get on and off the ferry at any of the 12 stops along the tour. The entire trip takes around 40 minutes. Visitors will be able to take their time looking at the traditional residences unique to the locality lining both sides of the riverbank; they can then go up on dock and walk around the streets and alleys, feel the breeze strolling along the Qingming Bridge or order a cup of locally brewed dark beer from a stall lining the local beer square. There are also many tea houses, book stores, and shops providing different eats as well as ceremonial tea and pottery casting performances.

Add: Between Grand Canal and Bodu River, south side of downtown Wuxi
Tel: 0510 8282 3359
Opening Hours: 08:30-21:30
Tickets: 60 RMB/person and an additional 5 RMB for traveling every length of stop on the ferry
Getting there: Take bus routes 55, 23, 19, 25 to Nanchan Temple (Chaoyang Plaza) station and walk to the square leading into the Qingming Bridge Historic Street Area

Xihui Tourist Attraction Area锡惠名胜区 View In Map
This scenic area is located near the Tai Lake and has integrated many different aspects of local culture and history for an all-around sightseeing package. Nighttime attractions and activities include wine tasting, moon gazing, listening to Chinese opera, bell drumming etc. Visitors can also watch a demonstration of local wine culture and brewing techniques hosted by the local winery Huiquan Jiufang (惠泉酒坊); they also offer visitors a free taste of their finest brew. 

Afterwards, visitors can go on over to Jichang Park where folk performances that include local opera are held every evening. In the Two Ponds Sightseeing Area, performers put on a recital of the famous Chinese folk song “Reflection of the Moon on the Two Ponds” every evening. Huishan Temple sounds its bells every day at nightfall, and visitors can opt to sound the bells for themselves as a way of asking for blessings and good omens. At the temple, monks will also distribute blessed sculptures as gifts for visitors.

Add: 2 Huishanzhi Street, Wuxi
Tel: 0510 8370 8324
Opening Hours: 19:00-21:30
Tickets: 45 RMB/person
Getting there: Take bus routes 15, 216, 39, 43, 4, 4 Zhi, 83 to Huishan station and walk 264 m to destination

Night Tours on Li Lake蠡湖夜游 View In Map
Imagine this: at dusk, you and your beloved walk hand-in-hand enjoying the flowers and plants around the lake; you feel the fresh breeze on your faces as you taste delicious grilled treats and opt for ferry rides along the lake. That's what's in store for you over at Li Lake after nightfall. Attractions and activities include sightseeing around the park, group games at the square and Brazilian-style BBQ. There are also ferry tours where visitors can hop on the different rides at four docks: Light of Li Lake (蠡湖之光), Yufu Island (渔父岛), Ferris Wheel (摩天轮) and Li River Park (蠡湖公园).

Ferries that depart from Light of Li River and Yufu Island will make a round trip around the lake. Ferries from the Ferris Wheel and Li River Park docks tour the east side of the lake – connecting between Li River and the Changguang Creek & Wetlands. Visitors can also choose to stop over at Xishi Manor (another famous attraction in Wuxi) along the tour. Some famous attractions featured along the ferry rides are Xishi Island, Double Rainbow at the Treasure World (Baojie Shuanghong宝界双虹), Dawn Breaking over the Deer Antlers (Luding Yinghui鹿顶迎晖), Fountain with 100-meter Water Spouts, Li River Bridge etc.     

Tickets: Free admission for the park; 30 RMB/person for the ferry rides
Add: 70 Li River Avenue, Qingqi Village, Binhu District, Wuxi
Tel: 0510 851 08607
Open Hours: 18:00-22:00
Getting there: Take bus routes 1, 211, 82, 9, Li River Sightseeing Bus to Li River Park station and walk 165 m to destination

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