The Ultimate Indulgence in Wuhan: Westin’s Bubbalicious Sunday Brunch

The Ultimate Indulgence in Wuhan: Westin’s Bubbalicious Sunday Brunch

Feel like treating yourself to something special? Then head over to the Westin (Wuhan) for their bodacious brunch. Walk in to the palatial lobby and your senses are assuaged with both scenic views and scented air. Take a seat in the majestic lobby chairs, soak it in, make your last phone call for the afternoon, and get ready to have your palatal senses stimulated with an almost overwhelming variety of fine dining delights. Walk directly from the regally appointed, cavernous lobby into Seasonal Tastes (where you can dine from 06:30 to midnight).

But this article is all about their Bubbalicious Sunday Brunch...

Immediately, you are met by their pleasant, eager-to-please staff (throughout the hotel, from parking area to lobby, and every other part of the property) and then the sights, sounds, and scintillating smells start to bathe you. First you see the dessert bar with something for everyone. Want a drink? Help yourself to the attached table serving up apple martini, virgin sunrises, red & white wine, sparkling wine and plenty of other beverages. Resist for the moment, if you can, and find a place among the spacious dining area to settle; you’re going to be there for a while. Take in the see-through glass cabinet dividers filled with wines and cutlery; peek through and see how much the neighboring table guests are enjoying themselves. Remember, this is a place both to see, be seen. Listen to the smooth sounds of a nice jazz trio (piano, sax, and vocalist). Don’t forget to say hello to the clown; that’s right, they’ve got a clown for the kids, and many other kiddy activities with space to accommodate. Check out the room; note the real wood mosaic tiles on the ceiling, the art on the walls, and for better weather days, the outdoor seating is spectacular, again with plenty of room to romp and roam for the kids, and a bouncy play station. They even have music piped up from under the landscaped shrubbery.

The inside dining room can seat up to 260 guests, but they usually set for a more comfortable 176, while the outside can easily seat 60. Making wedding plans? This is an idyllic venue with its nicely appointed interior, and expansive wood decking and well sculpted, manicured grounds outside.

Don’t hold back at the buffet bar

Now, get up and take a leisurely lap around the extensive buffet bar with its many stations...just to see what they have to offer. Then go through again and make your selections. After a soup, salad, or maybe some cereal from their respective bars, start with the fresh seafood bar: oysters and those of noted oxymoronic jumbo shrimp and at least half a dozen more offerings, including fresh raw salmon. Ask the attending chef to roast, bake, barbecue, sauté, or whatever you like; or just slice the salmon up into raw lox. Move down the line to the freshly cooked meats, sausages, bacon, boiled eggs. Ease over to the pizza station with its dual fired brick ovens. Stop at the egg/omelets bar; if you don’t see what you want, ask for it, there’s a good chance they will get it or make it for you; and that goes for any place along the line. Next up, lamb on the rotisserie, Brazilian BBQ style. Then on to the veggies, including several potato dishes, of which the mashed spuds are creamy, cheesy, and categorically captivating. Make sure to look behind you, because on the inner island bar there are many more dainties, including but not limited to more seafood and lake/river fare, along with a smorgasbord of cheeses. Back to the other side of the line and its dried foods and tofu. Then you come upon this nifty noodle house, with seemingly boundless choices of beautiful noodles and sauces...and that brings you full circle to the dessert bar with delicate cheesecakes and all sorts of other “sugar plum fairies.” Cruise over to another part of the room and there is free flow set of juices and other drink things. There’s even a mini-station set at about knee-level (for adults) to cater to the children, allowing them to reach and serve themselves, with great stuff like...French fries (or chips if you prefer) and other things, which the younger folks like.

Culminate the culinary crafts with some wine and/or champagne, included in the package...or, splurge a little more and order a bottle of your favorite varietal. Saunter into a room adjoining the dining room and take a seat; the Westin’s spa masseuse will gently and vigorously restore your back, neck, and head to levels of comfort you may not have experienced for some time.
You simply must get over to the Westin Wuhan, on the big river, and do that brunch thing. Make a day of it, take your time; no one is going to rush you out the door. This is the good stuff, folks. It is, in a word...Bubbalicious!

Service quality: very good
Food quality: very good
Price per head (RMB): 200-300
Environment: very good

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