Très Délicieux: French Restaurants in Wuhan

Très Délicieux: French Restaurants in Wuhan

French cuisine enjoys a high reputation in all corners of the world and is most often associated with top-of-the-line dining in the gourmet world. In China things are no different; French food represents great cooking and is associated with romance, suave, and of course, pricey and upscale dining. There are only a handful of dining venues in Wuhan that offer genuine French food, but those that really can’t do without mouth-watering French delicacies during their stay in China should try out some of the venues listed below.

Geya Steak and French Restaurant. Photo:

Geya Steak and French Restaurant戈雅牛排法餐厅 View In Map
The decoration and renovation at this restaurant is dreamy and romantic; the ambience is also nice and quiet, which together created just the right setting for a romantic dinner for two. Waiters are always attentive and professional, ready to greet and serve customers with warm smiles and ready hands. The main menu is a French eight-course meal, somewhat of a rare find here in Wuhan; all the entrees and side dishes are beautifully decorated, in particular the rose verrines for dessert – served with dry ice to entice a dream-like mood. And of course, the taste is genuinely good.  Other recommended dishes include garlic bread, filet mignon, carpaccio, caramel pumpkin pudding, smoked duck breast and bamboo shoots salad, escargot soup, etc.

Add: 153 Qingnian Rd (right by the Xinyijia Supermarket), Jianghan district, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8369 9099
Business Hours: 11:20-21:30
Transportation: Take bus routes 10, 38, 46, 70, 71, 79, 208, 411, 512, 526 to Qingnian Rd station

Bonjour Bakery. Photo:

Bonjour BakeryView In Map
Bonjour is well known for its authentic French pastries and bread. All of the ingredients are imported and the bakers adhere to a strict recipe. Cream puff sticks here are crisp and with lightly sweetened cream for a delicious combination. And recommended also are their best-selling baguettes and croissants. This bakery is small but warmly decorated and with sunlight streaming in through the windows – a perfect setting for whiling away the afternoon and enjoying the fresh smells of pastry and bread reminiscent of mom's kitchen back home.

Add: 236 Longyang Blvd (French Street, No. 39 Shop), Hanyang district, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8447 6025
Business Hours: 09:00-22:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 204, 205, 208, 413, 585, 596, 597, 599, 708, 801 to Shengguandu station and walk for another 103 meters to destination 

Zizi 021 French Grill Restaurant.

Zizi 021 French Grill Restaurant 啫啫021法式铁板烧 View In Map
This dining venue mainly offers French grill recipes, and the owner of the restaurant is someone who is especially particular about details and taste – which is reflected in the renovation of the place and the menu offered. They choose to use the best olive oil, foie gras, beef, and other essential ingredients for the best grilled gourmet meal. Steamed eggs and tiramisu at the place are just fabulous, both in taste and how they're presented. If you happened by the place when there's not that many guests, you might even be able to strike up a conversation with the chef as he works away at the grill – a great chance to chat about food, cooking, and life in general.

Add: 83 Jiefang Park Rd #10-2 (Huangxiaohe Rd), Wuhan
Tel: 027 8265 9889
Business Hours: 11:00-00:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 208, 509, 533, 550, 610, 68, 716, 809 to Sanyan Bridge station and walk for another 40 meters to destination

Falan Four Seasons.

Falan Four Seasons法蓝四季 View In Map
Choosing blue as a main color for décor is something not often seen in Wuhan – but this bright color does really work for highlighting the avant-garde feel that the owner is obviously going for with his venue. The restaurant is located not far away from the bustle and neon lights of the downtown area – but tucked just enough away to offer a bit of peace and quiet from the daily rush and noise. There are graffiti drawings on the front entrance to the venue – making it unique and easily recognizable. The venue is small and is decorated with accents of Aegean Sea blue – adding to the ambience that is very romantic and cozy. Tableware at the venue is also unique to the place.  Menus for light meals, such as sandwiches and salads, change from day-to-day, and drinks and desserts at the place are also delicious. It is a perfect little venue for making dates with friends for afternoon tea or casual meet-up at dinner, or even business lunches and romantic dates.

Add: 20 Wuchang Luoyu Rd (Fuhua Plaza, Building C, 1st Floor), Hongshan district, Wuhan
Tel: 027 5076 9229
Business Hours: 10:30-22:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 312, 576, 586, 591, 729 to Luoshi Rd station and walk for another 58 meters to destination

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