Shenzhen’s Fashion Time: Underground Shopping Street for All Your Needs

Shenzhen’s Fashion Time: Underground Shopping Street for All Your Needs

Tired of the crowded streets? Stroll on over to Fashion Time (Feng Sheng Ting 丰盛町) in Futian to take your fun underground. This commercial pedestrian street features more than 500 shops, including a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options that are sure to please. If you're looking for a change of scenery, Fashion Time is the place for you. It's not off the beaten path, but its underground location might be hard to stumble upon if you aren't paying attention.


Fashion Time is located in the heart of Che Gong Miao (车公庙) and Tianan Digital City (天安数码城). This part of the city is home to many companies, particularly electronics-related enterprises. So if you visit this area during lunch hour, expect to find many locals and expats dining here. Fashion Time itself is entirely underground, organized into 3 districts (A区,B区, C 区) and expanding two levels below the street. Districts B and C have the most to offer, but district A has a few hidden gems including a small cookie shop doing all of the baking on-site.

What you'll find

Fashion Time is a unique area that has a different feel from many of the other dining and shopping areas in Shenzhen, particularly those in Futian. The small shops and local flair make it a great place to explore. As an added benefit for expats, there are several restaurants offering international fare.

If it's food you're looking for, you can find a great variety here. Traditional Vietnamese fare is offered up at 3 Meals; they feature an extensive menu of noodle and rice dishes. Start off with the Vietnamese spring rolls and try the vermicelli for your main dish, loaded with fresh flavors and savory meats.  If you're in a pinch for time, pick up some fast food or street-style snacks. Mr. and Mrs. Aysh serves up hot dogs and fries in a flash. Their menu offers a unique twist on this American classic. If you have time to spare, sit down at one of the East/West fusion restaurants for an enjoyable meal. Prefer your meal to be served on a conveyor belt? You've got a few options. Try Sushi Oh! for the revolving sushi that we all know and love. For an even more interesting spin, Fashion Hot Pot takes tradition on the move at their revolving hot pot restaurant.

Already eaten? Bring a great book and sit down at one of the many tea or coffee shops scattered throughout the area. You can find the big names like Starbucks and Gong Cha or if you prefer a more personal experience, try the small beverage shops tucked away in the nooks and crannies. Many of the restaurants have outdoor patio-style seating giving this underground location an open-air feel. Visit districts B1 and C1 for the best selection of food and beverage outlets.

If it's shopping you're looking for, this area features a vast selection of specialty shops and boutiques. This is a great place for young people to find clothing, shoes and accessories at great prices. The stores cater mainly to females, but there are some electronics and accessory shops of interest to male customers. The shops and style are quite similar to what you'd find at a Chinese market rather than an upscale shopping mall, which is a nice change of scenery. You might even be able to break out your bargaining skills if you're up for it.

Fashion Time also has a selection of small imported food shops, carrying mainly imports from Asian countries but also some European or American goods. The import goods mainly comprise of cookies, biscuits and other snack foods but they also have canned vegetables and other miscellaneous items; visit district B1 to look for goods from your country. All in all, the shops are small but the prices are right; you're sure to find something to suit your fancy in districts A2, B2 and C2.

 As far as entertainment options, Fashion Time features several manicure shops, a small 5D theater, and an all-around great locale for a relaxing stroll. This underground neighborhood is a great place to meet up with friends and sit down for a chat. To get the most out of your visit, aim for afternoon or early evening as there's not much in the way of nightlife here. Keep in mind; it tends to be more crowded during the weekdays with the business rush. For a more peaceful experience, plan your visit during the weekend.

Fashion Time can be somewhat confusing, so allow some extra time to navigate the area and see all that it has to offer. If you're looking for something in particular, head to exit D of the metro station for a slightly dated but somewhat legible store index. As you're exploring this underground maze, pay attention to the overhead signs to keep track of your current location and remember any spots you'd like to come back to in the future. That being said, don't rely too heavily on the signage or you might be misguided – speaking from experience.

Getting thereView In Map

You can reach Fashion time by train, bus, taxi or even on foot, depending on your location. If coming by metro, take Line 1 (Luo Bao Line) to Che Gong Miao. The metro station connects directly with Fashion Time, without needing to go up to street-level. Exit C is the most centrally-located connection to Fashion Time, but exits A and D will get you there as well. If you are arriving by bus, you can get off at Merchant's Bank Building (Zhao Shang Yin Hang Da Sha 招商银行大厦). This bus stop is located on Shennan Road. Keep your eyes open for the neon signs and escalators to go downstairs, otherwise enter the metro station and take exit A, C or D.

Stop by if you're looking for something different. Fashion Time welcomes you!

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