Exploring Shijiazhuang’s Unique Shopping Districts

Exploring Shijiazhuang’s Unique Shopping Districts

Shijiazhuang boasts 13 different commercial districts and night bazaars – 11 of which have recently opened for business. These districts provide great shopping choices for city residents and visitors alike, thereby transforming Shijiazhuang into a top shopping city. So what do some of these “unique” commercial districts offer? What makes them special and popular? In the following paragraphs, we introduce some of the most popular commercial districts in the city and explain why they're unique so that you'll know exactly where to go when it comes to answering different impulses for shopping and recreation.

Guang'an Underground Shopping District

Guang'an Underground Shopping District广安地下商业街 View In Map
This is one of the first Korean-themed shopping districts/streets in the city and is the place to go for the latest South Korean fashion trends. The underground mall looks trendy and modern – with bright lights, calming music, and staff wearing ethnic Korean uniforms to complete that “Korean-themed” feel. There are eight sections to the district dotting from north to south – each organized to feature different collections of merchandise. One section has high-end goods including a shop that offers an assortment of “in” items in South Korea, a furniture shop that carries South Korean home products, and several other specialty stores featuring merchandise with well-known Chinese and multinational brands. Sections B, C, and D have trendy fashion from South Korea; section E features children's fashion and a play area, with clothing, shoes, toys and fun activities for the kids; section F is the food court offering different eats; section H has a supermarket carrying a variety of goods and merchandise. This underground mall opens until 21:00 on the weekdays and 22:00 on the weekends, but make sure to get there early if you want to have ample time to browse every section of this colossal shopping area.

Add: A1 Guang'an Street, Shijiazhuang
Opening hours: Mon-Fri,10:00 - 21:00; Sat-Sun, 10:00 - 22:00
Getting there: Take bus routes 1, 5, 10, 26, 45, 116 to Hebei Provincial Museum station

Tianyuan Famous Brands and Imported Goods Street

Tianyuan Famous Brands and Imported Goods Street天元国际名品洋货街 View In Map
Tianyuan Street is one of the largest underground shopping centers in the city and stands out for its huge assortment of imported goods and the European-style decor/renovation found there. What sets this venue apart from other malls in the city is definitely the fact that designers of the street have clearly sought inspiration from Europe’s high-end shopping districts. It's also got the largest collection of imported goods found anywhere else in the city, including wines, watches & clocks, bags/suitcases, clothing, outdoor equipment/goods etc. This street is also a great place to come for hard-to-find merchandise that one can normally only get in duty free shops or at unloading docks near Tanggu Port in Tianjin.

Add: Intersection between South Zhaiying Avenue and North Ta Rd (Lianbang Oriental Pearl, B2 Floor), Shijiazhuang
Getting there: Take bus routes 52, 66, 43, 33, 6, 12 to the venue


Nanxiao Street 

Nanxiao Jie 南小街
Nanxiao Street is located in the most prosperous part of the city near the bustling railway station.  It connects with Zhongshan Lu to the north, Yuhua Lu in the south and Ziqiang Lu intersects across – thus separating the street into south and north sections. Nanxiao has got an assortment of restaurants offering local and specialized eats as well as western food; and it is definitely not short of entertainment options either. Local and specialized eateries line the street on two sides (Pangzai Noodles, Baoding Mule Meat, Little Town Taipei, Dingshang Hotpot, South Korean Grill Restaurant etc). There are also western restaurants/venues including Havana Music & Cafe, Weihaojia Steaks etc. To the north side of Ziqiang Lu, Nanxiao Jie connects with South Garden (Nanhuayuan) Walkway and there are some upscale venues here, including E'mei Xiaozhen, Aoke Buffet, Jingmu Karaoke Plaza, Seven Bar, and Zhonglian Cineplex, etc.

Havana Music & Cafe View In Map
Add: 4-113 Nanxiao Street, Jinyu Business Center, Shijiazhuang
Tel: 0311 8702 7222
Business Hours: 09:00-22:00

Weihaojia Steaks味好家牛排 View In Map
Add: Intersection between Yuhua Rd and Nanxiao street, 1F, Jinyu Garden Condo, Shijiazhuang
Tel: 0311 8703 3988
Opening Hours: 09:00-23:00

Seven Bar View In Map
Add: Nanxiao Street, Nanhuayuan (Building C), Shiijiazhuang
Tel: 0311 8518 0007
Opening Hours: 17:00-02:00

Getting to Nanxiao Street: Take bus routes 106, 107, 108, 111, 22, 23, 35, Express 3, 44, 45, 49, 50, 55, and 62 to Shijiazhuang Railway Station 

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