A Breakfast of Kings: Wuhan’s Must-Try Morning Snacks

A Breakfast of Kings: Wuhan’s Must-Try Morning Snacks

Wuhan's snack specialties are a must -have when it comes to breakfast. Most popular items include dry noodles, three ingredient tofu strips and four season soup dumplings. If you are in the market for a few small bites and some good home cooking, read on for more details.

1) Dry Noodles (热干面)
Dry noodles are Wuhan's most well-known traditional breakfast item. These noodles are not your usual cold noodles (凉面) or soup noodles (汤面). First the noodles are boiled until ready, and then they are tossed with oil and left to dry. By the time you come to order your first serving, the noodles are re-boiled and tossed with sesame sauce and other mouth-watering spices. The noodles are always chewy, tasty and fresh, but for the best dry noodles in town, head to Cailinji.

Cailinji Dry Noodle House - Hubugang Branch (蔡林记热干面馆 - 户部巷店)View In Map
Add: T1-5 Hubugang, Simenkou, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8884 1196
Opening hours: 6:30-20:30, Weekends: 6:30-21:30
Price: 6 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 14, 19, 515, 521, 529, 530, 530外环线, 572, 573 or 804 to Minzhu Lu, Simenkou Station

2) Three Ingredient Tofu Strips (三鲜豆皮)
These tofu strips are a famous breakfast treat in Wuhan. In the past, whenever the Chinese spring festival would come around, this specialty was made with green beans, rice and pork chunks mixed and formed into a sticky pouch, wrapped with the tofu strips and then deep-fried into one of the best new years snacks you could get. The glistening, golden tofu strips were such a success they can now be enjoyed every morning of the year. 

Laotong Cheng Tofu Strips - Longyang Dadao Wuhan Mall Branch (老通城豆皮 - 龙阳大道摩尔城店)View In Map
Add: B1 Building, Wuhan Mall (Mo'er Cheng), 6 Longyang Dadao, Wangjiawan, Hanyang District, Wuhan
Tel: 159 0270 9602
Opening hours: 7:30-20:30
Price: 10 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 208 or 597 to Longyang Dadao, Wuhan Mall

3) Four Season Soup Dumplings (四季美汤包)
Wuhan's soup dumplings are similar to Suzhou's traditional soup dumplings, but with “Wuhan characteristics”. The thin skin, tender meat, and hot soup are a delicious treat first thing in the morning. To avoid burning and splattering, try to gently bite the skin and then sip the juice within. Afterwards you can safely eat the covering and meat leftover. 

Four Seasons Soup Dumpling - Shouyiyuan Branch (四季美汤包-首义园店)View In Map
Add: Inside Shouyiyuan, 232 Changpeng Liuyang Lu, Wuchang district, Wuhan
Price: 16 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 61, 222, 413, 561, 584, 590, 596, 608, 701, 710, 715, 728, 806 or 905 to Yuemachang

4) Simmering Soup (煨汤)
Wuhan's simmering soup is best had at the Small Peach Garden Hotel, which opened in 1946 and has all types of soups, including crock chicken soup, pork rib soup, pork foot soup, beef soup, duck soup, and more. The crock chicken soup is the most famous, but don't be dissuaded from giving any of the other ones a try. 

The Small Peach Garden Hotel (小桃园酒楼)View In Map
Add: 50 Lanling Lu, Hankou Shengli Jie, Jiang'An District, Wuhan (Near Wuhan's Cyberport)
Tel: 027 8277 8188
Opening hours: 9:30-20:30
Price: 35 RMB
Getting there: 1, 7, 24, 38, 520, 526, 548, 559, 581, 588, 608, 707, 711, 727, 801, 电车2, or 电车7 to Zhongshan Dadao, Dazhi Lu

5) Doughnuts (面窝)
Discard your traditional image of a doughnut: these savory treats are a far cry from what you're used to. The outside is crispy while the inside tends to be a bit softer.  But despite its original Chinese name “flour nest”, only a little flour is used: the doughnut is actually mostly made from rice meal. A bit of yellow soymilk, onions and fine salt are added to create a tender, crispy and soft treat that is sure to make your mouth water. 

Gold and Silver Wrapped Doughnuts (金包银糍粑面窝)View In Map
Add: Hubugang Snack Street, Ziyou Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhan (Near Zhonghua Lu)
Price: 2 RMB
Getting there: 14, 18, 19, 25, 521, 529, 572, 607 or 916 to Zhonghua Lu 

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