Clay Figurines to Department Stores: The Best of Wuxi Shopping

Clay Figurines to Department Stores: The Best of Wuxi Shopping


Where are the best places to shop in Wuxi? What kind of special shopping streets does Wuxi have? No matter if you’re living in Wuxi or just passing through, it’s always good to know where the nearest source of excellent retauil therapy can be found. So fret not; here’s a quick guide to some of the best shopping Wuxi has to offer!

The downtown area Zhongshan Lu shopping streets are the most bustling in town, and it is here where you can find the larger department stores. If it’s traditional handicrafts you’re after, Nanzenji Cultural Mall and the Huishan Clay Figure Street are great streets to browse.

Wuxi Zhongshan Lu 1 Shopping Street 

Zhongshan Road Shopping Street 中山路购物一条街View In Map
Wuxi 1 Shopping street is located in downtown Wuxi on Zhongshan Lu. It is the most bustling shopping area in the city. If you are looking to buy the specialties of Wuxi, this should be your first stop. Starting from Shenglimen to Nanchansi, this shopping street has hundreds of shops as far as the eye can see. Not only are famous brands and department stores found here, but also many older specialty shops are also dotted along this commercial strip. If walking around has made you any bit hungry, the shopping street also has a wide range of tasty local Wuxi snacks.

Add: Zhongshan Lu, Wuxi
地址: 无锡市中山路
Getting there: take bus routes 3, 24, 40, 53 to Chaoyang Square(Nanzenji)station

Nanchansi Cultural Shopping Town

Nanchansi Cultural Shopping Town 南禅寺文化商城View In Map
The shopping area is located on both sides of Nanchansi Pedestrian Street, starting from the south side of Chaoyang Square. The shopping town is divided into many sections, including an antiques and paintings area, a flea market, folk crafts and special commodities area etc. Aside from just great shopping, the mall also has a large food court, with many traditional restaurants and tea houses to choose from.

Add: 32 Xiangyang Lu, Nanchang District, Wuxi
地址: 无锡市南长区向阳路32号
Getting there: take bus routes 3, 24, 40, 53 to Chaoyang Square(Nanzenji)station

Hui Shan Clay Figure Street

Huishan Clay Figure Street惠山泥人一条街View In Map
If there is one thing people think of when they hear about Wuxi, it’s “A fu”, the cute clay figurines that are said to be lucky. If it’s one of these lucky charms you’re looking for, Hui Shandong Street is now the number one “Huishan Clay Figure Street.” This street is located near Xihui Park, where you’ll find clay figurine workshops as well as the famous clay figurine factory. Also, when done buying your new clay figurines, be sure to go to the Wuxi Clay Figurine Museum to learn all about all the formation and distinctive characteristics of these traditional crafts.

Add: 53-1 Huishan Zhijie, Beitang District, Wuxi
Getting there: take bus routes 2 or 10 to Xihui Park


Chong’an Si Walking Street

Chong’an Si Walking Street崇安寺步行街View In Map
This walking street is located on Wuxi’s Renmin Lu and Zhongshan Lu. The walking street is divided into a jewelry and antiques area, sports and cultural activities area and many others. The street is also home to a large group of modern malls including the New World department store, where you can find many famous brands. After shopping, it’s really convenient to hop over and check out the temple where this street gets its name.

Add: Chong’an Si Buxing Jie, Chong’an District, Wuxi
地址: 无锡市崇安区崇安寺步行街
Getting here: take buses 10, 10 and 15 to Chong’an Si

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