Nine Ways to keep Healthy While Drinking

Nine Ways to keep Healthy While Drinking
Nov 10, 2016 By

Drinking is hard to avoid. Especially in China, where ritualized drinking culture recently killed one official and put another in a coma. Drinking a proper amount is good for the health – and as a recent study shows, wealth and education as well -- while excessive drinking is harmful. To keep healthy (and avoid hellish hangovers), it’s important to heed these nine tips.

1. Drink Hot Liquor
No matter the kind of alcohol you’re consuming, heating it is a good idea. It makes your beverage more fragrant and palatable, and gets rid of harmful aldehydes with low boiling points.

2. Never Drink on an Empty Stomach
If you drink while eating, the liquor stays in your stomach longer and, because your body’s processing of the liquor is interfered with by the gastric acid generated by eating, the booze is absorbed more slowly and it is harder to get drunk.

3. Don’t Combine Different Types of Liquors
Different types of liquors have different components and contents, so chemical changes may occur if they are mixed together. If you mix liquors you may feel uncomfortable and get headaches. Combining different liquors also makes it much easier to get drunk.

4. Don’t Chug
Drink slowly, and every now and then, put down your glass and take a little rest. Don’t drink beverages like Coke, or other sodas, because the carbonation accelerates the absorption of the alcohol.

5. Pay Attention When Drinking Alcohol and Beer
When drinking any kind of alcohol, drink plenty of plain water so that you can pee out the liquor as quickly as possible. When drinking liquor, adding ice cubes helps raise the water content and keeps you a little more, how shall we say, fluid. Lifelong smokers who drink strong alcohol are more likely to be at risk for carcinoma of larynx.

6. Eat More Vegetables and Bean Products While Drinking
The antioxidants and vitamins in green vegetables can protect your liver. The lecithin in bean products also has a beneficial effect on your liver.

7. Don’t Bathe After Drinking
The effects of bathing on the body are similar to those of exercise – your body will consume glucose and body temperature will drop quickly. The alcohol in the bloodstream will prevent your liver from quickly returning your glucose levels to their normal concentration. In extreme cases this can even lead to death. Better to be smelly than dead.

8. Don’t Drink Medicinal Liquor at Banquets
The medical contents in certain medicinal liquors may react badly with certain components in food or lead to unfortunate chemical changes. If you’re drinking medicinal liquors at a banquet, you may end up feeling horrible and even chucking up the contents of the feast.

9. To Sober Up, Skip Soda and Drink Fruit Juice
Fruit juice, especially orange juice and apple juice, help you sober up because they contain fructose which can help the alcohol burn off faster.

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Or dont drink so much

Nov 14, 2016 08:55 Report Abuse



Point #7 is a load of total and utter garbage. Care to back up this statement with some scientific evidence ECC? It's similar to the "Don't wash for 30 days after having a baby" nonsense. Chinese grandma science at its best.

Nov 11, 2016 17:46 Report Abuse



don't bathe after drinking; it's better to smell like you pizzed all over yourself

Nov 10, 2016 13:00 Report Abuse



Ok since this comment section has become about religion somehow. I will say to our Muslim brothers and sisters it is not your religion in particular that these people are disparaging but rather any religion that seeks to control people's actions. There is a school of thought right now that states that all religions are just the tools of the upper class to control the actions of the lower class. Do what we think is right or you'll go to hell or Jahannum!

Of course, I don't know which religion is right or if any of them are, but the only thing I can do is try to learn about all of them and respect them all. However, every religion I have studied has had something I disagree with. Whether it be eating the "body and blood" of a prophet, or not eating something due to it being dirty or sacred. I try to live in a way that is the most basic ideals of all religions. Respect others, don't steal, and don't cause harm to others being what I see to be the most basic ideals of all religions.

I know its difficult but try to understand that people fear and disparage what they don't understand. Almost every religion believes that people who don't believe should be converted or killed at some point in their history. The only one that I don't think ever killed anyone is Buddhism. Christianity has been killing Muslims since the 1000s I don't fault them for wanting to get a little revenge. But one thing we all have to keep in mind is that it isn't all the people of a religion that act violently, just a very small amount of angry people.

Dec 18, 2011 19:27 Report Abuse


beard guy

wow.... a politically correct, non-abusive comment with proper gamma rules. I am very impressed. i give you my respect.

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i heard a person. after chug, and ate an apple, then he immediately pass out.giggle.

Oct 22, 2010 22:28 Report Abuse



Yes, keep the religion out of it for Chrissakes! God gave us alcohol and whilst it has caused some problems and unwanted pregnancies, it has also done a lot of good. It relaxes and stimulates for one thing not to mention helping to keep the arteries clean. They found beer residue on an urn from China dated 9,000 years ago. Jesus, Moses, Mohammad and Buddha are a lot younger than that.

Jesus, Moses and Buddha never did say not to drink but their followers and writers did. Mohammad admittedly used some of Jesus’ teachings. Did Mohammad actually say not to drink? Maybe not.

And besides the yeast that makes fermentation possible is millions of years old. Kudos to that yeast and its excrement!

Oct 22, 2010 19:14 Report Abuse



off course drinking is bad for health but drinking occasionally in limit doesnt sound bad :)

Oct 04, 2010 01:40 Report Abuse



HI all....... drinking is one of the most bad habits in the society now a days , and it can never b healthy ... being a MUSLIM we r already told the not 2 consume it bcoz of many reasons ,,like it damages ones kidney,liver and changes his or her behaviour etc ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Oct 03, 2010 20:00 Report Abuse



Yeah, that's all true. But us non-muslims only live once... Might as well enjoy it while we can.

Oct 03, 2010 21:06 Report Abuse



Your remarks on Muslims bombing innocents are not nice! I can talk about US crimes on innocent people for ages. The subject is about drinking, lets keep it there. thanks

Sep 20, 2011 20:27 Report Abuse