Shijiazhuang Transport - Introduction

Shijiazhuang Transport - Introduction

Shijiazhuang is not only an economic center but also a transportation hub of Hebei Province. The city is easily reached by land and air, but not by water (even though there are many rivers that traverse it).

In terms of transportation, Shijiazhuang is considered a major route for railroads and expressways, such as the Beijing-Guangzhou Expressway, Taiyuan-Dezhou Expressway and Shuozhou-Huanghu Expressway. In addition, many highways extend in all directions from the city center. They include National Highway Nos. 107, 207, 307, 308 and No. 308 National Highway Extension. The city is the intersection point of Beijing-Guangzhou Rail Line, Taiyuan-Dezhou Rail Line and Shuozhou-Huanghua Rail Line.

In addition to being a land transportation hub, Shijiazhuang has expanded its transportation system to include air travel. International flights are limited to Russia, Thailand, South Korea and the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong.

The city of Shijiazhuang is relatively flat; hence, many locals commute from place to place via bicycle. Those wanting to travel a bit further use buses and taxis. The city's transportation is very typical of many Chinese cities and very reliable. Buses cover the majority of the city and taxis are readily available.

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