A Wuhan Afternoon: 4 Can’t-Miss Cafés

A Wuhan Afternoon: 4 Can’t-Miss Cafés

Autumn is approaching and Wuhan is finally beginning to shed its scorching heat. What could be better than enjoying the last few weeks of warmth relaxing with a fresh cup of aromatic coffee? Wuhan has many cafés that, while perhaps not as impressive as the international chains, are still worth one’s attention. Here are four of the best to wile away the afternoon at.


Haben Bar 哈本吧 View In Map
Haben is a distinctive café that is also an art gallery and shop. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or alcohol while browsing the art at one of their frequent exhibition openings, or spend the afternoon outside under an umbrella on their patio. The owner is happy to chat about coffee and it’s not difficult to linger all afternoon in their beautifully decorated indoor space, which is furnished with antique furniture. 

Add: Hongshan Lu 26-44 (near Donger Lu), Wuchang District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 5984 4463 
Opening hours: 13:00-00:00
Getting there: Bus No. 108, 411, 522, 572, 578, 606, 701, or 709



Rongyuan Café  融园咖啡 View In Map
Enjoy a cup of hot or cold coffee in this converted teachers’ apartment built in the early 20th century. Sit inside in either of the two rooms or in the private room upstairs and gaze out the window at the lush greenery. Or, when the weather’s nice, absorb some sunlight on their patio. A well-kept secret, Rongyuan is typically quiet and offers a great place to study or work. Recommended pastries are the marble cake and tiramisu.

Add: Wuchang Yanzhi Lu, Tanhua Lin 1, Wuchang District, Wuhan (near Yanzhi Lu Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital), Wuhan
Tel: 027 5181 0188
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
Getting there: Bus No. 806, 701, 546, 505, or 528 to Tiyuguan Station.


Mojie Café魔界咖啡 View In Map
This is what coffee connoisseurs call a “choice location.” Under this European-style roof you’ll find a multitude of little surprises and nostalgic tidbits, from the antique wooden chairs to the coffee bean-filled denim satchels hanging on the walls. Outside, peruse the garden filled with coffee plants, rosemary and some of the owner’s other favourites. A trip to Mojie isn’t complete, though, without sampling their own home-roasted coffee, Latte Dance, Mojie Coffee and Mandheling, just to name a few.

Add: Lihuangpo Lu 26, Hankou River side, Jiangyan District, Wuhan (near Shengli Jie), Wuhan
Opening hours: 12:00-21:30
Getting there: Bus No. 520, 548, 559, 581, 588, 598, 608, 707, 711, 727, or 801 to Lihuangpo Lu, walk 76 metres.


Lehuo Xiangcao 活香草View In Map
Small, clean, and comfortable, Lehuo Xiangcao is a café built on its owner’s love of herbs. Come here for the freshly brewed tea and homemade biscuits, or take a trip to the garden in the back, pick your own favourite herbs, and brew them or have them added to noodles or pizza. Spend an afternoon looking over their selection of books and magazines, or come for their trivia sessions and mini folk concerts. All of their food is made-to-order; they have neither a fixed menu, nor a permanent chef, so sometimes food can take a while. If you plan on eating there, it’s a good idea to call ahead and let them know. It’s worth the wait, though, as everything they make tastes light and delicious. 

Add: Wuchang Shuiguo Hu, Hongshan Ce Lu Wuchang District, Wuhan (Near Dong Er Lu)
Tel: 027 8771 4193
Opening hours: 12:00-23:00
Getting there: Bus No. 522, 552, 572, 606, 724, or 810, to Dong Yi Lu, walk 167 metres.

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