Popular Bars and Clubs in Wuhan

Popular Bars and Clubs in Wuhan

There are many bars/clubs in Wuhan, each with their own distinctions – those offering European style bar hopping and others that are more raucous and with ever majestic ambiences. The following are some bars/clubs in Wuhan that are highly recommended.

Queens Bar妖后酒吧 View In Map

This is a bar that has merged modern elements with that of the more mysterious ancient Egyptian feel – it offers up a mix of the trendy and chic. Highlights to watch out for are French guitarists playing the Flamenco, performances by the Chinese Fire Gals Dance Troupe, and groovy DJs mixing your type of music. The bar also provides free internet surfing for customers.

Add: 82 Luoshi Beilu, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8787 8799
Opening Hours: 18:00 – 2:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 317, 413, 519, 552, 564, 572, 591, 608, 724, 806, and 810 to North Luoshi Rd station and then walk for 28 meters to destination.

SOHO Bar苏荷酒吧 View In Map

SOHO Bar is one of those venues that have been steadily gaining popularity in Wuhan. The music there caters to R&B style and one of the highlights there is that drinks are served with much performance and flair – watch out for tricks and suave from bartenders as they prepare your drinks. SOHO has signed their own band of artists for live performances – each showcasing what they've got on that rectangular shaped stage at the venue. The repertoires and programs there are ever changing, so you're always in for a nice surprise. Call to reserve seats everyday after 14:30.

Add: 156 Yanjiang Dadao, Hankou District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 5223 3668, 5223 3669
Opening Hours: 19:30 – 6:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 35, 560 to New Hong Kong Rd station, then walk for another 160 meters to destination.  

Baomahui 808 Bar 宝马会View In Map

Baomaui 808 Bar is located in the center of one of the most upscale areas for entertainment establishments in Wuhan – situated in what was the Zhongyuan Theater old address at Jiangtan in Hankou district. The venue definitely stands out as one of the oldest and most renowned nightclubs in the city. As a venue that has been around for quite some time, Baomahui Bar doesn't have anything flashy when it comes to ambience, but the DJs here can really work the crowd – and the seats are almost never empty during the weekends.

Add: 74 Dongting Jie, Hankou District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8277 8808, 8282 5766
Opening Hours: 20:00 - 02:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 520, 548, 559, 581, 588, 598, 608, 707, 71, 727, and 801 to Lihuangpi Rd station, and then walk for another 230 meters to destination.


View In Map

Babyface is a franchise entertainment establishment that has operations in 12 Chinese cities, including Wuhan; it has been called “China's Most Trendy Dance Club and Bar” by the Chinese media. The venue showcases largely House and Hip Hop music, and highlights there are the fact that they only play English songs and live performances are also in English after nightfall; it is also usually not as crowded than most other bars and the music selections are always decent, if House and Hip Hop are your thing.

Add: 148 Yanjiang Dadao, Hankou District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8572 2222
Opening Hours: 20:00 -02:00
Transportation: Take bus routes 207, 212, 30, 402, 502, 503, 507, 523, 527, 546, 563, and 579 to Wuhan Port for Passenger Transport station, and then walk another 17 meters to destination.

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