Best Live Music Venue in Wuhan: Vox Livehouse

Best Live Music Venue in Wuhan: Vox Livehouse

An important industrial base in Hubei Province, most visitors would never imagine that Wuhan actually has one of the country’s most thriving rock scenes. With over 500 research institutes and universities in the city and hundreds of thousands of students, Wuhan’s current rock music scene surpasses even that found in Shanghai, Nanjing and Xi’an. Wuhan’s rock history began in 1993-1994 when the first underground bands began playing gigs at local universities. A band from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology called The Deadly Entice are credited as the pioneering band of underground rock in the city. A handful of other bands began emerging in the 1990s and university campuses were the main venues for a new cultural movement in the making. It was really at the turn of the century that Wuhan bands began finding other venues to disseminate their music. Bars such as Oasis Bar, Feel 100 Bar and New Human Kind Bar all became popular live music spots during the early days. And then of course there was Vox Livehouse – the true nucleus for rock and punk gigs in Hubei Province.

Vox Livehouse
Vox Livehouse goes by the slogan “Voice of Youth, Voice of Freedom!” and indeed the venue provides the alternative youth of Wuhan with an outlet to enjoy unlimited doses of rock and punk, by both Chinese bands and foreign ones. Vox Livehouse is a mandatory stopover for the majority of foreign bands touring in China, and certainly all bands planning to play in Wuhan. Recent international bands to play at Vox include Owl City, Maximillian Hecker and Tamas Wells. Meanwhile, one of China’s hottest bands ‘Rebuilding the Rights of Statues’ (Re-Tros) chose Vox Livehouse as their only concert venue outside Beijing and Shanghai for their December 2009 China tour.

Vox Livehouse has a great sound system and major gigs are usually performed by an ecstatic full house. The venue also offers a decent and affordable beer menu, with Tsingtao beers costing only 10 RMB a bottle. Also catering to beer connoisseurs, Vox also stocks Duvel, Leffe, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Indian Pale Ale and Newcastle Brown Ale amongst others (priced between 30-50 RMB). Lastly, Vox Livehouse is not just limited to live music shows. The fairly large stage is sometimes also used for theatre shows, to name but one example.

Live music and events are held regularly at Vox Livehouse, but even if you are unlucky enough to stumble into the place when no event is on, the venue is still a laid-back, cool hangout to down a couple of beers in even with no live music. If it’s rock/punk music you’re interested then no trip to Wuhan can be complete without a night at Vox Livehouse.

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Address: 117 Guoguang Dasha, Lumo Lu, Hongshan District, Wuhan (next to China Everbright Bank)
地址: 武汉市洪山区鲁磨路117号国光大银行旁
Tel: 134 3725 1621 (Chinese); 131 63308 577 (English)

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It's a well respected venue with promoters in China. We have good relationships with management, who are always willing to do business in a fair and friendly way. Our next gig there is Witch Hats, a bunch of Aussie rockers will attitude and dysfunctional humour. Come along if you haven't been already, should be a laugh:

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